Is there ANYTHING that would justify losing FIVE stages?

So… Is there actually anything they can reasonably add to this game that would justify the loss of five stages and the whole deal about how music works around characters and stages?

I seriously can’t think of anything.

No Mercies over stages? Wouldn’t be good enough to justify a whole season only having 3 stages.

Cinematic story mode? How would it even be a good story mode when the cool story beats (Jago becoming Shadow Jago, Kan-Ra vs Aganos, Aria) have already been completely mishandled? Also, how would they even tell a grand story mode in 3 stages? Do what season 2 did and have fights in random places that made no sense plot-wise? Frankly, the story mode would have to be on the level of MK9 (better than Injustice and MKX) to justify dropping FIVE stages.

Dojo for every character? Wouldn’t justify five less stages.

I seriously cannot think of a single feature or mode in any fighting game besides a MK9-level cinematic 5-hour story mode that I would prefer over five extra stages. No amount of new lighting, 1080p, Shadow Lords mode, redone classic skins would justify only having 3 stages.


I got nothin’ here.

This is the only thing I can think of and even then we probably won’t see it at the start of the season because story modes usually launch with all characters.

I don’t know man. Goddard said there was a ton of stuff planned that we don’t know and I have no idea what. Surprised they haven’t added Shadows to the current story ladders that adjust to your level of play.

I think relighting the stages was one reason but I am curious. I am holding off my 2 cents on whether I think it was reasonable or not when the news drops why this is the case.

Well for me literally anything is better than more stages. I’m one of those people that would just select training stage 24/7 so any feature over atages is a win for me.


Answering to your question: the creation of a virtual currency like they did on SFV that allows you to unlock essential stuff just by playing.

This one would justify not only the lack of stages, but also some imperfections of some characters of Season 3 (Fus Ro Tuskdah)

I disagree. This would be an amazing addition. We also got the beautiful new lighting, so there’s that.


But that’s already in the game. You play through it and eventually unlock stuff. Only difference is that in SFV you get currency, in KI the level you are determines when you unlock stuff. You probably just haven’t seen the notifications that pop up because after a while you just tune them out.

The game should probably make a bigger emphasise on when you unlock something so that people get that progression itch scratched. In Halo 5 opening req packs is fun, in KI you don’t even know when you unlocked something because you either disabled notifications or just don’t care about what pops up while you’re fighting.

Err, no. I meant another kind of essential stuff. Not talking about cosmetics, if you know what I’m talking about.

What else is there? Characters? That’s a good proposition. For people who don’t want to buy seasons they would have to grind out until level 30 on the free rotation to unlock a character.

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You got the point sir. You understood what I meant. Enjoy my like

Nothing that I can muster up. :\

Hey, yet another thread about stages. Good one. We needed a few more of these so that the same people can post AGAIN that they are upset about not having enough stages.

First of all, we didn’t LOSE 5 stages. That’s just a lie. It’s not like we had them and they took them away. You can’t loose things you don’t have. That’s government math - where a smaller increase than expected is counted as a cut. We are getting three new stages, not losing 5.

How about, no season 3? Then we get no new stages, no new characters, no balance adjustments, no new lighting, nothing. The context is important. People post these things like there is some sort of magical fairy wand that will just grant everyone all their wishes for free and any sort of practical choices don’t matter. The game doesn’t have an infinite budget to give you all the things you want - and it isn’t going to get one. Stages cost a ton of money to produce. So, do you want 8 characters? Do you want anything at all? If MS just didn’t bother to release any characters that have not been announced yet, meaning Rash would be the only character without his own stage, would that make you happier than what you are getting with Season 3? These types of posts are just ridiculous in my opinion.

Here’s what we ARE getting with Season 3: 3 New stages, 8 new characters, new lighting for both new and old stages, balance adjustments and other, as yet unannounced content. Oh yeah, and a PC port. For everyone waiting to play the game on PC it’s certainly worth having a season 3, even if it only comes with three new stages.

The idea that there is a single tradeoff that they made instead of building more stages for a game that is going to have 20 stages is just silly. The tradeoff was more and better of everything else. What they have shown so far - Rash, Kim-Wu, Arbiter and Tusk all looks fantastic, as do the three new stages. So if the overall quality of the other new additions stays this high then I am perfectly comfortable with “losing 5 stages.”


So, do you just come here to complain, or…?

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Remade Retro costumes for Wulf, Fulgore, Jago and Orchid would do it for me.



More Characters.

Most fighting games don’t have 20 unique stages so I’m not complaining about not getting 8+ new ones. Plus, I’m sure we’ll learn more about what the resources were spent on shortly.

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I have to disagree. When Season 1 was made, they made a product, put a box around it defining what that product was, & shipped it out. They did the same with season 2, using the same box to make sure everyone knew it was just more of the same. But with season 3 they had already established 2 times over what the definition of a season is…8 characters, 8 stages, menus, UI, accessories,& a bonus character…& they’re using the same box to define the product, but they’re putting a different product in the box. That’s like waiting for a new refrigerator & hearing descriptions about it:

Yeah it’ll have precise temperature control (ok, good)…we put a new lightbulb in it so it’s brighter (sure why not), better insulation (I’d hope so) a turntable (um…ok that’s weird), It’ll heat your food to your exact specifications (Hey, wait a minute…That’s a microwave!!!), Yep, this refrigerator will have all of that & more!!!

& yes that is a valid description…both a refrigerator & microwave are insulated boxes made to change the temperature of food, & it’s fine if you call one a fridge & the other a microwave, but it’s BS when you put both products in the same box, claim they’re the same thing & then the producer (or other consumers for that matter) claims the consumer is an entitled crybaby that should be happy they’re getting any kind of product from them when the consumer says it’s not what they were expecting.

…& also this game isn’t like Street Fighter 2 where if you don’t like the dropoff in audio quality between Championship Edition & Super SF2 you can go back & play Championship Edition. We can’t go back & play Season 1 Fulgore…the changes made to Season 3 are across the board for everybody…so even if you did buy a fridge, get ready…it’s being converted into a microwave, & you’re an entitled baby if you don’t like it.


…sorry, but the whole ‘entitlement’ argument when referring to consumer products we’re paying good money for…it kinda grinds my gears…I mean if the game was just a fan project, free, & nobody was getting paid for their services that’d be one thing, but it’s not. We are paying for a service. We have a right to complain if we don’t like what we’re being given in exchange for our money. The term ‘entitlement’ should be slung elsewhere. It doesn’t apply here.


tag mode would do it for me…