Issues of unusual or unintended inputs since S3?

Just wondering if anyone else feels like there are times when special moves are coming out when they normally don’t or any other awkward inputs that seem to only have started to happen since S3 has come out?

I get random special moves in neutral, back/forward dashes out of nowhere and unable to do shadow moves when wanted.

I’ve put it out on Twitter and have gotten good response already. Looking for everyone’s feedback as well!


the same issue with Kim. Shadow Linkers and Enders aren’t registering for some odd reason.Have

A very particular one: sonetimes with Arbiter his command grab doesnt work and I get a jump.

Only with Arbiter and only that command

With Jago when i want to grab after blocking it gives me often a shadow counter.

Same thing when i want to break the lights, i get lock out often just like i didn’t break the light and made a wrong break. But it’s wrong, it shows it was light and i know it and i broke light and i got the lock out of light wtf ???

One more thing it gives me a DP for nothing, i don’t want DP, and sometimes cause i know the input is weird i’m doing the fireball slowly and passion to get the fireball and i got a DP.

And same with the DP, sometimes it gives you fireballs… or even worst sometimes nothing comes out :cry:

tusk’s backstab does not come out 50% of the time. I need to press the stick really hard and slow for it to come out. Doesn’t happen with any other move

Yes, yes and YES. I have been saying this since day one something is up with the combos.

I get major hiccups doing linkers, enders and manuals with Arbiter and Tusk. Also something seems to be off when I try to juggle with Shago. I NEVER missed my juggles with Shago and even in practice sometimes my juggles drops after trying to go from surge fireball into dashing dp the dashing dp won’t connect in the corner at all and far less than it should mid screen.


I’m having plenty, but I’m not sure how much of it is due to the game or me being rusty. I seem to be missing a lot of Shadow Moves with kick inputs.

I’m sure at least some of it is the game. For example, if Tusk attempts jab>tick throw, he’ll get jab>jab instead.

Since S3, with Aganos, I’ve suffered through the following unintentionally:

  • ruin enders in combo when I don’t want them
  • pulverize in neutral when I don’t want it

Same for me.

This really needs to be acknowledged because although not game breaking right now it is a serious blow to competitive play.

@TheKeits plz!

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It’s been happening to me as well. When beginning my normal fulgore setups some of my inputs for normals don’t come out. Seems to be happening with linkers as well

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I’ve noticed this too, especially with Tusk.

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Glad it’s not just me. Rash sometimes will do his shadow ram charge when I press LB almost like easy combo mode or whatever is set to on. It’s definitely not.

Yo everytime i try to grab just after i’m blocking it gives me a shadow counter, mainly when i block a shadow move… I’m done, please fix it !

I feel like this too, the game feels disjointed from the controller, even in wired mode with reduced lag to the console its still sort of weird to play, i feel like i have to plan everything a week in advance

It is a bug something that came with S3 this wasn’t the case before. I never experienced input lag in KI before and I don’t even now but moves are definitely wonky man.

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It’s the new lighting! It’s ruined us! :scream:

I highly suggest that when you think you get a move you didn’t input that you watch the replay with inputs on and see what you actually did. If you still feel, after watching the inputs, that you got something you didn’t input, or input something that didn’t come out, post the videos so that the QA team can take a look.

Will do but the funny thing about all this is that this never happened until S3 dropped. I have tested it in practice and it is the same and will do again to post in the bug forum but there definitely is something strange about combos now whether it be how the manual timing was changed that may have effected something else or whatever else I am sure it will be figured out eventually.

Will post the videos once I have time.

@TheKeits normally I wouldn’t say anything but for how often I play the game it became apparent to happen as soon as the S3 update hit. I put it out on Twitter to make sure I wasn’t delusional but it appears some are having the same issues so that’s why I made the thread. IDK maybe I am wrong but I’ll try and remember to capture an exact moment when it happens and record it.

That’s for hearing the feedback either way