Incredibly rude people at KI evo


You’re not listening at all or understand. So I’m going to stop trying. You’re so focused on things we’ve already covered. In reference to reveals, I was using it as a example of hype and excitement.

Where’s the message? No one said it’s acceptable. Who said that it was. No one was swearing (we’ve covered this)

I was not comparing reveals to spectating matches.


Apologies then. That was how I read that as well.


That wasn’t the match I was in. I was playing Thunder. You can actually see me playing Nicky in the background.

That was basically it though, but it was a whole lot worse. It was a lot of, “You can’t break ■■■■. ■■■■■. ■■■■■.” Every stomp was a “■■■■■.” And various garbage for 3 matches.

I didn’t think you saw my match because my match isn’t online.

They were probably about the same distance, but it sure didn’t feel like it.

Now you may not be offended by being called a ■■■■■ while general raam stomps on your face, but I didn’t appreciate it.

Now all that being said. The guy already apologized. I now know to get them to cut it out. And you know that it was an issue to be addressed.

I appreciate the support from everyone but I think we are going in circles.


Sorry you had such a rotten experience as a 1st timer.I wouldn’t let a couple of loud obnoxious jerks ruin any potential future great experiences you might have at any future tourneys.


Well said Storm and @BigBadAndy
This is all that matters right here! If the guy felt strongly enough to speak out about it on the KI forums then that means he has been thinking about it for days and it really bothered him.
KI needs players and fans now more than EVER! And to be dismissive of a player/fan is crazy right now in KIs life cycle.

And again I firmly believe from experience (from what Ive seen) that if you are not in the KI facebook clique or particular cliques this will happen to you. If you are matched up agaisnt one of the players and you yourself are not int eh clique or a known player. They will do this ■■■■ near everytime. Unless you look intimidating lol

Anyway… lets just hope some cahnge comes out of this… we are looking at you @RoTeNdO
Im also glad that @LegendaryJMan has spoken up again that this video everyone is trashing isnt even the right video! SO everyone on twitter is bashing the hell out of this guy and pasting the forum pic of this thread all over the wrong video and calling him and others weak, P**sy, ect… SMDH


I’m all for fans for ki. Anyone who knows me knows this. I’m just curious, should the taunt button be taken out of fighting games? Will that bring more players to the yard?

Calvin, when we were at CEO last year and combo breaker this year, I didnt experience anything like what’s been discussed here. Did you?

@FallofSeraphs76 I was also at the world cup, and Ab7 and didnt experience or see anything like what’s been discussed. Did you?

My point is that it definitely sucks if one does have a heckling like experience in a tourney, but it seems that this is rare stuff. After any salt that may arise after a match, most folks are generally cool.

I’m looking forward to however this gets resolved so everyone can feel welcome … to digitally beat each other up! … in an offline setting!

See y’all at the next offline!


Yes I did see it at World cup… it happened to me. It just didnt effect me becasue I couldnt hear him. But it did effect my fiance that was filming my match when I was on the main stage of qualifiers against Yami. DevilMC was talking mad ■■■■ about me and yelling profanitites and every name int eh book right beside her, shoulder to shoulder. He didnt know she was with me, but the pint is if we werent on stage he would have been right behind my back. And I promise you if I would have heard it I would have been all over his ■■■.
Just becasue you didnt see anything doesnt mean it doesnt happen. there were like 20 stations in pools for 12 hours straight…anything can happen.

At AB7 it was so crowded ppl were actually bumping into players arms and shoulders, there was NO SOUND on the monitors and no headphones… so trying to focus was extra important and it was absolute MAYHEM in pools. there need to be some space given to the players.

But like I said early… Im not really complaining as if I was somehow hurt or whatever.Im just sharing my experience as an example. Im able to stand up for myself…its not a big deal to me. But when it happens to others that wont stand up or say Im not coming back…now thats a problem.


At CEO or Combo Breaker, no. I’ve had it happen at one or two other events though.

In terms of people screaming in the crowd while you play on stage, I consider that a completely different (and largely irrelevant) matter. That is more analogous to the sports comparison that was brought up earlier. If you as a player can’t hear it and the people doing it are 30 feet away, that is qualitatively different than someone doing it from 3 feet behind you.

Overall, Rotendo has said he’ll work to improve bracket runner training to try and catch similar situations in the future, and the TC seems content with where the conversation has ended up. There’s not too much more that can be done here in this particular thread; we’ll just have to see where things end up in the future.


dang bro. well … i hear ya. well hopefully future tourneys can make more and more players experience a more friendly competition.

@STORM179 Yes, I agree that the takeaway in this convo is that the doors are being opened on how some folks really feel at these offlines, and as rotendo stated, this will be addressed for the future.


Wow… wtf did I do?!

Can’t you guys read? We’re going in circles here, people. An issues was brought up. It was acknowledged. It was addressed. A call to action was sent up to ensure this wouldn’t happen (to the best of the event’s staff abilities). An apology was issued by the opposing party who were involved.

Change has to happen all around. Everyone will have to work on this. TOs, refs/judges, spectators, and the players. Why are you going to be looking at me for? Why call me out? I know I’m rocking a bad ■■■ 110 Orc Warlock, but unfortunately those gifts and powers doesn’t transfer into the real world.

Yes, it sucks that their experience have gave them bad impression on offline events and the willingness to not attend another. I don’t have the powers to fix that. I’ve already spoke well enough on this. What I haven’t seen or read, is how do they think we can go about avoiding this (in their opinion) because we’ve stated how and what we can do, but not sure if that was satisfactory enough for them.

As for the video. I asked if there were another video… nothing was posted. Nothing was mentioned that there was one. So if there is one out there. Where is it? Not that it would change anything. We are all in agreement that the actions were foul and uncalled for and certainly not tolerated. We boot people for that in the FB group. Which then brings me to your whole ‘clique’ theory/opinion. Which I respect. However, we want new players/members to feel welcomed and comfortable in a free, non-hostile, and judgmental environment. We don’t tolerate name calling or any of that. We simply don’t want or accept it. I’m not in any cliques or intimidating. Just a respectful guy and I feel that’s why I’m never given crap… except if your name is Maciaga and ensure you lose, coaches your opponent during your matches. :frowning:

I’m just a bit annoyed my name was dropped at the beginning of all of this. Like I was to blame for everything.


lol…nothing man, Im not mad or blaming you… just saying you have the power here to make a difference. I dont, the OP doesnt, Andy doesnt… but you do. Just saying looking to you to get the ball rolling on making this a less occurring thing at the events you TO. that’s all… not blaming you. Sorry if it read that way. My bad.


I didn’t have headphones at KIWC like you did. All I heard was get him Yami, Lets go Pharroh. You got this. Maybe a couple F him up from more then just DMC. To single out DMC is bs when ScrewAttack, Houston crowd, & many others like Skate & Zip etc where rooting for me but they were a good 15 feet plus away from us. Your wife is the only one who heard these things from DMC, Funny how that is considering my mom was hanging with him & skate. Nothing like you have said has been said by anyone else that was there talking to him. If my mom didn’t hear anything like that then im inclined to believe her since he was standing next to my mom not your wife except at end of 2nd match when he told me to relax & breath. Anytime I have heard devil yelling it has been cause he wants people to win. I have not heard him yelling stupid bs at an offline. I have been to plenty with him. don’t fault AB7 Bs to us when we had no dealings with them as setting up their tournament. Complain to them not us. we were all mad about the space.


Dont get all bent out of shape becasue Im sharing my story when asked by someone on this thread. It doesnt matter what you think… if someone feels a certain way… then thats the facts.
He said " ■■■■ that dude, he sucks, F him. and on and on."

He did say exactly what i said he did. end of story. But it didnt bother me not one bit… the point is it happens/ happened. It was rude and if it were pools and he was right behind us it would have been a more serious situation. Maybe he wouldnt have said anything? Maybe he would have. But this doesnt change the fact that the OPs story happened and now he doesnt want to go to another tournament.

As far as AB7… it was too crowded… nothing bad happened, not sure why you think anything is direct at you personally… but the point is, as Rotendo and others suggested…there need to be more space at all events.

I have no idea what you are talking about here…no one is complaing to you.


It is kinda funny that people are hating on Twitter. It seems to prove the point people are making that there is a clique and outsiders aren’t welcome.

BUT they don’t even have the right video. So the person they think is me that they are making fun of isn’t even me! So it’s everyone being a jerk based on nothing!

Oh silly Twitter, thankfully I don’t use it for anything so I don’t see the garbage and have no interest to see it.

Eventually my match will get on YouTube because I want to share them with friends, but I won’t bring it here because 1) this discussion will be long over, and 2) it really doesn’t matter. Unless the people were physically grabbing me and shaking me it doesn’t matter what happened because people will always be able to say “oh, it wasn’t that bad.” It’s only a big deal if it’s happening to you.

Case in point: we now know they were rude during every one of iheartjustice’s matches, but I never even heard it. Why? Because it wasn’t my match so I wasn’t paying attention to anything else. Everyone just let it go. So it seems I am part of the problem.

If I ever go to another tournament though I definitely will not be.


You have been hypocritical. If you have vid like you have said for 1 yr & 6 months now then share it, help change it. instead you have just complained & not come back to another offline. You have the proof that happened but haven’t been willing to share it? whats it say about you & the “issues” you have had. You obviously never wanted a solution so stop bringing it up. Its in past. if you actually wanted something done then you should of said something that weekend & showed vid you have claimed to had.


There never was a full video… it was partial and deleted. Only pictures were kept. Ive never brought this up except today as an example to what OP and others are discussing. I have been back to offlines. Ive been to 2 in Arkansas MSC and took 2nd and 4th place. I have nt been back to world cup becasue there hasn’t been another Wcup. I missed AB8…yes.

There are no other offline close enough for a MAN like me with a home, kids, and real responsibilities. I cant go to every single offline…I just cant. So not sure what you are getting at there either. Nothing Ive said is hypocritical…you are just very dramatic. LIke overly dramatic.
The only thing that matters right now is the OP and his situation and the video that is being talked about that isnt even the OP and how ppl are also making fun of him and its not even the right video.


I just wanted to point out that I’m a man, with a home, kids, responsibilities, and a career and I made it out. But seriously, I don’t think that was necessary to call him out like that. I understand people have lives and everyone’s situation is different.

I don’t see where he said you should have came out or whatever. Maybe I missed it.


Guys really I think enough has been said about this.


Its right there 2 posts above… he gets over dramatic anytime an event that he was at is brought up. Thats great that some of you live in an area close enough to get to most events… I do not… Dallas is the closest I can get to. I live in Louisiana and there are zero events here.
Ive been to more events than most players… but i cant make it to every event. And it was pretty rude to call me out as if I need to go to every offline and preach the word of community and being nice to one another. Thats not my job, if Im goign to an event its to have fun and thats it.
Dude asked me if I had experienced someone yelling and trying to throw someone off their game at Wcup and AB7. I have, and I shared that experience. Its not a big deal, but to say it doesnt happen just inst true.


Let’s keep the discussion to the general topic of player/spectator interaction during tournaments, and refrain from making things personal or unnecessarily argumentative.

I have only been to KIWC myself, and didn’t experience any excessive crowd noise, but from the descriptions and video, it is definitely something I wouldn’t stand for during my own match (and expect I’d speak up about it during others’), and I could see it preventing me from wanting to go back.

I have never been a fan of the shouting/screaming/trash talk aspects of the FGC, and I think hype has a place without being as divisive, disruptive, and (in my opinon) toxic.