Is this official? (Season 4)



Dunno if official, but…

  • Stages for Rash, Mira and Eyedol. Maybe Gargos too, the dimension thing is serviceable but kinda boring. Oh, and a variant of Fulgore’s for Kilgore.
  • Ultimates for all
  • Tweaks for some of the fugly stage finishers
  • Fixes for some of the fugly retros and Jago’s sword clipping through his back
  • A couple original characters
  • Joanna Dark or maybe Master Chief. Sure, we already got the Arbiter, but man, enough with the monstery aliens
  • Themes for the UI? I kinda liked the firey theme from season one, so the current UI with a fire theme would be awesome
  • KI2 Orchid

A release date…


Reveal during World cup? Wonder if the 2 other characters are part of the S4 or Preseason?

Rash, Mira, RAAM, and Eyedol stages.


Training mode update
Purchaseable costumes
Consistency in the game’s overall presentation
Team/tag mode


No, it’s likely not official.

This was simply a question asked by the tournament runners for the sake of asking a question. I doubt that they made that question after asking the devs of their plans, so if the seasonal model is ending, they wouldn’t know.

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idk… but my hope is that season 4 brings a graphic update that utilizes scorpio… and basically makes the game the ki 2 sequel that every other person seems to think we need. (imho this would be the best of both worlds)

Honestly, a horror themed KI4 would be really cool… minus the gore.

Off the top of my head…

8 characters + retros + premium accessories (standard season)
Stages for all non-guests that are released
Stages for season 3 homeless characters
1 additional alternate costume for each character
Ultimates for the entire cast including guests
Season 1 stage ultras
Colors & accessories for Omen & Shago (as accidentally promised)
New characters integrated into Shadow lords instead of a new story (frees up money for other stuff)
Interchangeable UI color themes (S1, S2, S3, S4)
Gargos announcer

  • No more guest characters.
  • No clone characters (palette-swaps, shadow versions, etc).
  • Some touch-ups on older models (especially Sabrewulf’s retro).
  • Ultimates for the entire roster (may exclude guest characters though).
  • More accessory sets for all characters (may exclude guest characters though).
  • And, of course, more new and ORIGINAL characters (which won’t be guest, clone, shadow versions, etc).

Remember when Kilgore was revealed in the Microsoft store before IG announced him?


enough with the monstery aliens

NEVER!! This is what makes KI so great, and (to me personally) far more interesting than other fighting games on the market: varied characters. I LOVE that KI is a mashup of not only human characters, but all sorts of monsters, aliens, and creatures as well… it really speaks to the imagination and adds a lot of interest to the world. Both DH and IG have done so well with their non-human designs, too, I hope we see many more of them in the future!


Yeah, if you want less monstery aliens, I think you may be playing the wrong game lol


Still hoping for a cybernetic grappler gorilla named Josh.

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More new stages
More new Stage Ultras
More new Ultimates
Retro KI stages
More new characters including original characters (especially more new beasts, creatures, and aliens) in KI


We might get the Halo Brute Atriox. You may name him Josh.

We need a Hero.


My boy, Paul.

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updated character models
ultimates for all the cast
stages for all
cinematic story mode

the same I have wished for the last three seasons basically