I'm very excited to finally be able to play Killer Instinct! (Story)

I’m going to be completely honest – when Killer Instinct was first shown off I hated how the game looked. I didn’t like the direction it was going at first (I thought it didn’t look enough like the original game, like designs weren’t sticking with me), and I hated the idea of a fighting game being free-to-play. I thought it was just going to be a cash-grab. I also thought the game was going to sell/review poorly and was going to be irrelevant just after a year or so.

When the game finally released I was surprised to see that a lot of people were saying the game was good. Maybe I was wrong? Or maybe I was right, but people were just getting a good reaction first – but could change? I decided to give the game a chance, so I started looking into it more and stopped telling myself it was going to be bad. I gave it non-biased chance.

What do you know, after giving it a chance I realized what the game was trying to be. A fun, very accessible fighting game with simple but deep mechanics. The character designs started to grow on me and so did the soundtrack. Before I knew it, I was keeping up with everything KI-related. I was reading the news, discussions, reading how to play the game, I was listening to the entire soundtrack, I started reading about the story, was watching tons of videos & streams… I would know when a character’s release date was announce, I would know when a rumor dropped. I already knew the basics of how the play the game. I even looked into pricing and extras. How much did characters cost? How much were the bundles? What was included? I found that the pricing was actually pretty fair. 1 character for $5, or 8 characters for $20. All characters plus bonuses (KI classic, more costumes, etc) for $40. Stages could be unlocked for free, and if you didn’t buy any characters you would get a free character to play as (who you could play as would rotate). Not bad at all – especially for a free-to-play fighting game. I would be willing to buy into it.

So what stopped me? Simple: I didn’t own an Xbox One. I already had a PS4, and there was no way I was going to buy another $400 - $500 console just for one game. Not to mention I would have to spend $60 for Xbox Live Gold every year, and I was already paying $50 a year for PlayStation Plus. No way I was going to drop that much money for one game. I wanted to play it, in-fact, I wanted to play it very, VERY badly. But I just couldn’t… But that didn’t stop be from being so interested in Killer Instinct. I’ve still been doing the exact same thing as before – Completely keeping up with the game. Now, I know the entire combo system (what does/doesn’t work in a combo and how to combo). I know all the news that has dropped, any hints or rumors that has popped up. I’m a huge fan of this game and I haven’t even played it.

And I would actually like to spend a minute talking about how amazing this is. KI is so fun to watch that it literally has fans who haven’t even played it yet. Rather it’s just someone who just like to watch people stream the game, or people like me who are practically giant fans already. I know some people probably think that’s dumb, but I’m glad to be a fan even if I can’t play it.

Anyway, at E3 this year, news of a PC version of KI coming out dropped. Like all of you already know by now, it will be for Windows 10, have cross-play and cross-buy support. The community will be bigger, the amount of people you can play with online will be bigger, etc. I have a PC (and it has great specs) so I will finally be able to play Killer Instinct! I’m so excited that I will finally be able to play and be apart of the community that actually HAS the game and experience with it. To make things better is of course Season 3. When I get the game, there will still be stuff that will be coming out post-launch which will give me that same feel of being excited for something new to drop. Even with this giant post, I cannot explain how happy and excited I am to see KI for PC finally happen. To see the game get a Season 3. To see the community grow. To know that more people will be online than ever before.


Welcome into the fold. :wink:



I was kind of in a similar situation back when the game first hit - I didn’t own an Xbox One and wasn’t sure whether the amount of money would be viable for that game plus whatever else ended up coming along down the road.

However, now I own the game and it’s good to socialise, as much as you can in a virtual room where you and your opponent just beat the living daylights out of each other… :smiley: It’s also good to see that interest from those who haven’t got the game is still strong.

I look forward to possibly fighting against you in the future when the game comes to PC via crossplay.

Kind regards,
Sightless Kombat.


I’m also very excited for the PC release. My Story:

The first time I saw KI was when AcidGlow uploadet a Riptor gameplay, I didn’t know the game before that and I wasn’t interested in Fighting Games. I even thought his profile pic (Shadow Jago) was a Mortal Kombat character (it’s funny if I thing about that)

But as I saw Riptor I already loved KI, and then I found out that it is a Xbox One exclusiv game. I wanted to play it, but not buying a Xbox.

I found Maximilian Dood, who is now one of my favorite youtubers.

I dreamed that I play KI on PC, and as I woke up there was the news that a PC version is maybe comming, I was happy. But there was no release date so I had to wait.

I told my brother and my best friends of Killer Instinct, they also really liked it.

I’m happy to be a part of the community even if I never played KI.


Excellent post, thanks for sharing!


Woah! It’s so cool to see that someone from Iron Galaxy saw this! No, thank you guys for supporting KI, It’s never been any bigger than now and I can’t wait to play!

Edit: Forgot to tag you!

Great story. Welcome to the Community!

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Thanks dudes! Happy to be apart of the community!

Yeah, maybe we can play sometime when KI comes out. If you ever run into someone called “ULTRA SUBZER0” online that’s probably me!

About Maximilian, he is also one of my favorite YouTubers/Streamers. I found him while trying to look for KI videos. He had some great videos and he also did some great coverage (like News) for the game as well. I started keeping up with him and watching all of his videos regardless of what he was playing. I thought it was really cool when I heard Max was going to be helping with the game’s trailers and cutscenes.


I was in the same situation as you for 6 months. When I bought the game, Fulgore was about to be released.
Hell, the member with the biggest number of posts in this forum didn’t even had an xboxone and the dev team gifted him one.


Wow, brilliant read! Welcome to the new forums and I look forward to seeing you online! :wink:

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Wow! Someone get this guy an Xbox! I feel bad you have to wait until March 2016 to even play! ughh… welcome aboard friend…I just wish you could play now!

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I look forward to playing you guys online as well!

LOL! It’s okay, I’ve waited over a year to play this game and I’ve been okay. I think I will be able to wait another 6-7 months or so just fine!

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I waited 15 years and it about killed me!!! lol …now that i have all 3 KI’s…i cant imagine going another day without having it! If i was rich Id buy you an xbox! that how much i love KI and want people to be able to play! :smile:

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Welcome to KI and the forums.

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I’m in the same boat as you OP. I really wanted to play Killer Instinct from the moment it was released for Xbox One, but also couldn’t justify spending $500 for the console, $20 for the game and another $60 for a year of Xbox Live Gold. Now I’m super excited a PC port is a real thing and you can bet once the game comes out for Windows 10 in March 2016, I’ll be playing everyday! :smile:

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That’s a seriously kind and awesome thing to do! Huge props to the dev team!

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Its a pleasure to see a fellow MK player joining the KI community.

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Cool to see other people like me around. I’ll be playing a ton on release, as much as I can. Maybe we will end up running into each other!

I agree. That’s awesome. It’s always cool to see developers reward their most dedicated fans.

Yeah, I’m a huge MK fan. I’ve been playing the games since forever, really. Like you can tell, my favorite character is Sub-Zero! But I love other fighters as well, like Street Fighter. And of course, Killer Instinct! I can’t wait for KI PC to drop, as well as SFV. I’m more excited about KI though.

I hope I wasn’t the only one who actually liked Sub-Zero Mythologies. I’ve been a fan of MK since I got my Sega Genesis in 95. I even loved 4 when it came out for the N64. But KI was my first fighting game. That black cartridge is going in a plaque on my wall.

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Yeah. My all time favorite is Reptile. The first MK game I’ve played was MKII but that’s a topic for another time.

So have you found a favorite in KI yet?