Is there gonna be a Black Friday sale, like last year?

Last year there was a 50% discount on Season 2 pass. I’d like to buy another KI full season pass for a gift, but no news so far on this subject.

I don’t know about KI itself, but the Utimate Source already have it.

It’d be awesome if the discounted stuff in the game as well on Black Friday, like skins and what not, though I imagine that’d be rather difficult to do.

There’s a discount of 10€ in the EU Windows Store because of the Black Friday (didn’t check it out in the US Windows Store), so the Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition is 29.99€

Xbox One 24€

Not seeing that in the US store.

Speaking of Black Friday its a good thing i bought my stuff online because i’m not going outside and having my skull kicked in.

Emporium packs and XP boosters are also discounted for the weekend:

US Store link

you’re mistaken. the DE is not available for PC yet. it even says so on the page: “Disponible en Xbox One”.

You’re right, correcting my post right now