Is nobody on the internet talking about the Crimson bat?

Like seriously, I don’t have the gems to buy one of my own and there is NOTHING on youtube and the only link on Google is to the news section of this site and the page isn’t there after you click it.

What the hell does it doooooo?

It appears the crisom bat pack is bugged and nobody got him

So… Still a mistery!


I see, thanks for the clarification.

My damn controller broke tonight and I can’t play for a few weeks, so I was hoping to get some info on what I’m missing.

Well, since the pack is bugged, your broken controller probably saved your money, since buying the pack doesn’t grant you the guardian xD

Oh so you can get the pack but it doesn’t give you the right guardian?


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That sucks and when I click that link it says the page was not found.

Yep, they probably shut the page down since it’s bugged, so less people see it advertised while its bugged

I’m glad you told me, I was honestly about to hobble into the emporium with my busted ■■■ controller and buy it with KI gold just to see what it did.

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Yay! My good action of the day!

Now let’s continue with my scheduled ritual sacrifices!

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I’m kinda pissed, my first Xbox One controller lasted me 3 years before I had to replace and that was just it two months ago and this one… Must have been dropped or something because the right bumper broke… off. Like it came loose and is now not connected, no more heavy punch for me and of course it has to happen when I an not in a position to replace it for several weeks… and when KI has new stuff.

Aw, that sucks man.

I know that it’s not the same and you will have to fight against 3 years old muscle memory, but you could just map HP into LB or LT and manually input that button.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Probably nets you 100% Shadow/Instinct/Health gain, considering that the Crimson Ward prevents you from taking any damage from hits that break armor.

Here ya go


Quick question: How much does it cost to recharge it the Crisom vampire uses?

Idk I only have the dossiers for the crimson guardians and they all pretty much do critical hits. My best guess since they’re the rarest 100 astral energy per pip or something close to that.

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Ok, I thought you got him from a different pack :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah I saved up my gems so I could get one of each of the new guardians and saw the forums that it was bugged so I’m holding on to it until I see other wise. Guess I was lucky for being stingy :grinning:. Right now I have about 46k gems from playing on challenging.