Is the Ultra Edition Going to Have Anything Else?

Its either gonna be today or sale for me too.

I agree, the price is not fair. There is arguably less content in S3 than the others. And i have no interest in boosters or gold. I just want FULL characters. Not characters with 1/2 customization options.

If they announce that the new colors will be only available through micro-transactions, I will consider this game dead.

(And by dead, i dont mean that i wont play it anymore, i will just KNOW that this game has turned into a cash-grab, and i will loose faith in the games future. These stupid attempts at making more money through guest characters and micro transactions are the exact reason why i think Season 3 should be the last season. The “Killer Instinct” feel to this game is going away really fast.)


Hopefully the blog post will clear things up.

I hope so too XD. The discussion thread has been getting bombarded by an ocean of rants. I wouldn’t go fishing in that ocean either. :flags:

Can’t say I blame them, just seems like common courtesy to at least provide all the Ultra Pack information upfront. There’s very few items I personally buy that are “no questions asked.”

No joke.

I cannot explain this better.

I think S1+S2 should lower its price at this point, because it’s already 2 years since KI launched, and for the 3 seasons the price right now is overkill IMO ($120 for the full game). But, in my case, I will buy S2 (With Deals with Gold, of course) + S3 because I, finally, have the opportunity to play this game on my PC and I will support it as well. And yes, IMO, I hope this will be the last season because I don’t want to spend more money in one game, I’m not this kind of person.

If they dont do something soon to increase my faith in them, i will probably just buy the cheapest option, and then call it quits.

The amount of negative feedback on these forums has been ABSOLUTELY MONUMENTAL. Even i, a loyal IG supporter, am now severely worried. This game is officially “on the fence” for me.

It doesnt feel like “The NEW Killer Instinct” anymore. It feels like “We need money, lets ruin this game and grab as much as we can.”

I would be VERY happy if there was no Season 3. Take EVERYTHING back, and just update the visuals, animations, bugs, add new customization, new game modes, and support the tournament scene more. I dont need any of the new characters, or stages, or KI gold, or 2xp, none of it.

I think S1+S2 should lower its price at this point, because it’s already 2 years since KI launched, and for the 3 seasons the price right now is overkill IMO ($120 for the full game).

You really don’t think they are going to sell all 3 seasons at a cheaper price? Just hold your horses.

You must not participate in very many enthusiast forums. There is nothing extra negative going on here, that’s how they always go. Fans go ■■■■■■■ over pretty much every tiny little change. Fans go ■■■■■■■ over anything that costs money. Fans, generally, constantly go ■■■■■■■■ That’s what makes them fans. Your own salt is pretty real though.


Even the games TOP supporters and icons in the community have expressed HORRID disdain for some of the S3 features.

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Other than the thread on level 4 enders, please list (link) for me the other “HORRID” disdain.


I am curious about this too.

Is that not enough for you? Those guys are so supportive, that they intentionally HIDE their issues from the public all the time. If they need to make a public statement about it, things are BAD.

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I agree. There is a communication error from IG here. That s a mistake in not letting us know what we Will be able to but with those 18k.
I Will not put money if i dont know what i m paying for.

You would rather have practically nothing because a few people you don’t even know don’t have things their way?

What type of logic is that?

If you don’t think the its priced correctly, wait for a price drop or a sale. Its really as simple as that dude. This pricing format has been here for 2 years and now for some reason people are starting to complain. IIRC, you can still buy each character separately. So just wait it out.

Obviously the extra 10 bucks had to do with the old-school KI games, at least for KI fans anyway who wouldn’t mind riding the Nostalgia train every so often.

As far as that goes the Ultra edition is supposed 30 bucks this time around.

So pretty much what you’ll be getting really is the retro costumes included.

Which is why people are complaining, I hope we figure out soon.

Ok so one single issue (level 4 enders) is such a huge horrid game ruining issue, in your mind, that you are find spouting hyperbolic doom and gloom? You said horrid disdain for “some” (plural) features. But what you really meant is just one? But it’s so big and horrific it should count as several?

IG is listening. If the big names in KI hate a feature, they will fix or remove it. They have proven that repeatedly. Have some faith. If level 4 enders exist, as is, without the option to turn them off, on the 29th, you can come back here and sing about the sky falling. In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait for you to list all the other “horrid” problems with S3.

All of this over the pre-order being 40$ XD

Maybe because until they clarify, it isn’t worth 40 dollars?