Issues with Shadow Jago's Ultimate

Hey folks. Enjoying Shago right now. But I just wanted to join out a few ideas/suggestions in your next update whenever that may be.

  1. When I perform an Ultimate in survival mode, it goes straight to his winning animation (shooting the fireball at you) instead of zooming in on his face after the ultimate has been performed (like it does in arcade mode).

  2. I believe that if Shago does his ultimate on TJ Combo with TJ’s instinct at max, TJ should die instead of gaining a little bit of health after losing 2nd health bar. Isn’t the point of ultimates finishing the opponent with a fatal move/combo?

  3. There needs to be a SFX at his selection screen pose like the others. For some reason, it’s always silent.

That’s all I have to say. Consider these ideas when working on the next update. Thanks!

Oh and please add Ultimates into S3 too! Same goes for Stage Ultras for S1 character stages!

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You want to completely invalidate one of tj combo greatest abilities??? The best you could hope for in this is that shago can’t ultimate tj if he can come back via instinct and has to wait till after

For the TJ thing, I think Shadow Jago should bounce off TJ when the Ultimate first connects, like if you try an Ultra Combo.

If they were to make an ultimate ignore TJs last breath ability, they would absolutely have to give everyone an ultimate. That might be a system change in S3, but until everyone gets one, no, don’t make that glitch a legitimate feature

Not necessarily, there are other unique character stuff like that in the game. Aganoses ignore another Aganos’ armor. Aria can negate spinal curses and cinders burnouts and omens demonic despair and Kan ra’s slow down. Letting Shago be the only one that can negate last breath with his ultimate seems ok to me.

As strange as that brief moment between Shago’s ultimate and his victory pose looks, it’s kinda necessary to show you how much power you’ve regained in survival mode.

At least I’d assume that’s the theory behind it?

In practice, I don’t mind finding that out at the start of the next match, so I’d be more than willing to forego the utility of seeing my power recharge for the fluidity of the match ender. I’m with OP on this.

Also agree that he should make some sort of noise at the select screen. Guessing there was a time issue there? Maybe it’s there but not working? Possible minor oversight? Either way, something would be nice.

As for his ultimate overriding TJ’s last breath, I’m on the fence on that one. On one hand, that’s a major part of his instinct. To just invalidate that, even if it’s only against one character seems a bit rough, even if it’s not entirely unprecedented.

Still, I’d rather they just start the animation and he jumps in to his ultra ender, giving TJ his last breath. Just my own preference. I’m with ya on everything else though, OP.

ARIAs ability to remove status effects is not the same as an instant win option.
Using the Aganos mirror isn’t a good idea because literally everyone hates watching or playing that mirror.

This is rough. I can understand how it negates TJ’s last breathe. But, I want to think about it in practical situations. As in, you can only preform an Ultimate while in green health, it doesn’t happen on a competitive level. Once Shago loses his ability to use his Ultimate then TJ is fair game.

For now, I think it should be fine. With Season 3, I would expect some changes or workarounds. That would be a huge update for Shago: Ultimate and TJ change/workaround, select screen vocals, Ultimate lighting and effects, slight balancing, etc.

I’ve seen supreme Shago victories in the one tournament that he was at, but they didn’t ultimate because of the ultra command. It’s so ingrained that it will probably always be the one that is used, at least in top 8

To the poster who said, in reference to the Aganos mirror: "literally everyone hates watching or playing that mirror."
I disagree on this, on a pedantic level at least- I have had enjoyable matches in Aganos mirrors, as much as I’ve had bad ones.

I kind of like the fact that he’s the only silent character - makes him seem like “yeh, I’m gonna obliterate you now, regarldless of what you do”.

As for TJ? I don’t know really - they could show one hit connecting, the blade bouncing off and then TJ’s last breath activating? Maybe?