Jago "Bad" Matchups 3.7

I’ve noticed that not being able to abuse Jagos moves post-3.7 he has had a relatively poor mid-range tool selection. Anything just outside his fierce punch is within his “weak zone.” Granted, Endokukens are good tools for pokes or as a means to move in, though they cannot be abused against the right player.

One thing I’ve noticed mainly is that Jago gets crushed against Eyedol compared to a majority of the cast. Eyedol is tricky as his reach is superb in mid-range and it’s difficult for Jago to punish on anything unsafe considering the start-up on heavy special moves.

Could just be me, could be a placebo knowing Jago is limited to an extent. I was wondering if any fellow Jago mains are experience any difficulties with other character, or if there are any decent matchups gone bad the community would like to share.

Can’t offer much opinion from the Jago point of view but I will say fighting against him has felt much easier these days. I just sit at mid screen and block, what’s he going to do? Windkick = free punish. Jump in = anti-air. Walk in = get outranged. Overhead = much easier to react to now. Roudhouse = shadow counter. Fireballs = I just build meter to go through them. Only when he gets close enough to laser sword or I get knocked down do I feel any real threat anymore.

Yeah, it is a strange feeling being so underwhelming. Granted, I’m not dying over his nerfs, but they are undoubtedly detrimental towards his approach. Overhead was nice because I could confirm into windkick or be pushed slightly into range to utilize his fierce punch. Now, I have to physically move forward and force an opening, which usually does not bode well.

I’m certainly still adjusting, but boy do his bad matchups suck even worse than before. I won’t say I hate his changes, as much as I disagree with the style of impeding his means of getting in. I will say that playing Jago against characters with a dominant mid-range is incredibly frustrating. Though, I guess that is officially his character weakness.

Seems like that’s fine. That is a Shoto thing. Character in SFV that have a Strong Midrange give Ryu a rough time. So, our Shoto gets about the same treatment.

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Fair enough, though some applications of SF aren’t comparable because of the uniqueness of the cast, so it can quickly become an awkward setting for a shoto. Still, like many others have claimed, this only shows the strength of the player and not the character.

R.I.P. Ryu, SFV was not kind to you… Gief is incredibly fun though.

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“Bad matchups” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Tbh though. I think jago is even to everybody except maybe omen and even that is close.

Well, he certainly still gets away with a lot of shenanigans and his health gain is still dominant with only a damage downscale. So, in that sense, he is very much good. Truly, I don’t mean to sound like a spoiled rich kid saying, “IT’S RUUUINED!!1!.”

What I mean to imply, is that since 3.7, I have noticed an abundance of specific “counterpicks” to Jago that weren’t as evident before. Eyedol, being the main one I tend to see over and over. Though, like I often say, I suck - so could just be me not overstating something so simple i.e. a placebo.

I also know it sounds braggy, other characters downright suffer in neutral or even up close and Jago is generally good anywhere. I just wanted to gain some insight from others is all, no intention of shaming Jago or suggesting anything.

Jago currently doesn’t have any losing/bad match ups.

Theoretically he may not have any losing matches, but he certainly has bad matchups or rather bad positioning, namely in the mid. Granted, he lost to Kilgore last patch, though I don’t think so anymore. I am wondering if he actually loses to Eyedol or how much difference there is in matchups due to his recent changes.

I won’t complain against Jago. That mu gave me a lot of work to do in the lab. I used to deal better after the damage nerf but now I can punish him more for some things that used to be a free way to get in (very dangerous considering his tools).
I think now it’s 5-5 to me.

Personally, I have had a harder time against Tusk with his big normals. I haven’t actually come across a Gargos or Eyedol after the patch. A good Shin Hisako (rare right now) is trouble. Hisako’s big sweep has been tough too. I find TJ tough, but that might have been the players with vortex tricks.

So far, life has not been terrible, but it has made matches harder. Even just relearning neck cutter spacing has gotten me in trouble. I still use medium wind kick, but learn quickly when someone is able to punish it. Thankfully it is still fast and you can catch opponents. Yet between being harder to open up opponents and various damage nerfs, I am having a harder time.

I just realized how awful this match is from mid. Tusk has amazing poke tools that conveniently counter, even if it whiffs or is blocked you cannot punish. Granted, once Jago gets in, Tusk has a difficult time assuming the Jago player knows how to pressure and has good reads.

Whether I throw out an endokuken in front of a windkick or utilize his plus frames during instinct, I am way more cautious in my approach. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but I do sit on instinct and meter too long. If anything, I have became more of a defensive Jago.

I have become more defensive as well. I don’t sit and crouch like some of the more annoying players I have come across, but my aggression has definitely come down during a match.

I haven’t been able to really test it yet. But Raam beats jago on paper now. Reasons being jagos nerfs play right into raams strengths. Jago can’t really even safely use forward round house since Raam can grab him if he tries to input a normal unless it’s a frame perfect jab. Unless he does laser sword which leads to an easy sc jago can’t get safe pressure off of his longest reaching normal which was vital when Raam eventually caught him. So once Raam gets past the fire balls which now do less damage it becomes hell on earth for jago. If Raam knocks him down he can make Jago’s dp whiff as well so jago is forced to run even more than he had to before.


After that I’m not sure jago mus changes drastically otherwise. Outside Kilgore which may be a true hard counter.

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Stop saying you suck - you really, really don’t.

And yeah, Jago struggles a more now against characters who have legitimately great footsies/range. He has to space with fireballs now like an actual shoto, instead of being able to close the midrange gap more or less whenever he feels like.


All of my thoughts here are just speculation, but I would say that RAAM beats him for reasons listed above.

I’d also guess that Sabrewulf beats him, since he can punish -4 light WK with Eclipse, and can punish -6 medium WK from any range, and can slide under fireballs, and can be hard to anti-air with his divekick.

I could maybe also see Eyedol with his Cr.MP Warrior button being 6 frames, and Mage zoning destroying fireballs (and generally beating linear playstyles).

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Yeah Raam definitely beats him. I also say Shisako beats him. Every Windkick is a medium dp into either juggle combo or hard knockdown mix up. Shes a boss at negating the threat of wake up dp. Her own invincible dp makes jago question his frame advantage. Her slash negates his fireballs and if he tries charging while she has meter he’s eating the shadow slice.

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