In-air On-Ryo-Zan

Okay, so I’ve been playing Hisako for quite some time and could do virtually everything with her… Almost.

You see, every once in a while, I’ll see a Hisako player use her in-air On-Ryo-Zan by barely ever leaving the ground. I’ve tried to do this for MONTHS and could never pull off the timing. It just seemed virtually impossible to pull this off considering the speed of jump frames. Today that changed.

A good friend of mine, who was trained in the use of this oh-so-wonderful ghost by none other than @Storm179, explained how to do it in less than 3 seconds. As it turns out, it’s not a matter of timing at all! For those of you who also struggled trying to figure this out, this thread is for you, because I’m going to tell you how to do it, the exact same way my friend told me:


I immediately went into practice mode to try this for myself, and it worked perfectly.

Basically, when you do the rotation for the QCF, you don’t end on the F, but rather the UF (diagonal forward and up) before hitting the top most part of your stick, joystick, d-pad, whatever…

The best part about this? I’m certain (although I admittedly haven’t tested this yet) that this will also work with numerous other characters that have QCF-in-air moves too (Maya, Sadira, etc.).

Now, for those of you who already knew this, how come nobody ever told me!? I know I’ve talked to some of you about this! Granted, I don’t come to this character-specific forum very often, but I don’t recall hearing about how to do this the way that was explained to me and the way I just explained it above, ANYWHERE! Why not!? …or did I just miss it somewhere? …and if so, where?

One thing I know for certain - my entire game with this ghost has completely changed. I almost always went for a wall-bounce ender into a command throw, but now I see the utility in doing the level-4 damage ender or her exchange enders, as they both can cause hard knockdowns, which makes this a perfect ambiguous crossup followup and setup that can potentially lead into a whole other combo with enough wrath meter!

…and all of this on top of what she’s already capable of with her counters?

MIND BLOWN twice over.

I have renewed respect for this tiny, tiny monster.

Yep. You do the tiger knee motion. I used this with Shago a lot. It goes slightly higher while propelling me forward. Perfect for rushdown. Anyway,I suggest you try this with characters who have air fireballs or air specials such as Shago’s divekick. Infact,the divekick is a great way to move forward. For Hisako,just keep at it.

You didn’t ask! Otherwise we would have!

This is called a tiger knee motion. Tiger knee motions are very common for characters with air specials in all fighting games (not just KI). Do you know that Sadira unbreakable loop from Season 1? This is a very similar motion, except he inputs the button before the character leaves the ground in that case.

My Hisako guide page also talks about how to input the tiger knee version of ORZ in the “Specials to Watch” section near the bottom of the page.

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What a coincidence…

Interestingly, yesterday I went into training mode with Hisako using a standard controller instead of my TE2. My inputs were not clean and that’s where I found the tiger knee motion for air ORZ.

Sorry GG, will share all secrets next time, lol.

Haha. I trained someone in Hisako? Oh snap :open_mouth:

But yeah, pretty sure it’s been mentioned a few times elsewhere (I know I’ve talked about tiger-kneeing motions in a couple of threads). Glad you finally got it figured out though. And yes - it does elevate your game and options, particularly against DP characters :slightly_smiling:

Bonus tip: damage ender is always a soft knockdown :slight_smile:

@Infilament Well, that explains why the zoning Kabal in Mortal Kombat was so scary. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard of the tiger knee motion before, as it’s a reference to SF’s Sagat and his “flying knee” special move (which TJ also lovingly has recreated in his repetiore of special moves), but I don’t recall it being that motion. I remember it being QCF+K. I may be mistaken though, but in the SF series, I recall them only having charge moves, QCF/QCB, 1/2-circle motions, 360-moves, and…

…oh wait, Cammy had 1! :wink:

I still don’t remember using QCFU+K for Sagat’s flying knee though - ever.

The qcfup(tigerknee motion) was used to do the Tiger Knee in SF2. That is why it is refered as so.

I haven’t played SF2 since I was… 8? Hope this helps.

I didn’t really need it, but thanks. Apparently, though, it’s been long enough that I forgot the alternate input that every other SF has used for the flying knee (it’s a kick version of the DP, a.k.a. Orchid’s flying knee - hey whattaya know! Another call-back to SF! ;)).

My experience with SF at the tender age of 8 started with the New Challengers on the Sega Genesis, which introduced Fei Long, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, and Cammy - so it makes sense that I wouldn’t remember the original input being nearly a vertical half-circle motion (what would you call that in terms of measurement anyways, since a QCF is, well, a quarter-circle?).

Yeah it’s an old way of doing the tiger knee move. These terms were decided in the 90s and they still exist today.

It doesn’t have a good name, that’s why we just call it the tiger knee motion!

If you play anime games, they often use numerical representation (look at the arrangement on your keyboard numpad). So a tiger knee motion is 2369 for them.

I’m asking about actual measurement terms. For example, a quarter is 1/4. What would the tiger-knee be in that instance?

I’m terrible at math, but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say that it’s 3/8ths of the proverbial pie. :cake:

It’s a Dotted Quarter Circle…
I hope someone gets that.


Well, I certainly don’t… :sweat:

Half circle that starts with the bottom left and goes to upper right?

yes, essentially. Oh the power I was just given. Tested it with Sadira and oh my… The possibilities… The POWER!

[quote=“WebNRaGnArOk, post:16, topic:4401”]
Oh the power I was just given. Tested it with Sadira and oh my… The possibilities… The POWER!
[/quote]You’re welcome? :sweat:

Actually, I’ve had better luck simply doing a vertical half-circle, literally going from the bottom of the joystick straight to the top and (very quickly) pressing the attack input following it, so it’s basically [DFU+P/K]. Although, I imagine if you want to add in the [D+B] (down+back) portion to it, it would make it harder (making it bigger than a half-circle) - but it could potentially make it safer to do as well, since that’s essentially starting off with a low block (that can be useful for countering counter-attackers in that split moment as you try to pull off the move).

I’ve also discovered that it’s inconsistent if you stop the rotation BEFORE reaching the top, as reaching the top is what gets you your jump (along with the buffered rotation, which is why it works so quickly - the game “thinks” you’re about to do the [QCF], but then reads the jump and then actually does the [QCF] in mid-air, while you’re barely off of the ground). :wink:

I’ve had a lot of fun figuring out this tech - it works with Sadira, Shadow Jago, Fulgore (shadow air laser), Maya, Kan-Ra, Riptor, and Hisako since they all have [QCF] special moves that can be performed in the air. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get ARIA to work with her in-air booster attack (which is [QCB], not [QCF]), so she’s not on the list (however, if you can do it, then by all means - add her onto this list). :slight_smile:

It kind of reminds me of when I figured out that you could press [B+P, F+K] (or the reverse) in Mortal Kombat and Injustice to buffer [B, F] special moves starting with a safe normal attack before the special move (in case you’re wondering about that, whenever you do a [B, F] special move, you can do certain normal attacks along with the input of the back input. Examples of where this works include Kabal’s spin-dash special attack and Lex Luthor’s corp-charge special attack. :smiley:

Mwa…ah…ah…ah… :smiley: evil grin

How is it you didnt already know this? I thought for sure you knew this as good as you are with Sadira???

Huh. I’m actually really surprised you didn’t know that already…you’re a fairly technical Sadira, so I’d have thought you’d be making liberal use of tiger kneed mixups and juggles. I know we’ve talked about TK’d widow’s bites on the Sadira sub-forum - surprised you never asked what that meant :open_mouth:

@GalacticGeek Yeah, as far as I know Aria’s crescendo charges cannot be tiger kneed. Nothing to do with being a QCB move though, think it’s just a property of how IG wanted it work. Sadira’s quite free to tiger knee her web cling (also QCB), even if there isn’t much use in doing so.