Is Sadira still bottom tier? She just won Absolute Battle 8

@UAKALYPSO just beat Nicky’s Mira/Fulgore with Sadira. A well deserved victory no matter what anybody says.

I know that it’s just one Grand Finals but what does this say about these matchups?

Bonus note: Shout-out to @MnTLetalis. He was putting in work too with Aganos! Maybe I’m just ignorant but I didn’t know you could flick Mira’s Bats. That just changed that MU in my head.


@G0tei13Izaragi Your thoughts?

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Aganos’ grounded light punches have a projectile hitbox

She could still be bottom tier.

Really this just proves that she’s not unviable. No character is.


True, But I thought that it would negate like one bat. Aganos was consistently negating Mira’s three bats.

Every character in KI is viable. You CAN win a tourney with any of cast. Kalypso is the best Sadira in the world and he does things with her very few of her mains can do. He’s also a very well rounded player.

So is Sadira good… yes… but that doesn’t mean she isn’t bottom tier.

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What makes her bottom tier again? Is it her MUs? Is it her toolset?

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Her combo damage at high-level play is very poor without meter, her defense is average at best with meter, and she doesn’t earn her meter very easily. And the one particularly high-damage attack she does have with meter is situational with instinct and pretty risky out of lockouts.

She’s very reliant on setups and getting lots of openings, which for all her strengths in those areas is still a problem against outstanding defenders who get better and more consistent rewards for their own openings. And on top of that the characters who can easily disrupt her air shenanigans (like Gargos) are particularly difficult matchups for her.

  1. Lackluster defensive options. Back dash and S.Recluse are both situational options with universal options to beat them. S.Web cling has it own built in weakness. Normally not a problem in most fighters but in a pressure based offensive game like KI it shows its problems.

  2. Match-ups. Most of Sadira’s poorest match ups are some of the more popular characters in the game. Around half of the cast has some sort of edge against her with a third of them dominating the match. Basically her poor match ups are those with average to great defensive options, great air control and fantastic pressure. ex.Thunder, Cinder, Gargos

  3. Damage. Most people will say that her lack of damage holds her back. However her reset potential is fantastic. Cr.LK, Air D+MK and throw make it rather scary to deal with her. The issue comes with how reliant she is to resets to get her damage. Other characters with reset potential are rewarded greater damage with greater defensive options show the reset fail.

A single tournament result doesn’t negate a characters tier placement. All it says it that either the gap is smaller then most think or that the player was playing at a higher level. Otherwise you could say that Dan (SSFIV) is mid tier due to Jwong winning a tournament with him or that Potemkin (Gulty Gear Xrd) is high tier due to FAB’s placements in tournaments.

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@DurtyDee810 @SoSRaGnArOk

lomfao i see with this that you dont even know sadira Mu’s :laughing:. i knew daymein will bodied him for free

since sadira dont struggle against mira of fulgore.
And @UAKALYPSO is one of the three legendary queen dira

My thoughts on this so simple=

1 = @UAKALYPSO is the queen dira since s1 @maciaga @mrsadflump are the queen dira also since s1 :kissing_heart:

ask these guys the mu against this 2 characters vs sadira they would let you know clearly.

2)sadira fulgore even without the flip out for sadira Imo has always been a 5-5 in s1 s2 s3,

specially because of the double jump from sadira she can easily whiff most fulgore teleport ,
the simple tips is to empy double back jump and in the same time seen what fulgor is planning to do, in mos of the case if fulgore teleport , you ( as sadira) should do a heavy Wb so you go back behind him and open him for free,

Its like a mental fight with these boths @Sasuke99l :stuck_out_tongue: verry funny as mu cause when sadira got catch on the ground by fulgore she can easily say game over.

  1. sadira mira ImO its a 6-4 for sadira , specially since mira has to spend her life for try to catch sadira out of the airs.
    since sadira dont care from light bats, then mira is forced to use her life with heavy or medium bats, and also on wake up we ( sadira players know that we has to press her so she teleport on wake up and forced her to spend life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another Mu i feel like now in sadira favor since last nerfs,

its Jago

i feel like its a 6-4 or maybe a 5-5 against a good jago player.

because of the nerfs on the winds kicks

i hope i responds correctly on your question, so you know, behind my screen when i saw nicky then vs daymein i knew its ova!

sadira dont care about mira or fulgore if you jump correctly , and thats something daymein exceed in it !


you deserve it bro :handshake:

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She is. Daymien is just really good. Even beating my raam earlier in the tournament.


I’m sure Sadira is still low tier. But the take home for me is that if people spent less time worrying about tier lists and more time working to get better at the game they would win more.


I loved watching your Aganos. I picked up a thing or two from watching the matches. Nice work!

Sadira is the lowest tier character in the game. Killer Instinct is a game where tiers doesn’t really matter. Although there are tiers and strong ones, every character can work based on their potential and playstyle.


I enjoyed the battles (congrats to Kalypso and Letalis! I enjoyed your matches a lot). Nicky is Also fun to watch.

Sadira just won a tournament?

Do you mean that a character whom doomsayers stated several times who needs damage, can’t win a tournament by her own, and is starving for buffs… won a tournament?

Wait for some people saying that the finals MU was even (or in her favour!) to mitigate the impact of this victory… oh wait!

On a serious note, I’m not surprised. Even if Sadira is low tier, she is an 8/10. The majority of the cast is a 9/10, and just a few a 10/10, but even then, 8 is not far from 10.

Sadira always had the potential to win any tournament. Some people would’ve seen that if they spent less time complaining about what they lack, instead exploring what they DO have.

People should consider that KI is, thanks to the combo system double interaction and its great balance, one of the most balanced FGs, and enjoy it for what it is, and not for what people thinks it should be by their own made rules


@MnTLetalis Me too :heart_eyes:

and im happy to see that aganos is really solid . you made my days in this tourney.:ok_hand:

At this point aganos is high tier easily. He only has 3 losing matchups.


High tier only in your hands :sweat_smile: , you are like daymein and sadira, boths ( you and him ) have the magical hands on poor characters, and know how to make them shine.

once again congratulations.

Out of curiosity, what are those three MU’s?

I know I think Hisako only loses two or three fights as well, but people didn’t believe me for the longest time :joy:

EDIT: and yes, Sadira is still likely bottom three. But KI’s tiers are quite compressed, such that “low-tier” has never meant “unviable”.

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