I'm loving the purple and green theme for season 3

I always said on the old forums that a smokey purple theme would be perfect for season 3, its kind of a throwback to KI1 and it also fits with the shadow theme of Gargos and Omen, glad to see it and with the green it looks even better. (Green and purple is the best color combo ever!)


I like it too, I’m just wondering if it’s just a photoshopped logo to mark S3, or it is indeed going to be the official color code for S3. I wish it was official, I love it too.

I have a feeling its official, at least I hope so!

Agreed. I also like how the letters come together like an explosion. It’s pretty neat

p.s. god it feels good to be back on the forums again!

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Yeah the entire thing just looks great.

(This last week with the news and no forums was a living hell)


I dig the purple, good throwback to KI1. But I’m not liking the green mist. Also, has anyone else noticed that in the Rash reveal trailer the Killer Instinct logo looked more 3D and sharp? Almost like claymation in my eyes. Looks good though!

I’m actually on the fence. It just seems like an odd color combination to me and IMO, is only representative of something crazy, like Joker from Batman. So, I personally want to see what else they do with it.

I thought the purple and green was just for the Rash announcement, but I do like it. I’m personally hoping it changes a bit more since it looks quite similar to the season 2 logo theme in my opinion.

Have to disagree it looks really tacky the red and silver looked godlike and should’ve stayed imo

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Sabrewulf color 8?
Not sure if his pants are purple though…

I’m hoping that for the title screen we get the animated KI logo at the end of Rash’s trailer.


So much this. I’d love to see that in-game.

Not a fan of the purple and green myself. In fact, I thought it was just there for the Battletoad announcement :stuck_out_tongue:

Best one IMO is the red and silver one in flames from season 1 :open_mouth:

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Original KI was red and purple, I think that would be a happy medium.

Something like this.

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I think we might actually get two different ‘factions’ in this upcoming season, if you will.

I’m thinking green represents the forces of Gargos, and their extradimensional threat, while purple might represent another ‘good’ faction, likely including Tusk and Kim Wu, plus other new characters.

Or maybe they just picked green and purple, and I’m reading way too much into this.

I would think that the bad faction would be purple, with the whole gargos being the lord of shadows and all. Would be cool to see it split into Ultratech’s hexagon theme versus Gargos’ shadow theme.

I guess the green smoke seemed more sinister to me, which made me place it as Gargos’ and not the good guys.

Got to agree! Especially love how we’ve got some fire particles returning. Still might not top Season 1’s color palette but it’s a step up from 2 imo.

Yeah looks pretty good, tho I still prefer the Season 1 red and gray logo. As much of an improvement as Season 2’s UI was, I always though the logo looked really bland and boring. Hopefully Season 3’s is way spruced up with better animation.

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I’d bet that the green mist was only cos of the rash reveal. I’m down for more purple and clouds tho. KI1 swag :slight_smile: