If you had to delete one character in the game what would it be?

It’s a simple vote to gauge interest. A Brazilian community on facebook did it (I will not tell the result so far) and I found it interesting to bring pro official forum. Tks Cleber Silva!!

  • Aganos
  • Arbiter
  • ARIA
  • Orchid
  • Thunder
  • Cinder
  • Fulgore /Jago
  • Glacius
  • Hisako
  • Kan-Ra
  • Kim Wu
  • Maya
  • Omen
  • Rash
  • Riptor / Sabrewulf
  • Sadira
  • Shadow Jago
  • Spinal
  • T.J. Combo
  • Tusk

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No, the option of “none” does not exist. Deep in your heart you know you have a character who does not lack for you. That should not exist, or a character that does not belong to the game (gameplay or visual)

I put Fulgore / jago Riptor / Sabrewulf for technical reasons (maximum limit options) just tell which one was your vote!

Mira, Gargos, Eyedol and Harrypotter They are out for now! :stuck_out_tongue: t

Be prepared for the swarms of Kan-ra votes.

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I voted for Arbiter, but Tusk is a close second. Arbiter mainly because I just am totally ignorant of Halo, so I really know little to nothing about him, plus his design isn’t all that interesting to me so there is really nothing about him that appeals to me personally. I am also bit salty that he for some reason got a stage while Gargos and Mira aren’t :laughing:

Keep in mind though I don’t have any actual dislike for the character, this is just who I would pick if I absolutely HAD to pick one.

that is the goal :grin:

A difficult decision for me, but in the end I chose Kan Ra.

Visually, conceptually and lorewise I like Kan Ra; I just dislike the heavy focus on traps, zoning and running away. I find Glacius to be a lot more interesting to play as (and against) when it comes to zoning.

My second choice would have been Jago. I often struggle against Jago players, and personally think he is far too safe all the time. He also has nearly every tool in the book, and doesn’t suffer with regards to damage or combo capability. I get that he’s the “balanced” archetype, but I don’t think being good at everything but not the BEST at anything is a weakness! Plus, Jago is still my most-often-fought opponent, and I’m sick of him and his stupid hair!


rash, not cuz I hate him or cuz he’s not well designed. Just cuz it’s the only one that doesn’t fit in KI universe, both his visuals and his personality do not belong to KI imo. KI is not super serious but it’s serious enough to make Rash look out of place. Everybody is wierd in KI, but badass wierd, not silly wierd. So definitely RASH


I picked Kan-Ra.

I have Fought Him a lot, some wins and some losses, but he is just the least fun and least fair character to fight.

You have to think about 100 different things all at once, and work SUPER hard just for a CHANCE to get a hit in, but once you finally make it in, he gets a free block string (most of the time) and a chance to escape. If he makes a correct guess, and lands a sand-splosion, a command-grab, or a hard-knockdown, or a combo with a swarm ender, then you have to start ALL over again.

Fixing his damage, or adjusting his tools doesnt help. Even if i was guaranteed to win 100% of the time, it still wouldn’t make it a “fun” match.

(In the short time that i played him, i didnt like him either. You just throw stuff out, and if they cant deal with it, then you win. If they CAN deal with it, then throw out some different stuff. If they can STILL deal with it, then use his crazy long block strings when they get close. If they can STILL STILL deal with it, then abuse the crazy good air-crossup. I suppose at Top-tier play, his mind games might be fun, but IN GENERAL, he is so boring. VERY INTERESTING AND WELL DESIGNED, but boring to fight.)

Arbiter. I do not know anything about Halo, and he looks like Protoss with rifle.

Kan-Ra is minus on almost everything he does now. If he puts you into a block string mash a button or just hold forward jump. Do your homework.


None. I enjoy the challenging matches I lose more than the easy ones I win - and love the variety of the cast!

I want to say none but If I had to pick I would say hisako. I never cared for her move set and she doesn’t really do much for the story overall other than being connected to the astral plane because she’s a ghost.
However I do like her as a character.

None…Execpt F***Ing Fulgore…

I hate Fulgore…


I thought you hate Kan-Ra?..

Nah The Kan is cool In my books.


Omen !!! Without a doubt !


I went with Arbiter but that vote is interchangeable with Rash - not because I don’t like the characters, but because they’re guests and I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they never were to have appeared.

Well - maybe a little now that they’re here and I’ve had fun with them - but yeah, if I had to pick… those two.

Kan-ra, because no matter how they balance him it’s just never going to fun to chase someone down and navigate a maze of scarabs.


Feels good to be Hisako.

“Scarabs? Elevator down please…”


Rash, hes a super dumb addition and you can try and tell me im wrong, but it still stands


I would say Rash has a different “tone” compared to the current cast right now. That said his crap keeps me entertained.

Pre assumptions warning: I know… I know we haven’t seen any game play yet. Nor is she up on the poll. I would say Mira for me.