Is there anyone out there that doesn't think Kan-Ra is one of the two re-works for S3?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can beat “decent” Kan-Ra’s. However, it is extremely painful when a skilled or decent Kan-Ra floods the screens with scarabs, summons spikes from a distance, crosses up with heavy and overheads, and explodes whenever the gap is closed. When this strategy is emplyes correctly, it’s practically impossible for non teleport/non projectile opponents to win the matchup without playing an EXTREMELY better match (reactions, dodging, reads and baiting) than the Kan-Ra player.

So far, I beat 2 top 32 players who were using Jago and Orchid respectively (in all transparency, I did lose multiple rounds, but the fights were getting closer and closer until I eventually stole a round) . After losing the round, it almost seemed as if they brought out their level 30 and 32 Kan-Ra’s as a troll method to defeat TJ. LOL. With the above strategy used, they simply did not make any/enough deviations that would allow me to take more than 1 life bar reliably.

So, I think Kan-Ra is definitely one of the re-works. My other guess is Maya (just seems like a character that any decent player can spam with and get away with alot of whiffs and get bailed out with the daggers) or Sadira (an absolute new player killer/turnoff who I think is a very unfun matchup for me even when I’m winning).

Who do you guys think the 2 reworks are? I’m taking about gameplay /tool-wise, not aesthetics.


It might just be me but i was under the impression that the characters being reworked would be ones that were seriously lagging behind the herd and would be remastered/buffed not currently strong characters who would be reworked so they’re worse. I remember hearing something about meter, that kind of makes me think Fulgore might be one of them since he’s been revised a few times already. Still hoping Omen is the second one, I really don’t see the need to change Kan-Ra.

I say Ka-Ra is one because, in certain matchups, it absolutely takes “less work” to win with him than it does for his opponent. Probably the most lopsided matchups involve him.


Maya, Thunder, or Omen.

Sadira and Kan ra are fine IMO were they are at. they are hard to beat. I thin its characters hat aren’t hard to beat and lack the tools to keep up with the rest of the cast. those 3 come to mind when thinking of lacking tools

It has to be spinal look at the bio they gave him.

Thunder lacks tools? Lol. One mistake and he’ll take 75% of a life bar. I think we’re playing different games.

Trust me I know about Thunder and 75% of my life bar…he is one of my main nemesis! I just think he might be one of the 2. I think they wanted to do this last year but only had time to remove the lightening and give him the 8 second dash COTS.
Im prob wrong, but its just what I think.

He may can take 80% of your bar…but if he cant get in…then whats the point?

Kan-ra will see changes but I don’t think he’s getting reworked., I think it’s TJ and Spinal.
TJ was their first character and they had to nerf him into the ground to satisfy the community so he’s currently not the character they wanted him to be. Makes sense that they’d take this opportunity to rebalance him properly as opposed to just changing a few things randomly.
Spinal’s bio hinted at changes to his ability to curse which is one of his most important tools. Plus he fits the “didn’t have to work as hard as other characters for something like meter” quote that was given during the interview.

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Trust me, he can get “in” on TJ. Plus, he’s got a very viable wake up move and grab options. You must not main TJ. Because, Thunder is a threat always and it doesn’t matter if it’s a master level player or a killer. When I beat Thunder there is always the hurdle of what to do WHEN he gets in, not if. Because TJ’s game is a full contact offense. “In” is guaranteed.

I dont recall saying anything about TJ

I think Maya is a shoe in for rework… the other could be anyone really…depends on your perspective

You make a valid point. It could actually be my main TJ getting the rework and not Kan-Ra to repair said match up. I never really thought about it that way.

I doubt it. Kan-Ra is Keits’s baby and IG seems happy with where he is at. They nerfed the hell out of him shortly after he came out and he hasn’t seen too many changes since. I think he will receive updates to incorporate Season 3’s new mechanics, but I doubt that they will strap his current move-set. They designed him to fill a specific archetype in the game. I just think it would be counter intuitive to take such a unique character and make him play like everyone else. Personally, I think it’s going to be Omen (Real Boy Edition) and Mya (but really she just needs better animations), but who knows man. If they do re-work him, you can tell me I told you so in March :smile:


The problem with Kan-Ra, is that he is basically a Dahlsim that can flood the screen with hanging projectiles and has easy bailout wake up moves ( that actually cause damage to the opponent as well as provide an easy out) when you get in close. That’s not filling a standard archetype. It’s just a little bit of bad design there. Just my opinion.

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Im with you. lets hope this is the case!

Well we’re both entitled to our opinions my friend. I main as Kan-Ra, so of course he’s close to my heart but I really don’t see where he warrants a rework. I think he’s really well balanced, but to someone who doesn’t know how to effectively deal with his gimmicks, he seems like a god, LOL! I usually destroy Kan-Ra whenever I run across him on rank and that’'s when I’m usually not even playing as him, We’ll just have to see what season 3 entails.

I normally beat him online too. I don’t think you read my post thoroughly. Oh well.

I think it’s Omen and Kan Ra. Omen because he is a budget character, literally frankensteined into the game. Kan Ra because everyone hates playing against him. It’s painful. It’s just not what the KI fighting style promotes. There is keep away and then Kan Ra is his own league of keep away in all fighting games.

If it’s not those two then I think it’s going to be Jago, Orchid or Riptor. I picked these three because both Riptor and Orchid have nothing that really sets them apart. Nothing that makes them out to the potential they can really be. Riptor<Sabrewulf, there is no real reason to pick Riptor over the Wulf besides being a dino. Orchid has the potential to be the bae of KI but her playstyle/moves are just there. They aren’t very appealing as say someone like Hisako. Even Sadira has more personality in her fighting style and she only has one viable ender. Lastly I picked Jago because well like the others, there is no reason to pick him over Shago besides more damdge. Everything Shago does is a cooler version of Jago which btw is one reason why I wouldn’t want more Shadow characters, it just completely diminishes the original characters uniqueness. Jago needs something to make him his own again. Will they rework Jago? Probably not, but I wish they would.

I’m so confident that it’s KanRa that I’m, somewhat, avoiding the matchup in exhibition. What’s the point of facing one of these frustrating keepaway/runaway 50 KILLER level Kan-Ra’s if the matchup will completely change come Season 3? I can’t justify playing these unfun matchups at this point.

The problem with this idea though is that we really don’t know what they’re planning until an official announcement is made one way or the other. It’s kind of 50/50 - either you’re preventing yourself from having to learn something twice, or you’re hindering your KI knowledge and growth by avoiding learning him now.

I would also like to see Kan-Ra reworked. I absolutely can’t stand fighting one who plays the typical runaway strategy, but he’s complicated enough that it’s impressive to see what the tournament level competitors are able to do with him.

I don’t really care if Kan-Ra gets reworked. I hate fighting him but I am finally realizing how to get in with teleports. Non teleport characters? Use your windkick based move(move that goes forward. You will destroy the scarabs in your way.