Is Omen a Top 2 fighter in Season 3

@C88Zeromancer seems to think so. How do you feel?

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In the right hands any character can be on top. I think Rico has already proven Omen can be on top since he won Winners finals at World Cup with Omen. I just wished he would have taken it a step further and won Grand finals with Omen instead of Glacius.

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While I think he’s been consistently and egregiously underrated, I also don’t think he’s top 2 in the game. KI has some true monsters, and Omen just isn’t at that level in my opinion.

Top 5 maybe, I’m still trying to figure out who the new tops are since a lot of the old ones got nerfed.

I agree… it takes some major skill to make Omen winner of a grand final in say EVO, World Cup, ect… I think Rico is the only one that could possibly make that happen as of end of Season 2. We dont really know how Season 3 will pan out just yet.

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Omen has the tools to be…but I don’t think so, his buttons got better and he has MOST of the tools to be a real top contender. However I haven’t seen high level play Omen yet, so I wil wait until someone can optimize him in a pro league or something.

So you didnt see Rico in winners finals at worldcup?

that was a character match up, rico played omen at Evo too, it didnt work out in his favor (although he was reallyh close). TJ combo has good normals but rico was using the projectiles to get passed his armor and tremor. There’s a difference between character specialization and character match up.

You always have to come behind me with some sort of reason why Im wrong. Please stop doing that, stop following me around and trying to disagree with everything I say.

And BTW… your wrong about Omens command list ins S2 stating he had 2 frames of advantage in his instinct.

You are not the top Omen authority on this forum…no one is.

Rico is the best Omen that is on video…period. There isnt much Omen footage out there…so as of now, the KIWC footage of Rico vs Rebelo is all we have. Which is exactly what you are trying to say hasn’t happened yet.

I have been whining and Bi***ing about Omen for a while now, but i think i am beginning to unlock his secrets.

I cant do it YET, but i believe Omen has a secret strategy that causes the opponent to NEVER be able to move or press a button.

(Im going into isolation and training until my Omen is so good i can take over the world! hahaha.)

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I have some matches where this happened, in the corner, between 2 flip out resets and medium rash pressure into fwd HP and mix them all up. I completely perfected 2 guys last night in ranked with this. they both got 1 hit in but still, close enough.
the prob with Omens flip out for me is you can only do it after orda ender and sometimes I get the close light kick instead of the high light kick. Orda ender doesnt launch high enough to get it in.

I need to find more ways to get it to work easily. I have yet to find a use for his air LP flip out.

Have you been able to use it?

The only way air-flipout works with Omen is if you are POSITIVE that your opponent has dropped the controller on the floor while attempting to grab a drink of water.

And about your close-light-kick, far-light-kick problem. I MAY have solved that issue, and i MAY be keeping it (and the rest of the strategy) a secret :wink:

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Real LOL!! OMG that was funny! Hey now…we don’t keep secret you and I… that’s not right. Now from the guy above…yes lets keep it a secret. But if your not willing to share Im sure I can figure it out.

OK, maybe we can train together some time soon.

Maybe after i take 1st place at EVO and you take 2nd XD

(seriously though, we can play soon.)

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Cool! I worked on TJs flip out shenanigans last night and they turned out pretty sick! You can see them in my Xbox feed if you have time to check it out… its nothing long or major but its to show all the whiny TJ haters that he is not dead!!!

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Im glad you liked my joke BTW.

I knew it would be funny, because im sure you started reading it thinking: “OOOOOoooo, he’s going to share a secret with me!” so the punch line was nicely set-up. (joke telling 101: Misdirection / Capturing attention)

Do I really? Honest question. Btw I’d debate Osomatsu is the best Omem on film. Lol guess I’m proving your point regardless but that is how I feel sir.

Yes, last few weeks you have and what point are you proving? What do you mean best Omen on film and who is Osumatsu?

Osomatsu is a japanese player that mains Omen. At the japanese Kombo Klash he went runner up in the first tournament then won the second. He beat UA BASS, Domi, and Tonosama. I got a lot of my tech from his omen. He qualified for the world cup but he and tonosama couldn’t make it to the event.

I’ve never consciously tried to confront you. Ask the instances they I’ve been adversarial towards you have been without my knowing. If that’s how you feel then I’ll try my best to avoid those situations but from any interaction that we’ve had up until this point I’ve meant it with no malicious intent.