Is matchmaking just crap?

I’ve been playing this game for all of 2 days now and the game really thinks I should be playing people who are maxed level. Like, why? I never thought I’d see worse matchmaking than SFV, but here is KI.


The game rank has been reset recently. Give it a few days it will work out.

Tbh, my “promotion match of bronze of higher” was against a qualifier, seems fairly broken to me, and my silver rank has given me a load of gold rank players, it’s been this way since forever

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Personally i prefer playing against max level players. Fighting games are more rewarding when you play against a better player and see how they play the game

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Unless they beat you down constantly, make the game unfun, and cause lesser-skilled players to give up on KI…

…there needs to be a balance.


Unless you are playing ranked playing against a higher skill player shouldnt be a problem imo

It doesn’t matter what online mode you’re in if you’re still not learning from your losses, and sadly many playerss get so frustrated when they lose constantly, there’s simply no way learning can actually take place.

Take my word as a professional teacher. :wink:

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if you want to win without the experiance they should fix the system and match you with 2 day players.

Normally I’d agree, but when the tactics are impossible to get around because you’ve have not even seen a third of the cast, it gets aggravating quickly. I play SF a lot as my main game, and even when I started learning SF4 back when, there were no floating balls of death from Kan ra that I cannot seem to get past. Also KI has a unique system with the auto doubles. So, it’s just frustrating when I don’t have a chance to hit a button, thus there is no learning.

If you have trouble against a character you can ask here or on a facebook group(i suggest: killer instinct ultimate fans). If you hit kan ras floating balls once they disappear. Double system isnt that bad since you can see the button if you have guessed wrong

I never said that that’s what I wanted. I know how to learn from my mistakes. I’m simply suggesting that some people can’t do that because they let their own emotions get ahead of them, and it happens far more often than you might think.

@Heroxoot, and his/her (forgive me, I don’t know which you are) own post above this 1 is my case in point. He/she has expressed that they cannot get around something. It’s this belief in that that’s preventing them from learning. Instead of seeing or looking for a solution, all they see is a wall that they can’t get past (Aganos pun FTW!). That’s why it’s up to us in this community that do know how to get around things like that to help them by lending a hand and teaching them, instead of just making assumptions about them and labeling them as scrubs or noobs, and what not.

Anyways, that’s a bit off-topic, so I’ll just say this - if someone is having trouble, help them. You just might make a new friend out it, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

EDIT: Oh, good. You’re already ahead of me. :slight_smile:

Still, not so sure if FB is the best resource to offer though. I’d start with Infil’s guide over at personally (different strokes for different folks, I guess, am I right?). :wink:

I just fought my first Aganos and the guy tried to gimmick me with the roll. I learned after one block it’s super punishable. That’s cool. But then I have played characters like Riptor who just mash on his flame breath. How do I solve it? I block forever and none of my moves seem to punish on block (Orchid). This is where I am not learning. Same with Kan-Ra with that orb thing he does. Jumping over it doesn’t work. Sliding under doesn’t work. Approaching and waiting for it to pass and going in after pushing him to the corner also got me in trouble because he’s fully neutral positioned and can do anything. So what is the answer? That is what is frustrating about this game. I don’t mind losing, in fact I’d normally accept it as the learning process, but when I don’t learn anything, it becomes a problem.

Riptors flame block is breakable with a hard combo breaker, right?

Oh please, please fight my Aganos. I’ll show you what a good 1 can actually do. :smiling_imp:

If Riptor’s breath hits you 3 consecutive times, it’s breakable with a heavy combo breaker on the 3rd attack. If it’s used mid-combo, it’s also breakable in the same manner, since it’s used as a heavy auto-double or manual. :wink:

As for Kan-Ra’s swarms, you can either avoid them entirely (with a teleport, for example) or destroy them. Any attack that doesn’t extend your own hurtbox into the swarm can destroy them. :wink: :wink:

If you’re talking about his bugs, you can destroy them with a move that has a forward moving hitbox ( I hope I’m getting that right) like Wulf’s jumping HK, Maya’s jump HP, Orchid’s down HP or rekkas (don’t quote me on this, I don’t know the Orchid-Ra matchup that well) so its easy to get past them.

Mental attitude, that’s the key. Every lost match is a learning opportunity. Think you’re stuck with something specific? Go into training, record the dummy doing that specific thing and work on a way to get out of it. I get angry the instant I lose, but right after I force myself to calm down and think about what I did wrong. Maybe its also because you’re playing one-off games, 2-out-of-3s are really helpful when it comes to playing against an opponent.

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It’s even harder to learn the game when said higher levels hit you with an insanely long double/triple ultra after every win.

I recommend you keep asking questions here rather than give up. Also, watch youtube vids of your opponent’s character like Kan Ra or Riptor.

Play exhibitions with people on this forum because that also helps. Very helpful players here.

Finally, infil’s guide has all KI secrets and makes SFIV references here and there which is easy to follow for the FG master race (you know, SF).

And in case you haven’t fought him yet, there is another character that makes even seasoned vets and pros cry: Shago is its name. Don’t say his name three times in a row or he’ll haunt you in your sleep. That’s how scary he is.

Try playing shadows for now. The problem right now is ranks just got reset. The game will need a month or two to calibrate everyone appropriately at which point I’m sure you’ll get better matches. Until, then if you don’t want to risk playing against much more experienced plays play shadow mode I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I also suggest fighting these guys that can help you and play exhibition with you before going into ranked. Just tell them what match up you are looking for.

Just play exhibition and set it to Qualifier and Bronze only, that might make things a little easier at first. It might take longer to find matches, but at least you won’t be against Gold or Killers yet.