In Season 3 Can we add a skip ultra feature

I’ve had a lot of games where I’ve lost either close games or even gotten stomped entirely and am forced to sit through double, triple, full ultras and not only is a it a waste of my time it’s a frustrating experiance to go through. I feel like there should be at least an option for the losing player to opt out of watching this whole thing without hard quitting out of the game because no one wants to sit through all of that.

Edit: For clarification I’d ask for this only for online play. I’m all for seeing triple ultras in tournament or with friends (it brings hype)

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You can just exit the game, leave the match if it bothers you that much.

I don’t mind it, if I loose I deserve my licks. Big flashy combos are part of what makes KI special.
I really don’t get why people think this is such a big deal, I guess I’m just not in a huge hurry personally.


I’ll be honest, it’s a like 80% salt.

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Nah…this will never happen… I hope not anyway. Ultras ARE KI… that’s what brought us all into the arcade when you heard from across the mall…UUUULLTTRAAAAAAA!!!

I do hate being 2x ultra-ed when playing online…ill agree that sucks…but… you have to take it man… just grab a drink or look at you laptop and read the forum…thats what I do lol

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That’s my issue. Ultras, like fatalities in mk, are for the arcade. With your friends to bring hype. But when it’s just you dealing with it online it’s like, I get 2-0d now I gotta sit through this too. Again I’ll admit I’m speaking from salt it’s just a frustrating point.

If it were to happen I’d like it for online only if that.

there are def some jerks out there to watch out for. Just do your best to shake it off, ignore them and move on…when you get salty, you dont play as good.

The developers have already set it up via update months ago so you can leave the match once an ultra starts with no further penalty (other than losing, of course) to your stats or profile. So, I’m not sure why you’re making such a big deal about this…

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I agree with the OP. They should allow for an exit that doesn’t disrupt the ultra itself. It can be transparent to the winner. Very simple.

The only people that would object to this would be the JERK types that like to rub in their win. I always do an ultra ender immediately, and on to the next fight/rd. Ultras, much of the time, are a waste of time. Seen them thousands of times.

PS… The same guys doing those triple ultras are also the ones that leave after 1 close fight in exhibition. Or they lose 5 in a row and squeak out a victory and then triple ultra, teabag and leave. Lol. Lil b*tches. Cowards.

When someone 3x or 2x ultra you…just tell them Good Game!! They will feel like a douche. Did that to a guy earlier and he said said sorry bro, good game

How do you leave the match without restarting the game? I havent figured it out yet. doesnt seem worth it to go through all that trouble…takes longer to restart then just watch the ultra

Lol. Which is precisely the reason there should be an option to leave the fight, instead of having to dashboard.

If they have then I don’t know what it is outside of quitting the game itself.

I say no to this feature.

You lost, take your beating like a man. If you don’t want to be humiliated, stop losing. :grin:

I personally don’t do long ultras on ppl, but if i get 3x Ultra’d, i know its my fault; so i’ll endure it then live another day.

Im an oldhead, but back in the 90’s, ppl that walked away from the KI machine once they got Ultra’d were considered clowns (unless you’re doing the Cinder infinite). To me a “Ultra Skip” feature is soft-shoe ragequitting.

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Exactly this. OP hold your losses, accept it and move on.


I changed my mind, I’ll support the idea if they do two things.

  1. Make the dialogue for quitting say something like “Are you sure you want to run away?”.
  2. Have the announcer say “R-r-r-rage quitter!” or “Saaaaaalllltyyyy!” when the act is performed.

It would be sick to have a “quitality” option. Maybe a car just comes out of the sky and squashes you in homage to Jago’s old finisher lol.

When you quit the game during the ultra, you do NOT interrupt it. The game keeps going for the other player as if nothing happened because they’ve already won it. This was already confirmed by the devs themselves a long time ago.

But is it a menu option that takes you back to the main menu or do you still have to dashboard?

Well, you can’t pause the game or bring up the menu during an online fight - that much I know. However, I’ve never tried to do it after getting hit by an ultra (since I generally stay out of respect for the other player).

But then it’s not really a solution because restarting the game takes longer than watching the ultra. I think you should be able to go back to the menu without your opponent noticing.

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I’m now going to have to say thanks, but no thanks as I too find great enjoyment in watching Ultras/Ultra Combos and Ultra Enders as well as Stage Ultras :smile: