Infil analyzes KI matches on Twitch [NEW: Charbok vs DevilMayCare, Apr 17/17]

If it’s that good then maybe some 15 or 20 minute chunks could net you some good subs and income, as opposed to the 2 hour thing. I watch lots of 20 minute gaming videos, 2.5 hours pretty much never.

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You should do some Kan-Ra commentary, too…

I do sympathize with the length of the video. The set itself is 45 minutes long so the video was never going to be less than that. I was expecting around maybe 1.5 hours (double the length of the vid) when I started. 2.5 hours was unexpected. It took me a while to get started and I could probably talk more concisely about several things.

I’m not really sure how I could condense this type of content down to just 15 minutes, unless I just analyzed one or maybe two games. That is probably less interesting, though, since we don’t get to see the players adapt, which is what seems to make up the bulk of my comments in the video.

As for “subs and income”, it’s interesting because I’ve never been the type of person who cares too much about amassing an online following. That’s why I never ask people to follow me on twitter/twitch or whatever, and I asked Keits to not point me out at the Evo panel (although I think I probably should have let him do this in hindsight, just so I could meet new people). I kind of enjoy not really being in the limelight much. If people like what I do and want to watch, I’m totally down for that, but I will probably not try to “market” these videos too much, if that makes sense.

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You can probably cut it down from 2.5 hours, but I agree with you that 20 minute chunks aren’t enough. Again, I think the strength of what you are doing is that you are taking your time to actually review the footage. If I want quick, punchy reactions to what’s going on during a match I can pull up tournament footage. This is way more informative and I think, ultimately, helpful to people in understanding what is going on. So it can’t be too short.

Are you taking requests on sets to do next?

Uh, I’m not sure! If you have a set you’d like me to do, feel free to let me know but I might end up picking a different set when I get around to the next one, for any number of reasons (one them is unlikely to be that your set isn’t interesting, though). Again, I’m really not sure when I’ll try another set… could be next week or could be a month from now.

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So I watched the whole thing. My only thing that was hard to watch was the body switching. Oh it killed me when he could switch raven just refused. I get it new characters new, that’s fine, but ohhhh the switching…oh man it needs to happen.

I don’t have one in mind. Bass has been posting so many that I haven’t even looked at yet. I’d love to see one with characters that I play.

Actually, I’d love to see one with Kim Wu if there’s any good sets around.

@Infilament I’m curious, I saw some other videos in the archive (didn’t actually watch them, mind) and it got me wondering: When a character comes out, do you stream your lab time with them in a sort of “Making of the Guide” sort of thing?
If not, do you think you’d be up to recording Guide testing for future characters?

There’s a somewhat shorter set (35 min) between Bass’s Mira and A Vikings Beard’s Glacius

I’d love to see this one

I was planning to when I got early access for Gargos. But then my early access never came through in the end, and I (very frustratingly) couldn’t get in touch with any of the MS guys to help me fix it, so that just all fell through. I didn’t do it for Raam and I’m not planning to write my Eyedol page until the patch arrives. And now that S3’s roster is final, it seems like I missed the chance for it.

I still have the Rash page to write, but I don’t think I could do any “interesting lab work” for that page anymore, since the community knows the character now.

Maybe in the off-chance they release a S3 bonus character due to a community fund or something, I might give it a try then.

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Well, if the post S3 content is permitting, it’d be cool to see. Bummer about the Early Gargos…

Also, watching the stream set, I totally forgot about Vampire Mist in Instinct for Mira. Seems a lot like RAAM’s in a way, but trading the lack of visibility for easier openings and higher base damage at the cost of slower build up.
And the fact that it heels your Silver Life too? Awesome.

Instinct alone might totally change how I look at Mira.

Not only would I like to see more of this with Bass’s videos, but I’d also like to see a Grand Finals from a tournament done like this. Perhaps, it would be too difficult because of the casters talking, but a thought nonetheless.

YES THIS SO MUCH! So many times he was sitting a full screen away with a body that was full of white damage and he didn’t switch. Preserving the bodies to maximize Instinct damage soaking is essential.

It’s a new character, so I don’t expect things crazy things. But body switching is pretty essential to live.

Just watched it and would definitely like to see more content like this

I’ve been looking at some more of the Bass sets and actually this match with Guttermagic’s Tusk against Bass’s Mira is a good one. Both players are doing a lot of stuff and I’m not always sure entirely what and why.

Tusk seems to really struggle vs anyone with a fireball of some kind. I mean he does big damage, but it seems to take forever to GET that damage.

I think I’ll be streaming some more sets tonight (maybe in about an hour or so from this post), so tune in if you’re super bored and have nothing else to do!



Vid is up on youtube: