Is this how we grow our community?

So. It’s been awhile since I posted here so hello guys. Secondly I would like to talk about peoples attitudes toward growing ki. I go on reddit and other social media from time to time and I see this same “Ki isn’t being supported anymore so don’t bother joining our community mentality”. Fun fact, we want a new gen of players to join our game and grow= new community leaders= more players= more activity. Why discourage people who want to try it out? I know it seems sad just because we aren’t in the fgc like that but we have the few that do support us. Remember there’s more than the fgc right guys?
That mentality will keep us small. Keep it going or move on because your hurting the people that still want new challengers. Fight on y’all!


This NEAUXALAA guy is really missing the point about what being in a community means. People should always be encouraged to look for help improving their game rather than quitting outright. It can mean the difference between someone finding their new favorite game and someone completely skipping on something they otherwise would’ve really enjoyed. Hell Maximilian’s YouTube videos about KI were a big part of what pushed me to try and get better when I was starting back in Season 1.

Sounds like this dude is just trying to drive people away because he had a bad time rather than actually being helpful.


This guy is either a troll or total ret-… ignorant.

His posts are so immensely stupid I dont even know what to say.


Maybe somebody from this Community was mean to him and now he’s getting revenge by tainting the KI Name.

Guys listen. I wanted to show an example of what I was talking about because some people might say I’m lying. So I don’t want to bash this person because I see stuff like this a lot and I just wanted to bring attention to it.


He is probably part of the Raven/Vlad conspiracy gang! he is 1 of many many negative ppl out there. dont feed them.

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Probably should have blacked the names out. This thread is the prime example of why that rule exists on many subreddits, and forums, in general.

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Yeah my bad.

Because KI is the only video game on the planet with bugs and balance is of course sooo bad.

Go try out SF5’s Ryu, Alex or Juri.


I feel like ki can make a comeback however to do that we should let new people in who have the passion to carry it . um mean I seen a few new players play these past few tourneys and people on YouTube get so excited about that first ultra. We need that. So please if someone ask about if the community is active or how I get started or ask about tech. Please help the best you can. Try not to be so negative. That’s it.


I said months ago that S3 killed the franchise.
The battle isn’t fun anymore, the battle director (forgot his name i think is Shtiek) trust himself too much and not listened or research how to make an enjoyable fighting structure.

People insulted me in the past, because i said that, and probably will insult now again.

Its not personal, just a bad job from him to create a bad battle mechanic.

S1 is the best (just needed a few patchs)
S2 is passable.
S3 is bad in every way possible, and to finish the atrocity, we had that horrendous Eagle.

You cant farm watermelon and expect to collect bananas.

Mistake is done. Nothing and nobody can deny that.

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Nothing better than an animated gif?


I won’t go to much into this but KI has been great then and is becoming even greater now. But it is all about personal taste. Just because you don’t like the way something plays doesn’t mean it is a bad game. KI is structurally a good game with more pros than cons. Good balance, great character design, great music, a well thought out cast and much more that I won’t go into unless you want a wall length post :yum:.

People like S1, people like S2, people like S3, just remember not to tell someone they can’t have their fun because you don’t personally enjoy it


A lot of vague accusations you got there.

How about we see if you actually have a legitimate complaint under all that.

Really, no one plays it anymore? I mean a 17 year hiatus didn’t kill it, but season 3 did? Hard to believe.

Quotes and/or video proof please.

What mechanic would this be exactly?

Subjective. I went back and played Season 1 a couple of months ago and found the gameplay to be rather bland in comparison to season 3.

Not when you don’t explain what the mistake is. It’s kinda hard to deny something that you don’t elaborate on.


Look how people are interested on ki nowdays,
Its perfect fine, right?

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Other fighting games are coming out. People’s interest can change, nothing wrong with that

KI is dead? There is a tournament on Twitch right now with more then 100 viewers

Lol it’s not like it only takes a couple seconds to find a match or anything :yum:


And the fact that its been alive for the past 3 years isnt because IG did a good job somehow?