It is time for Killer Instinct to rise again!

Time for a new company to work on Season 4 or a whole new Killer Instinct. The only way that this can happen, is if we all buy multiple editions of the game, convince others to buy the definitive edition, buy more of the KI merchandise and promote more SMALL tournaments. Let us start by having more people play this game on Twitch. I still see that people want this game to be at EVO. That is a start. So let’s get to it! If Soul Calibur and many other older fighting games can make a comeback, then so can Killer Instinct.


How can you convince people to buy a game that is exclusive to a single console, The only thing killing Ki is its exclusivity, KI has no business being an xbox exclusive. It should be on Ps4 and Switch and even looking for crossplay. Microsoft and us are responsible for the death of KI’s dying popularity. The community should reject any exclusivity for KI. A supreme great game like this has no business being exclusive to any console for financial myopic gains.


I’d love to see a KI sequel. Why does a new company need to work on it though? I loved IG’s character designs, personally.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but regardless of what twenty or thirty people do on this website, the fact of the matter is that this game has already sold 99+% of whatever it’s going to sell. I think it’s really in MS’ hands now. Do they want this to be a franchise for them or will it be just another thing that they try like Lost Odyssey, Sunset Overdrive, etc? Time will tell.

That makes zero sense. Spiderman, God of War, Bloodborne, Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, Super Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… There are tons of great console exclusives.

Street Fighter V is exclusive. I know KI’s not Street Fighter, but still. Games can be exclusive and still do well enough to warrant continued entries if they’re of a certain quality. Tekken was PS exclusive for it’s first four games, if I’m not mistaken and it’s one of the best selling fighting franchises of all time.

Nothing is “killing” KI. This game was good, and if MS thinks the sales warrant it, then it might get a sequel.

They own the IP. They have EVERY right to make it exclusive, just as Sony and Nintendo do with their IPs. We don’t even know how well the game sold, so it’s a little difficult for us fans to assess how much MS thinks of this title or its future prospects.

KI was exclusive when it was on N64 and SNES. It’s exclusive on MS systems now. That financial gain you call myopic is the incentive MS has to put games out at all. Same goes for Sony and Nintendo. They’re businesses, not charities.

I think there’s a common misconception among some fans that if KI were on more consoles, it’d automatically sell enough to hit some magical number at MS headquarters where a light and siren go off and a sequel’s immediately green lit.

Chances are good that MS had its parameters for success set up with several factors baked in, such as name recognition, how long the IPs been out of the spotlight, the genre, the style the game was being released, console exclusivity, the fact that it was a launch title and so on and so on.

I somehow doubt that they were expecting the moon from KI and if I had to guess, I’d think they probably got more out of it than many would’ve guessed going in. Three seasons, post seasonal content, a comic, and a whole lot more. That’s pretty great. I think we all want to see the train keep chugging along, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


The account that made the OP is a troll account and all this hype speak is a part of his schtick.


Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up!

after 5 years the last KI is done and over, but it was a succes and it made a lot of money. The game was full of players online for years back in the gold days…

It’s time for a fresh Killer Instinct for the incoming next gen.

No more auto-combo and no more guest characters fest please this time stay KI.


Hi. I only want a season 4. So please IG cut the bs and make it. I don’t care about new graphics. Is that possible for another company to buy this KI and make another season? Even if IG makes a new one. I do not need a new game. I only need some new moves and a new season every year. Come on.

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To be fair, you and I both know fighting games don’t make good exclusives. The odds of someone buying a console for a fighting game versus one for a tripleA title like a Halo or Zelda are few and far between. Yes, there are people who bought an Xbox One solely for KI…but was it enough to warrant the exclusivity?

I guess my point is the Fighting games work different than any other genre out there and so have to be handled differently.

Lol… you do realize that fighting games are near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to total sales in gaming industry right…? That study and graph came out last year showing it and that’s probably one of the reasons why KI isn’t getting support anymore. MS probably understood that hey its just not worth throwing money into this anymore.

Did I ever imply that fighting games weren’t what they are? Here’s what I said:

ROI can be small, but if the game has a small budget, then it might still be worth persuing if it helps diversify the portfolio.

Is it time for season 4 yet? Its been over a year and nothing new but updated graphics

Killer instinct exclusivity is the biggest evil for Ki. microsoft and we the fans is responsible for the death of KI.

Microsoft for myopic financial and selfish gains,
we the fans for not asking for Ki to not be an exclusive

A game that has been absent for 20years has no business being exclusive and hoping to compete against an SF or MK that never left the scene.

Do people not realise that Killer Instinct was supported with content and patches for 4 years? If that means it’s a dead game now the so be it. I’ve had so much fun on KI since it launched in 2013 and I’m still having fun now. Wasn’t KI at 2 or 3 evos?

How has MvCi been doing? A hugely popular, multi platform franchise made by a hugely succeful fighting game company? Being a good game will make it survive and thrive regardless of platform.

I’d understand the argument that being an exclusive title killed KI if support stopped at the end of season 1.

Plus, If we ever get a sequel it will launch on the same day on both Xbox and win10. If that’s still not enough for you… :man_shrugging:t2:

Just as an example, there’s that omen or sorrow fighting game on PS4 and pc coming out. A title that’s not on either Xbox or switch. Luckily for that game however is that it’s on the two most popular fighting game platforms. For me, it doesn’t look too good although I hope I’m wrong and that it’ll end up being hugely successful for them, I can’t help but see it not being supported as long as KI was.


You do not get the point at all, Killer instinct getting patches for 4 years is not what we desire or require for KI. If u get 100 patches on xbox alone, you are still gonna die.

we require KI to be played by more people, how can u get more people to see KI if u are exlclusive and hiding on xbox only ?

you think the whole world revolves around xbox? what about Ps4 what about Nintendo switch ?

why in the world is KI not on them, dont we have MS games on both consoles, MKX is on both why not KI.

we kill ourselfs with myopism, its amazing how blind we are to the reason of death

we require KI on EVO Stage, not classified as a dead game cuz of myopic exclusivity, I made a point, why should a game as great as KI that was absent for 20years be exclusive to a console like xbox? if you can answer this then i will totally give up on talking

You keep acting like KI failed miserably when here we are finally winding down having outlasted MKX and Marvel and Guilty Gear and whatever other fighting games came and “died” while KI kept on trucking.


Why it’s not ok for KI to be only on Xbox and PC ? While it’s ok for SFV, KOF14, GG, Fighting EX Layer, … ?

KI did very well, but it had his time to shine and it’s over now. Every fighting games (whatever the name) is considered dead after 5 years, none can live forever.


If there was a season 4 now KI would be the first game again. There is no time or quantity limits to good things. FGs after KI are back in dark ages. The thing that microsoft didn’t support KI shows that unfortunately companies do not know about FGs. Season 4 and seasons for ever that is what they should do.