Is ARIA KI's Ultron?

Due to her appearance and watching Avengers: Age of Ultron, I can see an Ultron vibe in ARIA.

She’s not evil like Ultron. She’s neutral.

Plus she’s got extra drones for her body.

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Good comparison, but she’s definitely evil (she just may not realize it).

I agree. But do you find it odd that Cinder looks like iron man or ultron on fire around the same time and month the Avengers 2 movie was announced? Also Cinder’s real name is Ben, and he looks almost exactly like that fire dude from Ben 10?

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In my perception, it isn’t as much about good vs evil anymore; it’s more about conflicting ideals. Aria isn’t necessarily evil and Ultron isn’t either in my perception. Although in the case of Ultron, he is opposing the heroes, which makes him seem to be more evil.

If you take the main AI from I, Robot, Yagami Light from Death Note or the antagonists from the Watchmen movie, they aren’t really evil. At the end of the day they just try to create a better world. Their way of doing it just conflicts with our notion of what is considered ‘good’ as they leave the world mutilated.

A similar discussion has arised* from self driving cars. They are programmed to sacrifice the life of the driver when this means saving others. When you are superintelligent and can consider many factors at the same time, you might see that people will have to die and that selectively killing them may be better than passively allowing for many more to die.

[EDIT] * it’s arisen. :slight_smile:


Ultron isn’t evil either, he simply doesn’t understand the difference between saving or destroying a world created by humans due to their misunderstanding of Order “versus” Chaos.

But no, very little is in common beyond the surface. Ultron is the result of hubris on the part of their Hank Pymm or Tony Stark, from their “younger years,” while ARIA was purposefully meant to promote a Darwinian evolution of the human species, which involves very harsh living conditions.

That’s what I think exactly!

I think ARIA is the perfect representation of “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

Uggh, wordfilter pls

I mostly see her as the Lex Luthor of KI. They’re both super high techy, rich, bald, and all the things they do are what they believe are for the good of humanity (through rather extremist methods).

They just want humanity to become independently stronger without relying on supernatural forces.

… But how that can that be?

To evolve into a being capable of taking on what we can supernatural would imply becoming supernatural in the process…

Or the alternative thinking is that the supernatural become natural because we are on their level, ie, if everyone is special, no one is special.

Do you mean that in terms of strength?

As seen by the roster, strength itself is not an end-all requirement. Everyone needs some whacky-■■■ abilities, but great physical strength is not always one of them.

Evolution is an adaption to one’s surroundings and often misused as a metaphor for climbing a ladder as though there is a destination to said evolution.

There is no such thing as de-evolution, there is only adaption with mutation or extinction. Unless the environment is at an equilibrium where there are no variables, then there is stagnate existence with no evolution.

ARIA looks to harsh places like the Galapagos Islands where evolution is “accelerated” by the constant life culling El Nino-Nina cycles that strip and overflow nutrients to the region in a resonating cycle that can cause many to cry to witness over a decade.
Only the most flexible and oppourtuntistic species survive in such places, and that is what ARIA sees as the salvation from beings like Gargos and Glacius.

His name’s Heatblast.

Wow…that’s deep man.

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thank you. I forgot…

“Bald” almost had me spill my coffee over my keyboard.

YES! she’s ultron…

she cant be killed EVER.

Like Ultron shes software… she can exist in ANY computer storage and rebuild herself over time as long as she has the internet.

Ultron got scary when he got off world and into aliens Tech. The only way to wipe him out would be to destroy ALL digital devices galaxy wide.

Personally i loved when Ultron became female and took the form of Janet his mother.

Since ARIA is KI’s Ultron, what if they added a “Vision” in KI?

Yes. But I like ARIA, she’s kinda grown on me and is my favorite newcomer actually.

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SAME!! i personally hate the anime vibe, but i love all the rest of her!

Vison of KI could be Fulgore Mk3

.Has their own individual conscience (hinted with fulgore)
.Strongest creations
.went against their masters (hinted with fulgore)
.both have a reason to take down their masters

it could work