Is Thunder the wrong archtype?


Corrected for accuracy


Lol. While certainly true that no matches are awesome in crippling lag, I think it’s also true that certain characters are much worse to fight in bad connections. Shago is absolute balls to fight against in lag for instance, and characters that have similar nigh-unreactable tools in offline settings but do a crapton of damage are even worse. It’s not fun to get hit by something you couldn’t even see, and it’s even less fun to get hit by something you didn’t see and then lose 50-75% of your life for it.

I think the “Thunder is unfair/Thunder is nuts/Thunder doesn’t require thought” stuff is pretty untrue, but I’ll readily concede that he’s one of the more annoying characters to have to deal with in bad connections. He hits too hard and has too many options to be teleporting around the screen in the meantime. :sweat_smile:

For the record, I think Hisako is similar in that regard. She hits hard and is a nightmare once she touches you, so being completely unable to react to her dashes or her rekkas is a pretty awful experience.


Forgot to mention the instant light kick air ryo zan that is safe due to her wrath pokes


Yeah I know, that’s rollback (I’ve faced and lost to dissapearing Wulf that only dash through and overhead no gameplan at all, annoying!).
But grapplers with lag are a real nightmare! It happened not far ago with a Raam or Sako. The worst part though is damage, before I see what to break I get locked out for timing. Damage is crazy so I’m dead before I realized.
And also…The guy wasn’t good. That’s what’s annoying me.


I almost lost to a laggy Glacius the other night. It was a travesty, as he REALLY wasn’t good, but the lag was SO bad that my double jump wouldn’t work half the time. He also liked to taunt and t-bag, so it made it even more irritating as he really wasn’t that good.

I pulled out the win though. I then shut my Xbox off and rethought my life. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel you xD
I’m hoping to run into that Thunder again,but since I’m leaving from my boyfriend’s house tonight I doubt it u_u. At least I beat the Raam,lol.
Either way I’ll practice the match up more,Thunder is kind of a pain.


As a note, instant air-ORZ is always safe regardless, at any strength and at any range. Worst it will be is -2.


Best it can be is 0, right?


Correct. Medium and heavy TK’s are both zero on block.


I thing the frame data in training mode is wrong cuz the heavy overhead version is easily punishable, but it says its -2 like the light version.


No TK Onryo Zan is punishable, but if Sako jumps and then does Onryo Zan in the air, you can punish. Indeed training mode frame data is wrong, there are still a few things that haven’t been updated yet.


KI Practice Mode frame data is often wrong, but pretty sure it isn’t here.

Light air-ORZ is DP safe when tiger knee’d (so less than -3 on block). And mash lights trade after TK heavy air-ORZ, indicating it is 0 on block.

If you’re talking about her grounded rekkas then yes, those are wildly punishable when blocked. TK’d air-ORZ’s are quite safe however.


@ZTRAINOVER9000, @STORM179 hey,what is TK air on ryo zan? , she has dp version of that move ? If thats the case, she has it since S2 ? O_o, Wow I never knew that.

Nice video explaining


TK = Tiger Knee


Generally there are two ways that I’ve found to do a TK motion in KI. QCFU+attack button, or QCF (wait a split second) + attack button.

This allows a grounded player to perform a low to the ground areal attack.

I use this all the time with Sadira.


Yeah, to TK a move means to “tiger knee” the motion (so instead of doing jump->QCF+P for an air move, do :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right::arrow_upper_right:+P). This is a way to get an aerial move out as low as possible, which has applications for instant overheads, meaty setups (with Sadira kunai for example), or just better frame data on air specials in general. Hisako has always been able to tiger knee her air-ORZ’s.


Thanks guys, i didnt know that, nice to learn something new everyday


I got the tiger knee motion with ease once my boyfriend explained me the other day. Really cool!

What are my options after blocking it? Most players will attemp a light grab, right? My reaction would be to backdash and punish, but it’s like I feel they can do whatever they want :cry:

@BiyemAssi237 Lol, you and my boyfriend fought like once per day at least this last week XD It was kind of fun.
(He is Kinectic DNA). I think I only fought vs your Arbiter just one match, so GGs anyway :laughing:


Remember that Hisako has very few options after a light attack. She can’t combo into regular specials, only shadow rekka, so you’re probably okay mashing a light button after blocking ORZ.

This makes sure that Hisako has to take a big risk to take the match back. She either has to counter you or use the 3f command grab, both of which lose to backdash and jump (backdash being relatively safe for you to try). If you vary your light attack between a low hit and a mid hit (like crouch LK and crouch LP), then even counter won’t work that well.

So yeah, I would say use a light attack like 50% of the time, backdash 25%, jump 25%.


Oh yeah I know kinetic DNA,we are buddies on xbl, I played him alot in ranked. His orchid is patient and strong, ggs to you lol