Jago's face unmasked

Will the designers remodel Jago’s unmasked face someday?

Seeing his mask removed, he looked brute to me.

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I want a monk/ last airbender skin of jago

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Implying that we’re allowed the choice to take the mask off anyway…

Unless otherwise, we were not supposed to see his face anyways which is probably why his “face” still remains

If they ever decide to unmask Jago, they are going to have to. As it stands now, Jago’s face is a placeholder that doesn’t even come close to what he would look like.

I dont see that being an option in the near future, so no real reason to waste time and resources on it.

Didn’t someone unmask him during season1? someone made a video on it I believe.

Yeah but it was a glitch.

Isn’t that his face?

It’s a placeholder face

Oh yeah?

meaning not his real face


If the next game shows up, I wanna see his mask removed. They need to do something about Jago’s face.

Liek this…

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As an alternate, sure. But definitely not as his default.

What of cutscenes if he wants to remove his mask? That includes in the movie/TV/web series.

If he wants to, then fine. Just not always off

You know I 'm kinda wondering if Shago might also have this same face. I mean who knows…he might be somewhat akin to Mileena and have something a lot more hideous underneath.


I don’t count that face because that’s a placeholder.

Placeholder or not it’s what he has right now.

Can anyone get his hit confirmed faces like everyone when they double over or lean back from a barrage of hits?
If his eyes and brow show emotion then that’s a fully modeled face.