In Need of Someone to help teach me how to play Hisako

Hey Guys! McWaffles here, and I drastically need help on not just learning Hisako, but also learning this game. I love this game and recently bought Hisako because she caught my eye (not just because she is a ghost girl) because of how amazing she looked. Now, I’ve done some research, but I have no idea how to nearly play this game as much as you guys do because my friend Breyden and I are the only ones in my city who actually play this game competitively, well… are starting to at least… but yeah. I know all the basic stuff, I just need to know what to do with Hisako, her BnB’s, crossup combos, how to analyze opponents, etc. Thanks!

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Here are some video footage I made a while ago.

Also the Hisako forum is full of tech threads and match up threads. Take your time to read about what the community has shared, I’m sure you will find some very helpful info!


Thank you so much! I actually watched all of those videos before I wrote this post haha. I just need help on what i need to start doing and what I need to do less. Is there any way that we could play against each other? I’m still in bronze league to be honest :expressionless:

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Oh nice! lol

One thing you’ll want to do less is your vengeance counter, at least for starting combos. Try to learn how to start combos without the need for them. cr.MK is one of her best moves so I’d suggest starting with that and go into the On Ryo Zan mix ups. If the opponent is blocking the On Ryo Zan, keep in mind that doing a heavy On Ryo Zan (2nd or 3rd) the opponent cannot jump or grab you mid attack. Using Light or Medium On Ryo Zan (2nd or 3rd) they can grab you or jump out.
A lot of what I showed on those videos are what I use all the time. Try implementing some of that into your gameplay. Hisako is meant to be a scary foe. Keep the opponent afraid to press buttons, that’s what Hisako is all about doing.

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Add me on Xbox/PC and if you see me online sometime tomorrow you can invite me.
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Aw yeah haha that is true! I added you. I have no idea what I should start doing though, because the position I’m in right now is that I know how to do one combo with mix-ups with is
HP -> Heavy ORZ -> LPx3 -> QCB LP -> LP auto double -> Possession ender with mix-ups of course

For starters, I’d recommend starting almost all combos with this instead: cr.MK->mp rekka->rekka hits of choice->QCB+P linker. Hisako’s heavies are good buttons, but are pretty slow in general. Crouch MK is a much faster button with slightly less range, but is also a low, which lets you catch people who aren’t watching their toes. Going immediately from the rekka opener into influence linker will also help generate timing lockouts, particularly on any opponent who is mashing breaker.

Welcome to KI and Hisako. Hope you have fun! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’m going to be practicing this stuff all day haha. Is there anything else you recommend me practicing? Also how do I get out of pressure situations? Like if I’m having a jago on my tail 24/7 what can I do to prevent this? I try to vengeance counter sometimes but that doesn’t work and I guess wrong and get locked out for 3 seconds lol

Block and shadow counter. Hisako has pretty bad defense, so if you want to play her competitively you’re going to need to be able to just block it out unfortunately. Get used to just holding down+back on your wakeup, and wait for something you can shadow counter, or for a neutral jump that you can punish with an anti-air.

Counter does work as a “get off me” button, but you have to guess correctly, and tend to get punished hard for being wrong. It’s rarely a great option when waking up into pressure. It absolutely has its uses, but in general you’re going to want to learn to play solid defensively without having to rely on it.


Oh alright. I did not know that Hisako had a bad defensive game but I understand now. Is there any way that we could possibly play online? I also have a mic if needed lol. I’ve been practicing what you said from cr. mp to m-orz to a light double to a medium orz to a heavy double to possession, is this any good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hisako strength is in strong oki and reads. If you like to rushdown but condition your opponent. This character is for you. She is very good at keeping offense if you are creative.

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KI is interesting in that there really isn’t anything that is a de facto “bad combo”. If your opponent doesn’t break heavies or always mashes light or medium breaker, then opener->heavy AD->heavy linker->heavy AD->ender is a fantastic combo. Against an opponent who reaction breaks, it’s probably not good at all. The combo you listed above is fine, but keep in mind that any combo repeated enough times is not “good”. Human beings are pretty good at sussing out patterns, so having a “bnb” in this game isn’t the route you want to go. In general, you’ll want to be able to mix and match various AD and linker strengths at will.

And the other part I actually want you to work on in your combo is the idea of going directly from your opener (ORZ) to your linker (influence, QCB+P) within combo. This is how you should start almost all your combos, as it punishes mash breaking, which is a pretty common tactic at lower levels. So do ORZ->linker->AD->etc. And as a general rule, Hisako’s influence linker (QCB+P) is better than her ORZ linker - ORZ is one of the most easily breakable linkers in the game.

This might sound weird, but I actually don’t think this is a great idea. When you’re just starting out, I think it’s most helpful to play people who are around your skill level - you’ll learn a lot faster that way, and will get a feel for the normal ebb and flow of the match and combo system. While I might be able to show you some cool “tech” with the character, when you’re just starting out there are a lot of fundamentals with the character that will serve you better than any fancy setup you might pick up from me. If I were to maul you on wakeup repeatedly, there are probably a dozen little nuances in your play that are leading me to choose a particular option at a given moment, and those little details are actually a lot more important to learn than the exact setup I use against you. But those kinds of things are built on the base of knowledge you get from playing a lot of different people of various skill levels - playing me or any other high level Hisako won’t really be able to teach it to you. Hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

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Of course, and thanks again. [quote=“STORM179, post:12, topic:11892”]
when you’re just starting out there are a lot of fundamentals with the character that will serve you better than any fancy setup you might pick up from me

What fundamentals could I learn besides the basic stuff carried from fighting game to fighting game? As in like footsies, meatys, wake up, DP, fireball, etc. Like I’ve listed above I don’t nearly know what I need to practice and what I need to learn asap but yeah, I’ll take all these notes into considering a practice schedule daily, or something along those lines.

Ugh I don’t play waifu but when I play against her good players always stay in mid range where her far normals shine. It helps with footsies and spacing. If you play it right you can make your opponent scared to press buttons. Then dash in and administer pressure. IMO hisako has the best forward dash in the game. It doesn’t over commit and it’s uber quick.


Yeah, I’ve been abusing her forward dash by going under projectiles and such. It’s quick and you can play tricks with it by doing a shadow influence out of your forward dash is what I’ve found but your opponent could adapt by jumping

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Then air on ryo.

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Well, those 3 things right there will take you incredibly far to be honest, but there’s also just a lot of stuff to learn about how to “read” an opponent and figure out what they want to do, and how to counter and/or bait each of those options.

Hisako gets by to a huge extent on how well she’s able to read the opponent in this manner; she doesn’t get to run flowchart offense very often. You’ll always need to be aware of what your opponent’s options are and how to counter them, and some of that will only come from playing with Hisako a lot and seeing how your opponents respond to her.

I highly recommend taking a look through a bunch of the threads on here. There’s a goodly amount of specific MU stuff, tech, and general Sako philosophies that should help you get off to a good start.


I tagged him because he’s the best hisako I’ve seen. Watch his matches.

Op, I’m a pretty decent hisako player. Not quite as strong as storm, but tough nonetheless. If you wanna train I’ll be glad to help. I got a mic also so I can walk you through stuff and give you advice. Add me, my GT is the same as my forum ID. We’ll do a fight, see where you’re at, then we’ll both use hisako and I’ll teach you stuff. Just be rdy to throw a bunch oF fights. I really wish training was multiplayer lmao


Can I play your hisako?

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