Jago's face unmasked


They should remake Jago’s face. He’ll still wear a mask. But give him a proper unmasked look.


I still think that they just gave him a generic face for this game since it probably wasn’t in the plans for him to be unmasked.


This one looks alright.


If IG take his mask off will he die?

Joke aside, i am positive some day, maybe not far from now, there will be mods for this game, or the ability to mod it.
It has to since you know eventually someone will pull the plug.


I think Jago’s accessories (masks) is proof that they intended to show his face at one point.

Though honestly I think his face should always be covered, when he takes his mask off he should have a big gnarly beard so thick you can only see his eyes.


Now that you mention it, I wonder if there’s been any updates about modding in the pc version.


I was hoping this summer would bring costumes for the lot of them, especially a new jago reveal.


Jago’s face is revealed in the KI comic.
Jago unmasked


What a beautiful man.


I knew he was really Chuck Norris! Plus frames on everything… healing powers… His ultimate looks like he’s freaking tossing the sun! It’s all coming so clear now. :smile:


I hope KI gets alternate costumes next game.

I wanna see Jago unmasked!