I'm cool with 5 characters in season 3

As long as we get a robust story mode and expand dojo along with the graphical improvements we already know about. I also hope they finally fix the character loading issue and Fulgore’s jaggies. I know IG had a very tight schedule for season 2 and some of the stages show it. So I hope they can bring them up to par (or close) to what they’re doing with season 3. Season 3 stages are amazing! I always hoped season 3 would be about making KI a more complete game. Especially now since KI is going head to head with SFV on pc anyway.


No. They can muffle the negativity of the 3 new stages thing by adding Eyedol to the roster. Eyedol maybe share Spinal or Thunder’s stage (Devil’s Landing) as an example. For Spinal sharing his stage with Eyedol, the moon could shine red and the water could turn into blood. And you coudnt see life anywere around like no crabs and nothing else moves when you pick Eyedol for that stage. For Thunder sharing his stage w/ Eyedol, the forest in the ground would be entirely on fire and the sun was black.

They should also add more tropes like the anaconda/ oroboros (medusa). Vampire like bloodrayne or Alucard. And another telekinesis character like Ermac/ Kenshi.


No at least 9, though id prefer 12.

What about 4?

12 characters this Season? Dont think thats gonna happen. We’ve got 9 the past two seasons so Im betting on 9 characters in season 3

8+ characters, no less.

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no. Story mode is something you play once. Characters are forever.

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I think I could stomach it.

Depends on the price and other features, of course – but I want 8+.

For similar pricing to Season 1 and 2 - no less than 8.

Nine or more - unless they want to charge $10.00 - 15.00 for season 3. The new lighting and graphics update looks great, but… not absolutely necessary.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up for either Eyedol or Gargos.

Depends on what the whole package offers and what prices we’re looking at.

If they said five characters, three stages, relit stages, season 3 story mode, UI update and say… One new single player mode… To me, given what we got with season 2 for $20 or $40 (in the Ultra Pack), that’s a $10 season. Maybe $12.

If they’re going to do a $40 Ultra Pack this time around, which is by no means a guarantee, then without a classic KI game to include with it, there had better be a ton of other bells and whistles for a season to have that amount of content.

I’ll actually be kind of surprised if we get 9 characters. Seems like a strange number; to have 27 characters in a game. My guess is that it’ll either be eight, or given the less stages, possibly ten characters.

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HELL NO!!! I mean if were only getting 3 stages…we best get atleast 9 characters.:rage:…and if not…the price should definitely not be 40 for ultra…and 20 for combo…maybe…15 and 30…i just love new characters…and I always loved all the stages… and theyre already cutting into one of those…btw still hoping that the stage thing is a troll…regardless what they say :sob::cry:

well gargos is confirmed

i think its ok to start with 3 stages only. The game isn’t even released yet and the executive director of microsoft already dropped the info on the 2nd community fund because of the success of the 1st one. So new stages will be DLC. Maybe we’ll be able to purchase Eyedol, Gargos. Maybe they’ll release ultimate combo move packs for each character. As long as we “donate” we will receive more content. This leads me to think that season 3 are really the final season of this game. It’s been too long. It has begun 2013 folks…

Perhaps this time, with another community fund (i hope its the last one) we are gonna have our on version of a XL game like MKX. So let’s make KI XXL. LOL! :smile::wink:

Lets be careful. When it does come out make sure to choose and vote on right things for KI.

KI MAGNUM!!! lol

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3 stages, no ultimate’s and 5 characters… that’s a lot to sorrow to swallow don’t you think?

If that were the case we already know all the stages and 3/5 characters well 4/5 characters including Gargos, so would that only allow for one IG inspired character? That would be upsetting. I like IG’s characters thus far - I would like to see more of their talent put to work especially with all the experience they had with previous characters.

Where? People keep saying this but never post the source where a dev says this. As far as official reveals there have only been those 4 and no official mention of Gargos. Nor is there a section for him in the character section of the forum meaning he isn’t confirmed.