Is Sadira still bottom tier? She just won Absolute Battle 8

Kilgore is his worst. Riptor and aria are bad as well.

Lol. I know the feeling on those last two :joy:

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Glad some folks are realizing all KI characters are tourney viable and that tiers don’t matter as much in this game. It’s a good day!

Just play who u want and work!

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I’ve been saying that low tier in this game doesn’t mean unviable.

All characters are viable in this game.

If people spent less time complaining that their character sucked and more time improving, maybe they would get better results.


That’s not how tier works. Maybe Letalis or Daymein, or Kalipso are among the few who can get max potential from their chars. But that doesn’t mean that you can make exemptions in tiers.

But some people prefer to remain blind and believe that X character is weak because they can’t win some MUs.

The problem is not the character, is the one who is using it.

Again, Sadira could be low tier. Nobody denies it.

But what can’t be accepted is that some peope spreads propaganda about how inviable some chars are.


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I largely agree with this. I was listening to the commentary from Battle 8, and even the hosts were of the impression that Kalypso was insane for using Sadira, as everyone says she’s low tier, but they shortly found out that low tier doesn’t mean unusable, and as we saw, Kalypso proved them wrong.

This of course doesn’t mean that Sadira doesn’t need any adjustments. I certainly think she does.

For one thing, during Battle 8 we saw a common glitch where her instinct webs won’t open up at all, even IF the alt player is standing in them. This happened twice to Kalypso.

This has been on ongoing glitch since S2 and I think a few adjustments to her Web hitboxes would resolve the matter.

There are other things I’d like to see adjusted, but that’s for another thread.

Bugs and glitches should always be patched out of the game, but I wouldn’t call that an adjustment to a sadira. It’s a bug fix.

As far as Sadira adjustments I would never argue that Sadira being used to win a tournament suggests that a character does or doesn’t need any adjustments (my personal opinion is that Sadira could be adjusted right out of the game…). But so many people agonize over changin the game instead of playing it that it is useful to make the point that the player plays the game and the character is just a tool. If people focused on improving the part of the equation that is holding the controller rather than the part that’s in the code it would be far more productive.




Sadira is still my second favorite character in the game. I like her look and playstyle a lot, and would be sad if she didn’t make it back. She’s a really cool character!


Also the fact that she was the first original KI character for the new game.


I’ll say as much as I love Aganos. I truly think great Sadira players bring a serious hype factor to KI imo! Her combos especially her extended combos are like anime/Marvel air combos without the random projectile beams. To me that’s hype. Add the huge projectiles that you cant see off screen and combos being unbreakable, and that’s not my cup of tea. But with KI’s break system and the hypeness of counterbreakers too, I’m a fan of how Sadira works!

Is there an upload of the tournament?

Your wish is my command.


Completely off topic but … I’m coming for Thrash’s Eagle next time lol

I saw what I needed to do … thx to the great Letalis.

I was talking to my man zip about my jumping and he had this to say lol

Basically, I was like - 19668276_1467675739969221_1064445741_n

While Eagle was like -

lmao - till next time! :slight_smile: ohhh boy!!


Ace. Can’t wait to pick up some tech.

Wait… you can chain heavy auto doubles with Sadira?! Do my eyes deceive me?

Yes she can. Sadira can jump cancel active frames outside of Instinct.

From what I remember, You kept betting the farm on aganos roll move

that and a slew of other bad ideas tbh. smh. im not trippin now tho. In the future, I’ll be placing a wall behind eagle and will block/walk him down more patiently.