Infil analyzes KI matches on Twitch [NEW: Charbok vs DevilMayCare, Apr 17/17]

Hey guys, just letting you know that, today, I talked over a Bass (Mira) vs Raven is Raw (Aria) set on Twitch for about 2.5 hours. I might have even said something correct during my stream, though it’s hard to say!

If you want to watch the archive, feel free to check it out here!

In the future, you can check, as the response for this one seems positive and I might do more. Let me know if you have any comments or thoughts about how this one went.


Thank you. I wish this was a feature in the game (to add commentary) but this is a great “alternative”!

Will watch it later. I really enjoy these discussions

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This Infilament guy seems to know his stuff. :slight_smile:


Hey Infil, if I send you 5 dollars will you do the Rash page?

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This is great, man. Your insight into the community’s perceptions of each character is particularly useful (ARIA is known by everyone to be good, Paul B doesn’t think Mira has potential…).

Once you get this thing established as a key community resource, I could totally see you just receiving clips from all sorts of community members without having to ask directly (just put a “submit your match for analysis on stream” form on your site). You could diversify your programming using the “match analysis” theme, as well. You could dedicate one stream every once in awhile to bronze-silver tier analysis (make new players feel welcome, help them understand the game). You could of course have streams devoted to pro play analysis. You could dedicate streams to analyzing good play with a specific character–would be particularly helpful when it comes to helping the community figure out the tough ones.

Your idea has legs, is what I’m trying to say :slight_smile:


I was really hyped about Sajam doing the commentary for the 100th Rough Sets video, I like analysis when I’m watching matches. I should say I haven’t seen this yet, but as soon as I can land a connection, this is the… 2nd thing I’m gonna do (the first is to download the free Games for this month)

I was able to catch a little bit of it right before I went to bed, I really enjoyed it. Any chance of setting up a Youtube channel and posting the content on Youtube as well?


Raven is Raw? Oh boy, I hate that player…

@Infilament, excuse me sir. I’ll handle this for you.

Infil’s knowledge, especially in thorough guide form, doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to send at least $10 and the rights to name your firstborn. Then, and only then, Infil will consider your request.


Dear Infil,

Please do more analysis, and transition to commentary. You’re a natural, just need a little practice on the mic to keep up with your thoughts in real-time. We believe in you!



Look forward to watching this when I get some time. :thumbsup:

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Actually I did send him $10 in the end. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the donation. :smiley: Rash page is coming up after I finish the Raam page, which is in progress. I know it’s been many months since Rash came out, and I feel bad I haven’t been able to get his page done. The workload at the start of Season 3 really just crushed me and I’m still trying to recover while keeping the rest of my life going the best I can.

As for actual tournament commentary, I think my chance at that has passed. I have tried commentary in the past and I don’t have thick enough skin for it, and if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m not sure I have the interest or desire to try again. This is me just talking about the videogame in front of a fairly small group of people without any drama or expectation, which is much easier for me to make successful. I really have no idea how many more of these I will do… this one was kind of a random idea that I just tried because I was in the mood to give it a go that day. If I do end up doing more, maybe it’ll be one a month or so?


I haven’t watched the whole thing yet. But were you nervous? You sounded nervous. I thought I heard your voice shake a few times thus far.

Nah, wasn’t nervous at all. Any voice crack is me just trying to talk quietly but clearly, or my voice getting worn out after talking for 2 straight hours.

Heh, makes sense.

This is really cool. It’s hard for me to get 2.5 hours in a block to watch the whole thing, so I will be catching up on bits and pieces. But I love the concept. It’s not commentary it’s analysis - like an extended post game show. I look forward to seeing more.

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About 70% of the way through the video - it’s really solid analysis, which is what I honestly expected after hanging out with you at EVO (seriously - you’re ridiculously observant!) :smile:

I imagine you’d get pretty good feedback/following if you decided to continue. :thumbsup:

I took a sh*tload of notes for my ARIA