In-air On-Ryo-Zan

Technically I knew about it, but wasn’t doing it right. I was literally doing the “correct” Tiger Knee motion, much like Orchid’s rising kick or Jago’s Tiger Punch. I’d get it to work every now and then, but figured that I just didn’t have the muscle memory focused yet.

Remember, I might be a technical Sadira player, BUT… that doesn’t mean I know everything about the character.

In fact, I’m always learning new things with her. Just when I think I’ve learned everything, I always find something new.


@GalacticGeek in music if you put a dot next to a note it means you hold it for 1.5 times the normal length of time.

Now, if only Hisako had a Shadow Air On-Ryo-Zan.

The reason Aria can’t TK her crescendo is because there is a height restriction on it (ie, you have to be X distance off the ground before they allow the move to come out). That restriction is high enough that there’s no real point in TKing the move, you can just jump and input it in the air before you reach the lowest possible height anyway.

You can also do “instant air” trailblazer with Cinder, although the motion is not really a TK. For example, after a shadow counter, you can link instant air shadow trailblazer if you want. It looks kinda cool.

Oh, I actually do know that (being in a marching band for 8 years tends to do that) - I just didn’t understand the context since you didn’t say “note” after dotted quarter-circle. :musical_note:

How would that work ? Just a recapture even without vengeance meter ?

I was thinking more of a cashout with a hard knockdown.

Welp, it seems like Shadow Air Onryo Zan recaptures and staggers.

Well, it looks like it came true, but not how I expected it to be. But still pretty cool.