Is Eagle's promised free availability for Definitive and S3 Ultra edition live already or not yet?

I have S3 ultra edition but after Eagle’s free period he is unavailable for me and IDK if this some kind of bug or is it not enabled yet.

I think it’s live cause i never payed for him.

You still have him without paying? Well, for me he is greyed out. This is how my purchases look, I own S3 Ultra Edition

@rukizzel @developers Could you please shed some light on this situation? Will S3 owners get him later or is it a bug?

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I think you still have to download him. It’s just that when the offer is live, if you own S3 Ultra or DE, he will be marked as free instead of 4.99

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The offer won’t show up through the in game store. If you’re on the xbox version it should be easy enough to find on the xbox live marketplace. If you’re on windows 10, you should be able to find it on the xbox app, but since I don’t have win10, I can’t help you through that process.

I just went to manage game. I downloaded him just like every other character. For me he has been available sense day 1.

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I’m having the same problem with the xbox version but I have the digital definitive edition. Eagle’s greyed out in-game and it says available (not owned or free). If I select him there it brings up the 5.00 purchase screen.

If I go to the xbox live marketplace the Eagle add-on still says buy with the 5.00 price. He’s not listed as ready to install or anything either.

The only time he was listed as free was on the in-game store when he was the rotating character. He was never free on the live marketplace at any point for me.

I haven’t been able to play as him since the rotating character ended. Not sure if its bugged or whatever. I’m in Europe if that matters.

Same here. I am on Windows 10, I own S3 Ultra Edition and when I choose Eagle in store, I need to pay full price.

hmp, well i don’t kow how to help you on windows 10, but on my xbox he was ready to install on ki because i own the definitive edition.

Checking in to the issue for those on PC. Will update when we know more.


How about for the Xbox version? I recently bought the DE via the summer sale and am having the same issue as Hewitt92 above, but I am in the US. Thanks!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I bought Definitive Edition on Windows 10, but Eagle is not available on Xbox or Windows 10.

@rukizzel Could we get an update, please? Eagle is still unavailable to me on Xbox as a digital DE owner, and it won’t let me download him without paying the $5. Would be nice enough to know whether this will be fixed, even if it takes till the steam release when the other two should become available.

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Any update on this yet? I still don’t have a chance to get Eagle for free and I have the Definitive edition Digitally.


You could still buy the definitive edition for full price, it will
let you, then you could find out for your self how bad
eagle is.

Seriously, Eagle sucks, the poll yesterday should like 70%
vote to toss him in the bin.

Anyway, you get him if you own the definitive edition.
Im sure, but not 100%

What poll? The one where people picked their 4-5 favorite characters? Picking who you like is alot different than wanting a character trashed. I like Eagle. He is just a character that requires time to learn.

No offense I thinks he is ok as a
character, just dont like his fighting.

While the poll is just a poll, he was up
in the 70 percent range quick.

Eagle is amazing, his tech is ridiculous, you’re missing out bud.

Also any updates on this? Asking for a friend. Also… My shin hisako loses all my progress on the character whenever I log out of ki on Xbox 1. Ultra season 3 owner.

I uninstalled her, and the game and reinstalled on to the same internal drive. Same issue, can’t level her up, can’t get her costumes.

This happened before, but a content update fixed it (with aganos I believe).

Just thought I’d officially say something on here. Shin is full of bugs still.