Is the Ultra Edition Going to Have Anything Else?

I mean the stuff you guys stuffed in there to justify the 40 dollar price, rather then just making the price fair at 30 dollars. I have NO interest in KI gold or vip boosters. Is there gonna be an ultra pack without that stuff that has a fair price, or am I going to be forced to buy this unnecessary items to get the retros and premium accessories? I am strongly considering waiting for a sale on season 3 since you guys are trying to pull this.

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They usually lower the prices of the Ultra editions down to 20 dollars around the holidays. That’s how I got both Ultra editions myself. You don’t need to buy the new Ultra Edition if you don’t want to. You’ll probably enjoy the rebalance and relearn your characters the first few months. Enough time to wait for it to go down in price.

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Or they could have just made the price fair, no discount for previous owners either. Its crap. I bought season 1 and 2 at launch, because the price was fair, but this time, it isn’t.

Before you call things crap, wait till more info is known, besides it being disrespectful, there was mention of things buyable with Ki gold only in the future, so maybe what looks like crap now is actually gold


Yeap that’s what I’m doing.

Ok alright here… “Patience” is they key word of this whole topic…

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If you don’t want the “crap” just buy combo breaker and buy the costumes/accessories separate. :\

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I would, but wouldn’t that end up costing me more?

First of all, you don’t know what KI gold will be used for in S3. What if there are accessories you can ONLY get with KI gold? That’s been strongly hinted at. If you want the ultra for the extra accessories then you probably are going to want the KI gold for even more.

I think the perma 2x booster is cool.

However, I think the one “bonus” they could have given us that would make most of us happily pay extra for is getting the game early. I really thought that 3/20 date was real and I was like “take my money now if it gets me the game early!”

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Well maybe they should tell us what the gold is for then, because if its just to unlock stuff I can unlock by playing anyways, its dumb.

They already said in the other thread that KI Gold will be used for more announced stuff this season (they are working on a blog post today to expound on that)- that’s why they are including it in the ultra, because you are right - it makes no sense if all it’s used for is the stuff the ultra unlocks.

mind linking me, because if thats the case, i will close the topic right now. If they have clarified and it wasn’t just a reason to bump up the price without adding any real value, then i am fine with it.

You can use the gold for 2X booster packs and unlock stuff faster…

You can also stack 2X boosters with Double XP events to unlock things hyper fast.

Depends. If I had a time machine I would go back and just buy the combo breakers. There isn’t much in the Ultra Editions that have really blown me away on the two seasons. Most of the accessories were not very good so in my case I probably could have bought the combo editions and bought one or two accessories alone. If you think you want all the accessories they have shown so far you’ll probably want the Ultra Edition.

@rukizzel has already verified he is working on a large blog post with more information about the Season 3 Ultra Edition, which is supposed to go up today.

Be patient, take a couple of minutes to browse the existing high-traffic topics about this and wait for the blog post, rather than starting a ranty thread which is based on a largely uninformed opinion due to the information to be expanded upon in the blog post. Then, if you still don’t feel that it’s worth the $40, you at least will make that decision with full ammo.

It puts everybody on the forums in a better mood (and makes less work for me! :smiley: ) if everybody can just follow this mindset!

Not that I disagree, but shouldn’t have that blog post gone up along with the preorder, to avoid people like me making topics like this.


Would it have been nice? Yes. Possible? Not necessarily. Part of what he’s doing is taking high res (I assume) screenshots of the “bonus colors;” I know this because someone asked him about the colors over in the other thread, and he responded. If those screenshots didn’t exist when the blog post went up, lots of people would ask about them, and he’d have to go back and get them anyway.

Patience and a little investigation never hurt anybody (well, almost anybody), and it’ll go a long way towards making your (and everyone elses’) forum experience better.


Here you go:

Also note that the 18,000 number goes down once S3 launches. It’s kind of a preorder bonus.

Well, I guess I will wait for the blog post later today then, then make my choice.

Yeap no worries you are not alone I’m doing the same. If I don’t purchase the ultra pack today I will wait until it goes on sale.