Is this what we waited 15-20+ years for?

“Is this what we waited 15-20+ years for?”

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Do the KI fanbase want more or less?

I was going to watch the video, and then saw that it was 43 minutes long. I don’t really see a point in watching a 43 minute video ragging on a game that I actually quite enjoy.

I will freely admit to being an uninformed commenter though (not having watched the video), and subsequently check out of this thread. May it be productive.

That looks like a certain disgruntled pro KI player.

I really hope this is a joke video.

Aside from the stupid title, All you did was strut on screen wearing a stupid mask that made it nearly impossible to understand what you were saying, then just started listing features that aren’t in the game with little explanation.

Yeah, there isn’t a tag mode. There never was in the old ones either.

Nobody bother watching this.


It’s nothing but propaganda. Don’t know why he liked my post. I extremely disagree with him.

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First point and I am facepalming so hard. Free to play? First sign.

Wow lol.

I can debunk all of these points.

I’m not gonna watch the video. I saw a guy with a V for Vendetta mask and I laughed my butt off. XD

But to answer your question…
The announcement of Killer Instinct came as a HUGE surprise. I seriously thought it was a dead franchise that would never return in any shape or form. And I absolutely loved Killer Instinct, so the announcement almost made me cry.

There are indeed differences from the past games, but all fighting game franchises evolve from game to game. Some even take time to find out how they want to be, like Mortal Kombat which is also one of my top fave franchises within the genre.

Microsoft, Double Helix and Iron Galaxy did good. It’s not perfect, it’s not exactly the same as the past games, but as I see it… nothing is perfect and it shouldn’t be just like the past games.

No… I did not expect KI to be like this. But I love it.


Second point. Its Killer Instinct and no fighting game should be free 2 play.

@developers Can you move this to off topic? You tend to do this with rants.

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Don’t waste your time. Seems he is just trolling.

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I knew you would come here to defend this game. Tell me more.

Nope. I’m dead serious.

No fighting game should be free to play? The free version is basically a demo. What I am hearing is that you hate demos. Also if a player only wants one or two characters,they can just buy it and get a cheaper product they enjoy. What is wrong with this?