Ig please milk this game with costume packs!

Make 3 costumes packs one for each season of characters, adding one new costume with 3 accessories and maybe 7 colors?


While I don’t agree with the term “milk” I do want more costumes. lol

I’d gladly pay for more costumes, accessories, stages, taunts, intros/outros, basically anything KI. Make more content and we’ll gladly buy it.


I don’t get why they haven’t. Like we would gladly pay for more stuff. Maybe do a preorder to see if it’s worth it if they are really that unsure about it.

I think some of the fear they have is backlash from some people who bought the ultra editions feeling entitled to all of the content for that “season” even though the ultra edition says right up front what it contains. Ignorant folks will always cause a stink when things don’t go their way and I’d hate for them to put out content and get scorned because some bad apples feel entitled to more than they’ve payed for.

Can I have a Tv series IG? Or a movie…or a book…or…or…more something ARIA related? please? Pretty PRETTY please?

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Animated web-series would be a nice start.

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I’ll take it. Seriously, they could make good money off this if it’s done right. A robot protagonist? Would sell, I bet my life on it.


i agree, those cheap impulse buys are irresistable.

Would buy more costumes for my main.

Be careful what you ask for. Its funny, when games do this, everyone complains about it, but here you are, begging them to do it. Lol

No offence, I just find it kinda ironic lol

Its just kind of polarising.
Everyone loves new stuff and everyone loves free stuff…

Then there’s people who love microtransactions (and there are a lot since its reall profitable, look at pokemon go for an example) and people who see it as the coming of the antichrist, who are probably the more vocal of the 2…

Anyways, nothing pleases everyone…

I look at these people like the NG. And the other guys as UT. Everyone hates UT :cry:

I don’t love microtranstactions but I know if I expect new KI content I’m going to have to pay for it, I’d rather there be cosmetic DLC than never see additional cosmetics at all.


And on top of that there are lots of people that would gladly support the game, but at the same time their love of KI doesn’t exactly print money for them. Kids still living with their parents, college students living off ramen, grown-ups with kids living at home and kids going to college living off ramen, so being nickeled and dimed to death isn’t exactly warmly embraced. Especially if they went with the DOA approach where getting everything would set you back nearly a grand, I could see some backlash.

…yeah yeah, nobody’s forcing anyone to buy stuff, you don’t have to have everything, blah, blah, blah.
It doesn’t keep it from sucking to constantly see new parts of the game partitioned off behind a pay wall that keeps on rebuilding every time you take it down. But still, if you don’t get it all, you’ll still be matched up online with people that do, and that carrot will just keep on dangling right out of reach.

Anyway, my point is, some DLC…ok, but not just tons and tons of stuff. I like KI, but I like kids and electricity and food as well…don’t make me choose. KI won’t be picked.


This is just absurd though, how can they still be making money off of this, new people will see this as an obstacle…and older fans should be broke by now…

As someone who is pretty OCD about this, I actually decided against buying some outfits, because it would be all or nothing, so…nothing.

That said, that new anime themed (forgot the name) expension with the new stage with the giant in the background looks awesome!

Give Riptor Color 10!


I support this. More customization options is always a good decision.

Definitely new skins would breathe fresh newness into the stale s1 accessory slots


Oh you have a alot to learn…

Would love more costumes… but not to the point of DOA5:LR… that’s just… insane! And expensive! So many costumes and it costs so much for each individual, and even more for packs!