Is 'Shadow Lords' coming this month with gargos update?

Do we know already when the mode ‘Shadow Lords’ is coming?
Does it comes this month together with Gargos?

“Later this season”

Whatever that means.

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I don’t think so. The launch trailer said a new multiplayer mode was coming with Gargos & I thought that the devs described Shadow Lords as a single player mode.

Edit: My bad. I completely missed the point of your post. Carry on.

I don’t think that’s true either… both modes have not been given a date or time for release, just later this season. And Shadow Lords has been confirmed to be story mode, whether its single-player or not is yet to be seen…

The trailer says Shadow Lords later this season and a new multiplayer mode in July

Since Shadow Lord Mode is supposed to be the “Story Mode” of Season 3, we will probably not see it before ALL characters have been released.


They specifically said that the reason they were releasing Gargos this early was because NOT having “the boss” done makes doing the story mode that much harder. The reason the Rivals Mode came out at the end of Season 2 was because ARIA was the last character to come out.

I don’t know if Shadow Lords will come out next month, I lean towards not. If you ask me, it’ll probably come out at the end of June.

Moreover, don’t forget they said the multiplayer mode is tied somehow to shadow lords. This means Shadow Lords will come out for sure before the end of July.

My guess is probably June, but of course, it’s just a guess, with the multiplayer component coming in July.

I think it’ll come with Gargos actually, the devs seem to be playing a Shadow Lords/Gargos build on their dev kits and post about it quite often on Twitter

Not only this, but it’s been said that the reason Gargos is being released before the 2 other characters is to release the story earlier.

Stay tuned

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I thought it was because all of the important main characters are in when gargos arrives, the remaining characters are allegedly guests and not a part of season 3 story mode?

I think if it was coming they would have told us straight up by now.

Can confirm - not in this update. Coming soon. Stay tuned. TBD. Whatever else you want to call it.