Is KI done?

I was just thinking I haven’t heard any new info regarding this game, is it dead or are they doing work behind closed doors to announce it later on maybe? Because we still need ultimate’s for the remaining cast


The game is done, it has plenty of content already and is in great spot. Personally I do not want any changes regarding the game, what everyone is waiting for is the matchmaking fix.

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Honestly, though I wish that it wasn’t, it is. They didn’t announce anything at E3, and to me that signals that they are either not working on anything for this game. What they’re doing instead is anybody’s guess. They could be working on KI2, or something else completely. But we just have to wait and see. I just wish they could tell us.

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I like what the game has, but i personally would love remaining characters to have ultimate’s and on a very personal request I would want a better conclusion to the story mode they started with Season 2, I greatly dislike that Shadow Lords was the games story ending. But like I said that’s my opinion

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Unfortunately none of that is going to happen. Just have to enjoy it the way it is and hope for a sequel next year.

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This game is pretty much done, save for a few potential bug fixes later on.

I think the most we can hope for in KI’s future right now is for a new game to be a launch title for the Xbox Scarlet in a few years.

The game has been complete for almost two years now. There will be no additional balance changes or content updates. Also just in case people still think otherwise, IG no longer works on the game and haven’t for the better part of a year+ now. I feel I need to mention that because I saw someone thank IG for fixing the recent server issues when in reality 100% was on MS side.


And thats the sad part the game still needs a few things added in my opinion and IG hasnt even said anything about it…that im aware of

Hey atleast the servers are still up… :slight_smile:


lol this is true, thats good for people who play online, because I’m not one of them lol

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In order for a game to be really done is when people stop playing. Period.

Just look at Super Smash Bros. Melee.


I dont think most people ses a game being done when people dont play the game, they say a game is dead when the devs dont do anything else to support the game in a major way

Devs didn’t anything to Melee after it’s release. Look how that turned out.

A stubborn bunch… even Nintendo can’t stop them… you gotta admire their Resolve.

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I’m hoping that Nintendo will port Melee to the Switch and only include it in every copy of Ultimate, solely just to get the Melee players off of the GCNs and CRT monitors.

Or better yet… Port it to PC… :smiling_imp:

In an ideal world, Microsoft would be plotting out the next steps for Killer Instinct as a series. Perhaps they work with Iron Galaxy again, or maybe they go in a new direction with a new developer. Still, the pessimist in me thinks that even though this game was one of the best fighting games released this generation (even in spite of it’s issues), I could very easily see MS either looking toward new IPs or looking at reviving other neglected franchises like Fable and Battletoads in the near-term* and perhaps Crimson Skies and a Banjo further down the line.

*Near-term of course being stuff that I’m guessing is actually in some stage of development. Fable’s just a guess, but everyone seems to think that Playground is working on it and some even expected to see it teased at E3 this year.

As for KI, did anyone else get the impression that Keits has zero desire to develop a fighting game after his experiences with this game? Maybe I’m mistaken, and while I know there are other people working on creating the characters and what not, it just seems like it would be almost surprising at this point if Iron Galaxy came back for another game, but who knows… Hell, maybe MS will go on another shopping spree and bring IG under it’s wing?

But yeah, as for this game, it’s complete. I don’t know why people use the word “dead” as a synonym for complete, but that’s just semantics, even if some read the implications of that word differently than others.

There always could’ve been more. I still want that Lovecraftian character, that Djinn character, backgrounds for Mira, Eyedol and Eagle, ultimates for the rest of the characters, more story DLC for Shadow Lords, which was conceived to be a living mode that could have more missions, items, guardians, etc, maybe a toggle for shadow move effect between black and purple, some more announcer voices, revised season one retros, another season, another season after that, another season after that and so on and so on and so on and yeah…

There was never going to be a point where there this game was going to be “complete” in the eyes of fans. The best they could do is giving us as much content for the amount they had to spend as they were able to. I’m still thrilled we were finally able to get Eagle at the very end. That was very cool of them.

I think we got enough. We could always get more, and I’m sure some will be unsatisfied, especially considering how for a while at least, it seemed like we’d be getting more (around the time of the season 3 survey). But it is what it is. I hope we get a sequel in the not too distant future. I hope MS doesn’t abandon this amazingly creative and fun game which could and should be a franchise for them regardless of how much money this one pulled in.

Quality is quality, and the more quality you have across more genres, the more likely you are to pique system and genre fans’ interest and lure them in to your ecosystem to buy your products. Or at least, that’s my completely uneducated opinion on the matter. :slight_smile:


Exactly. We literally have the power to push KI to Melee status in terms of longevity, but…some people just don’t understand.


That is what puzzles me the most about Killer Instinct which is that it was suppose to be an ever evolving product that could continue even past any seasons that were made. One of the very FIRST things they told us was that they would keep making content so long as we kept playing…did that promise just go out the window at some point? Clearly if they wanted to they could keep producing content for this game including as you said finishing the Ultimates, adding more characters/stages etc. Most players at this point, at least from I’ve seen through the last couple years, just want an occasional content update…maybe once every 6 months, I suspect that wouldn’t be too much to handle. Even SF4 continued to get content/costume updates until the day SFV came out. I guess what it really comes down to is that they don’t want to invest in it anymore, what else could the answer be? Perhaps Iron Galaxy’s contract with them expired and they didn’t want to renew it who knows.

What I do know though is this…Killer Instinct is and was a fantastic series and deserves nothing but the best. Tears were shed, laughter was had, and mistakes were made but going forward we can all persevere and look towards the future with high heads wherever that may be.

This is an open letter to Microsoft,
Please don’t let this game end, please continue it and bring it back bigger and better than ever!

(This is just a fun little something I wanted share and it’s not really related but about a year or so ago I sent a hand written letter to Phil Spencer via mail detailing my love and passion for the game and others from the community. I asked him to please focus and show more love to fighting games specifically KI and not just the same 3 golden eggs of Forza, Halo, and Gears. While it may sound silly or naive to some degree, it just goes to show how far I was willing to go to try and support this game and community.)


The game is five years old. I do want more content, but still… five years.

Street Fighter 4 went on forever because it was released at an odd time for fighting games. I don’t think we can expect that with KI in our current environment.

Smash persists because… I don’t know why. The games never clicked with me.