Is Raam A Finished Character? Disappointing Launch....(Impressions)

I ask this because his auto doubles are the same throughout his buttons. LK/LP do the same auto double, MK/MP do the exact same auto, etc. He has ONE linker. I don’t understand that in the slightest. Overall, I am largely disappointed in his release and how he works. He looks great, sounds great, but that’s pretty much it.

He’s supposed to be a hard hitting behemoth. His standing normals leave a lot to be desired as the animations don’t represent him that way. Like look at those stomps, looks like he should be a drummer in a band. The OTG mechanic he has looks good on paper, but just comes up short. Standing MK…why? Why would you ever do that? Unless you know someone is going to break it, why use it? It doesn’t even do much more damage if it hits. People don’t even need to break it. The ground bounce on it is terrible. You really can’t do much after it. Follow up with a flip out or hit MK again. That’s it. Unless I’m missing something, this button is just meh. You can’t even cancel standing MK into a special making it more useless.

I would’ve liked to see a bit more done with his charging command grab as well. Why not make it like Hisako’s and Orchids air throw? You cannot follow up off it whatsoever. It’s kind of a weird move to watch tbh. I know the krill is why you cannot follow up off it, but why not make it a hard knockdown then? I really can’t see a lot of people using this move that much unless they’re in the corner after a flip out.

I will say he does have some good stuff. The krill is an interesting thing on the enders and his ability to be able to counter attacks with them is pretty good as well. Also, his instinct is amazing as long as you can capitalize on the potential damage. His jumping FP is a great crossup as well.

I dunno, outside of his design I am pretty underwhelmed by him as a whole. This is coming from a long time Gears of War player, so maybe I just expected too much out of him.

The point of the MK is to simply mix it up. If his only option was LK then people would just break you, having the MK also hit OTG allows you to avoid getting broken without having to resort to a counter breaker as your only option.
You can’t follow up after the charging grab because it would be OP getting a combo opener that also attached Kryll. And if you gave it a hard knockdown he’d be able to flip out our stomp you letting the kryll damage build up. Being at +4 at point blank range after attaching Kryll is really really good. One grab and they’ve lost close to 50% of their health without ever having a break opportunity.


Looks rushed. He’s just a big punching bag. I faced a few of him and I wasn’t even trying. Shockingly lame, TBH. I’m a huuge Gears fan. It was practically the only game I played on the 360.

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Well he’s only been out for eight hours so you can’t expect anyone to be good with him yet. Especially since we didn’t get a stream explaining his mechanics like the other characters.


People were much better with other characters on release day. He doesn’t even really look intimidating. He’s just not well done. Sorry

In a couple of days, people will be screaming for a RAAM nerf

I’ve been getting a lot of milage out of this meme today :grin:


I don’t know where he’ll fall in the game’s Pantheon but I wouldn’t expect to be facing pro Raams a handful of hours after his release. People are still figuring him out and will be for a few days/weeks/possibly months. Hell, day one, I was shitting on Gargos players left and right, but I knew better than to think he was weak because of it.

Several characters have 3AD animations… I don’t like it either to be honest, but it’s in keeping hats come before so it doesn’t surprise me.

Raam is going to be a slow paced, methodical character (at least he seems as such SO FAR) and that’s a REALLLLLLLLLLLY different style than most characters in KI who are batshit, button mash, speedfesters so I’d give he community time to let.him settle in. He is very very Gief oriented, whether they admit that or not, he is, and it takes a specific type of player to excel and enjoy that kind.of character. I’d also think that in a week we will see far fewer Raams, where-as Gargos keeps multiplying.

People were better with the others on release day because of the streams explaining their moves and mechanics pre-launch. People knew what they were getting and began theorizing what they’d do when they did get them. Raam was just thrown at us without warning. No one even knew what his moves did or looked like until they picked him. But just looking at his tools you can tell he’s going to be a nightmare to deal with once people do get good with him.

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I don’t like his moveset and I find him boring to play against and play as. He’s boring to look at. And I love this character from Gears. I’m not even really stressed about his effectiveness.

He needa ALOT more personality, grunting, drooling etc. I dunno man.

After finally being able to play as him, I must say, the one opener and one linker seems like a mistake. It feels like the kryll rush(his running move) should at least work as a linker.

That being said, I love everything else. His Ultra and theme is epic!

*chuckles to self * He thinks the armored command grab that leaves him plus and attaches kryll isn’t useful. And the other guy thinks the surprise character released 8 hours ago is weak.

I love these forums… :joy:


One thing he was NOT was a surprise…

Look at the polls bro. He’s not well received. And there are many more criticisms of him besides how effective players are with him. You seem to be intentionally ignoring that aspect of the impressions. Chuckle away, doesn’t change anything.

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Ostrich Best RAAM NA.


RAAM is a full-on grappler, which KI has never really seen before. Give players some time before you call him weak.

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Granted he may be a full on grappler, he is primarily anti projectile zoning, meaning he will have 0 chance against anyone who can zone with normals. He just isn’t fast enough. He will have an extremely hard time with characters like Hisako, Glacius, Kan-Ra and Gargos. Not to mention characters with high mobility. He will also have a hard time pinning them down. A full on grappler is a nice addition to KI, but as fun as he might be to play, I doubt he will ever do well at tourney level. Unless Snake Eyes comes in. But I hear he dropped Gief.

Filler of the season confirmed


You mean I should look at the polls done of him on this forum? In the past 12 hours or so of his release? The forum where people ■■■■■ about retro Gargos not looking like KI2 Gargos for 200 posts, teabagging and taunting for 700+ posts, and claimed for months and months and months that S2 Kan-Ra was underpowered and needed buffs? The forum where a gameplay-related thread gets 20 comments, and one on Kim Wu’s face gets over a hundred?

Yeah, I’ll go right ahead and ignore those Day 1 impressions on Raam… :unamused:


In a couple of days? Lol no. Raam Op(Gone Wrong)(Add toggle)(Plz Nerf)

3 Auto-Doubles was strategic, I’d just about guarantee it. If this character were harder to break, it would suck; and if we look at the damage he gets on 1-chance breaks, it fits the bill. Instinct seems tailor-made to support him being so easy to break.


Your right, he can do 90% with once lock out and 1 shadow linker during instinct. Everyone needs to chill and if they dont like him , well, go back to there main character and leave it be.

It wont be long and the Raam tech will be dominating Ranked and there will be 50 new posts about how unfair it is. lol…Im just glad he will take away some of the Gargos players that been kicking my ■■■ lately!