Improve Shadow Lords for making it easier and playable to all players

Well I have to be honest, but in my opinion, when you are playing it on the Challenging difficulty or in the Godlike, your resources, buffs and all of the stuff you have to improve your characters at the Barracks runs-out so damn fast, and playing it with shadow missions it is also very difficult for those who don’t want to play with other players. And actually, there are professional or EVO players that are impossible to beat on the Shadow Missions that can flip a KYLE difficulty AI like a table… Why the heck the developers had to brought the Shadow Lab mode…Into the Shadow Lords play-mode? I know that I am a huge KI fan, I had played the classic KI either, and I play this game since last 2 years ago, and I’m not that skilled in KI to be honest and I’m just a casual player who sticks only at single player mode, but i think that Shadow Lords is by far TOO HARD. I I tried to play one time on CHALLENGING difficulty (to unlock the Astral Plane) and have lost. Gargos is extremely OP, including the Sadira and the Omen Mains(Shado missions)/Mimics(normal). Not everyone is PRO and EVO champ status. The other characters on the globe are relentless and ruthless. This mode is almost NOT fun (still can complete the mode at the normal difficulty, easily), its beyond frustrating. I love the idea, but its just tooooo hard. For GabeN’s sake please reduce the difficulty or make it unlock-able for playing it on NORMAL to unlock the Astral Plane. I’m sorry about my grammar or something, but I just can’t because I’m just trying to unlock the Astral Plane and… The other characters.

You want IG to make the harder difficulties easier? Just go play on an easier difficulty. That’s why there’s difficulty choices. Getting a reward for completing something on a high difficulty only makes sense. You are rewarded for improving yourself. If you’re not good enough, then that’s just too bad, really.

Only the best get the gold medal.


But I don’t see why I have to improve on game, when a videogame isn’t a sport. Too bad for me? Your opinion, m8.

Wait what?.. are you being sarcastic?

If the mode is too hard for you then play on lower difficulties and stock up on items so you can play challenging with little to no effort or learn how to fight the AI it’s very exploitable and it doesn’t take an evo pro star champ to do.

Hey-o, RAAM and Kilgore main here. It’s not nearly as bad as you think it is on Challenging. Its made to present a CHALLENGE (hence the name). But the fact is, you gotta have good Guardians and kits to get far. That’s all it is. If I had to give advice, it’s been already covered, so I’m not gonna rewrite what others have said. But in all seriousness, stock up before moving up. It only helps. Trust me when I say that when I had early access to Shadow Lords, it was worse. WAY worse.

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Fighting games are the wrong genre to be playing if you don’t want to improve your skill level. Getting good results in fighting games is literally all about analyzing your performance and improving your skill level.

What you said here is basically like someone saying “I want to be a master chess player, but I don’t want to learn the names and roles of all the obnoxious chess pieces.” Nobody will ever master chess with that attitude, and nobody is going to get good at fighting games if they expect wins to be handed to them free of charge.

To me, a challenge and having to constantly improve as a player is what makes fighting games superior to every other video game genre.

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If you’re running out of resources on higher difficulty runs, then you aren’t ready for higher difficulties. Shadow Lord isn’t just a simple single player mode. You need Guardians and items to help you succeed against the buffed up enemies in higher levels.
My advice is to play a buttload of Normal difficulty, at least a few weeks worth of solid play time. Grind to build resources and slowly improve your technique. Playing the game once won’t yield any decent unlocks, you need to play a lot.

Challenging mode is called that because it is a challenge. Godlike is so named because it requires a very high level of skill and a lot of help from Astral Guardians to succeed. Only take them on if your skill and equipment are up to par.

Well I had two epic qulified guardians and I could kill some of those mimics.

That is the worst possible motivation to have for playing FGs dood. I had that feeling in the big FG drought of the mid-00’s. I never got anywhere and constantly did scrub s*it. Now? I take my L’s as times to analyze and look back on what I did wrong so I can correct myself. I hope these words don’t fall on deaf ears.

If you don’t have two or three killer guardians or a selection of epics that you really like, then you’re probably not ready for the higher difficulties. As others have said, play through normal difficulty multiple times to stock up and get the resources you need for the higher levels.

And I can say with an extremely high degree of confidence that there are no Evo-level shadows floating around out there. Most of the tournament level players don’t play Shadow modes at all, and likely haven’t updated the templates for their initial ones in months. You’re mostly playing other casual players when you run into shadows.


Hi, just wanted to say a few things…mostly reiteration though.

Shadow Lords isn’t meant to be a 1 time playthrough. As others have said the idea is to play as far as you can get and collect as many items and guardians as you can and keep getting better and stronger. So if you’re expecting to go in guns blazing prepared to get smacked down in a hurry. Patience is the name of the game.

As far as the Shadows in the mode…they were added in because quite frankly the AI gets dull after a while. If you’re just starting out in Shadow Lords you might not have noticed yet, but you will. It always reacts in the exact same way to every situation with little to no variance.

But as far as the overpowered Shadows go…honesty they’re not that tough. The top tier Shadows are probably comparable to the Very Hard difficulty setting at best with @STORM179’s Hisako being an exception probably hovering around the Killer AI difficulty (I swear, it wrecks every shadow survival run I do on the 1,000 SP tier). But what can make them extra nasty is that in Shadow Lords the Shadows get extra buffs just like the normal AI does, which need to be countered with your own buffs in the form of items and guardians.

Anyway, take your time, start off easy, work your way up, and you’ll get it in no time.

Oh and one more thing, remember on the higher difficulties Gargos gets back up and revives health after the last bar. If you can hit him and knock him down while he’s charging his health back up, he won’t get a full bar back. But he’s armored, so you need to make sure to hit him with a standing heavy attack (they ignore armor).

A good tactic to use is with your first fighter get him down to Danger and then throw the fight. Then with your next fighter will be at full health while Gargos at best will have 1 full bar of health and a slight bit extra. If that fighter can’t seal the deal, do the same, try to leave him with just a hair of health and let #3 take a stab at him.

Anyway good luck, and fight on!


Lol. You run into my shadow in the Shadow Lab? Where does she sit on the tier for Hisako? Are you able to see her win/loss record?

Sorry to get off topic, just honestly hadn’t given my shadow any thought for like half a year now. Got tired of avenging her for all that losing she seemed to do (poor thing had terrible defense) :joy:

It’d be good to know that she’s been stomping people out in my absence though :smile:

I played @STORM179’s 'sako Shadow before. Lord did I want divine intervention to give me the win vs. his Shadow that straight outclassed me lmao.

I am not going to lie. I had to see what the excitement was about. Why do people have a hard time with shadows? I fought “the great shadow” and I just don’t see it. I know if I fought storm that I would most likely lose, because the things that I do would be adapted to, but shadows don’t do that.
I fought it and had no problems. One hit shy of a perfect on the first game. I Was combo broke more in the second game, but still won with my first bar.

At least storms Hisako works. My Hisako shadow was broken. All she did was jump up and down. No attacks, just jumped.

I will put down my tips for beating a shadow. I am doing this because I really don’t understand why people think they are hard.

  1. All Jago’s will DP if you stand next to them, but not so close that they can throw. 5 DP counters and you win.
  2. Every shadow doesn’t do well when rushed.
  3. Shadows don’t block based on strength of move, they block based on percentage.
  4. Only use heavies. Or what ever your strongest combo is. No need to change combos.
  5. They will get hit by an overhead 90% of the time.
    5 If a certain move hits, then there is a good chance that move will hit every time.

To the OP, you need to build up a nice size inventory if you want to beat the middle difficulty. If you are just trying to do it with Guardians, then you need Epic Fractard Ward. More than one, unless you have the gems to repair it every 5 matches.

Now I don’t want you to waste all your items trying, so try this first. Play the AI on very hard. They won’t have the buffs, but their skill will make up for it. If you can beat them easily and still have your first life bar, then challenge mode with be easier for you. If you want a taste of what Gargos is like, then choose very hard, let him take your first bar, now fight. I say this because even with buffs, Gargos can take a life bar in less thank 5 seconds. You can get comboed 2 times and it will be gone.

I don’t say these things to be mean. If I can beat him, you can.

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It’s sitting at the #2 spot with 372 wins and 482 losses.

I don’t have an issue with his Shadow normally, but I was talking about his shadow wrecking my Survival runs, not just a straight match. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it stands out as one of the tougher 1,000 tier Shadows.


Thanks for the tip. Aaand I just unlocked Eyedol at shadowlords in normal difficulty with no probs.


Thanks for the Tip. Is eyedol can counter all characters as fighting class? Just wondering because I want to train a little bit with him just to counter gargos.

"You run into my shadow in the Shadow Lab? " What are you talking about?

Eyedol is a great character to use vs Gargos. When Minions hit Eyedol it will do damage, but they don’t stun him, so he can keep moving or doing a combo. Eyedol is also great vs Omen in Shadow Lords. The orbs will not stun Eyedol.

Got it. I have a hard time knowing if a shadow is good in survival mode. The higher up the shadow is the harder it is.