Japanese KI scene: a Storm hit Tokyo (casual matches w Storm179 and Japanese players

Our own Storm179 and a mix of Japanese EVO veterans like Tokata, Domi, and other prominent Japanese KI players

Offline casual KI matches during Storm179’s visit to Tokyo. Recorded with a handycam, lol.

Tuesday, October 18

Some place in downtown Tokyo


i. Most players were rusty from travel, too much Ark Survival, SFV and life in general, so don’t judge too hard.
ii. Was recorded with a cam corder, a Sony cam corder to be exact, so if my hand shakes too much blame Sony :slight_smile:

Storm (Hisako) v Keisuke (Cinder)

Storm (Hisako) v RET (Wulf)

Storm (Hisako) v Domi (RAAM)

Storm (Hisako) v Ogty (Arbiter)
part 1:


part 2:

Storm (Hisako) v Tokata (RAAM / Tusk)

Thank you
A big thank you to Ogty and the Lucy Shot Bar host for arranging the venue, and equipment.
Also a shoutout to the others for taking the time to entertain Storm who was on a TWO WEEK KI drought. So thank you, Domi, Daniel, Tokata, Keisuke. And last but not least, Ret for joining in for a few online matches. For those of you in preparation of the Red Bull SFV event: Good luck!

@STORM179 safe trip home!

@TheKeits These vids are also for you. Thanks for everything!


Can’t wait to watch these when I get a chance!

Sure, my pleasure. Just keep in mind that many of the Japanese players hadn’t played KI in a while. So everyone was kind of rusty. Many of them are preparing for an upcoming SFV event.


This is amazing Bojima! Thanks for keeping us updated. :slight_smile:

(One gif because I need to start doing these again)


It’s very nice to see Japanese play KI Season 3!

I wonder how @STORM179 can have chats with Japanese? Do he have interpreter?


If I recall, @BoJima404 can speak fluent Japanese. Or enough to get by.

This was FUN. I’m happy to say I watched these. Thanks @BoJima404


Never really get an opportunity to hear from the Japanese scene. This is an excellent and unique opportunity for everyone. Thanks dude!

Please someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe, especially with younger Japanese people, learning and speaking English is very common. So a tourist could go to Japan and not have too hard of a time getting around.

Good stuff @STORM179.

This just makes me wonder why there is no archive of the last Beatdown you took part in…

Thanks again for doing this @BoJima404 - the video quality is solid dude!

Eh…yes and no. People in and immediately around your hotel will tend to speak English, but it seemed to drop off pretty quickly after you clear the first couple blocks beyond that. They probably do speak English around the more touristy spots as well, but I think none of my cab drivers over the 10 days I was there spoke English, and most of my meals consisted of pointing at pictures where available :joy: Signage in Tokyo is often dual language, but after we cleared the bounds of the city (I was working pretty far from Tokyo) many places were pretty much just in Japanese.

Was definitely a great time, and I’d encourage others to visit, but definitely not the easiest place to get around in if you’re on your own and don’t know any Japanese. On the plus side, the people are very polite and generally work with you. If I go back to spend any real length of time there, I’ll definitely try and learn more of the language though.

Suffice it to say, words were said… :sweat_smile:

Haha. Who said anything about home? I’m in Singapore now for the next 16 days :-p


That’s good to know. I stand corrected. :grin:

Pictures PLZ :open_mouth:

W[quote=“STORM179, post:11, topic:15669”]
Haha. Who said anything about home? I’m in Singapore now for the next 16 days :-p

Singapore is a beautiful country and incredibly clean, at least last time I was there, is chewing gum still not available in the country Storm? You can get by with English (Singlish) there pretty well alse. Have fun there!

Anyways, nice matches, think I saw some things I want to try myself :sunglasses:

I have only ever been to Tokyo, but the rate of English in Japan is pretty low and often communication is very challenging because English and Japanese language sounds are very different. It can be tough to understand people.

As @STORM179 says though, people are very, very polite and helpful for the most part which makes things easier than they would be otherwise.

@Draigh Singapore has partially lifted their chewing gum ban so you can chew dental or nicotine gums for medical purposes.

On topic, this is awesome guys. Really, really cool. Thanks for posting.


Since you were asking for details in the other thread, let me explain the background of how things came about. Assuming you’re interested to hear that of course :wink:

Storm PMd me that he was coming to Japan. This was around a week before he would arrive. He was asking for some suggestions on places to go. With the sheer size of the six major areas that make up the center of Tokyo, it would probably not be efficient, timewise, just to go out of your hotel and start walking around town. Especially, if you’re in Tokyo just for the weekend as in Storm’s case. Therefore, I suggested to show him around for an afternoon as a semi-amateur but not crooked tour guide. So, @STORM179 and myself went to Harajuku (fashion area), then famous Shibuya crossing, and back to Shinjuku, where his hotel was located.

On the day itself, we had lunch and talked a bunch of stuff. I noticed how the size of his biceps were not the same as I had seen on stream once before, so I recognized something was wrong. A lack of playing KI in the past two weeks was at the core of an apparent shrinking of muscular tissue. So I had to do what every person with a beating heart would do: get the man in front of a monitor with his favorite fighting game.

I suggested to tweet Ogty, who organizes a lot of KI gatherings locally to see if he and his minions were meeting on Tuesday, the day before Storm would blow over to Singapore. The usual spot for fighting game enthusiasts to gather and play fighting games, and discuss skimpy outfits unsuitable for the mighty US of A, had unfortunately closed down early this year. Still Ogty was able to rally the troops and find a new place: ShotBar Lucy. Using everyone’s favorite means of communication, Twitter, 6 challengers showed up: Keisuke, Domy, Ret (online), Daniel, Tokata, and Ogty. And the rest is history…

The day Storm #179 arrived

Then, once the sun came out to shine…

Even kids joined in on the action…


Hilarious with just the right amount of truth.

There is an incredible amount of win in this post :joy:

This part made me nearly choke on my drink, so thank you for that :slight_smile:

My biceps and shrinking muscles thank you profoundly :smile::thumbsup:


Lol. Well done sir, well done.

Doesn’t have much to do with the discussion but looking for storm gifs I saw this and thought it was funny.