Jago alternate traditional costume

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So looking back,what iron galaxy did with the costume for Thunder a more appropiate design attached to the traditions of the tribe Nez Perce and its legacy, that made me think,what if they do something similar to Jago ? a more traditional costume for jago accurate to the Tibetan traditions,so i drew an idea for that alternate costume,if you have an idea for a new costume for jago,please post here

Alternate costume ideas


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I like it already :slight_smile: :grin: :thumbsup:

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Amazing!! :smiley:

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thanks man

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No problem man :smile:


I wish Jago’s costumes would’ve been unmasked.

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How about a new costume that shows Jago’s true face?


…yeah, how about we just keep that covered up…


Do we need to explain why his face looks like that? Again?


No, I know why…it’s just funny to drag it back out every now and then. :grin:

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Fair enough.
But if the devs intended for Jago’s face to be shown, it would’ve been different… and better, hopefully. Depends on the 3d modellers, of course.


Now I want a Jago unmasked costume. I’ll pay money for this thing


Jago should never be unmasked.


Why not?


Because it’s one of the largest parts of his visual characterization and if it were to ever happen, it should be at the very climax of an extremely symbolic event.


Or it could just be part of an alternate costume or accessory option.
There’s no need to be so overzealous about a character design.


Overzealous? It’s one of it not the most important aspects of his visual design. It’s like removing the helmet from Master Chief.

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