If you could remove one move from each character

…what would you choose that you think will keep the character within the same gameplay style? Not necessarily the most useless, but the most…out of place.

Jago: Laser Sword
Wulf: Ragged Edge
Glacius: Puddle Punch
Thunder: Ankle Slicer
Sadira: Blade Demon
Orchid: Flik-Flak
Spinal: Boneshaker
Fulgore: Blade Dash
TJ: Vortex
Maya: (Ummm…)
Kan-Ra: Whirl
Riptor: Headbutt
Omen: Furious Flurry
Aganos: Pulverize
Hisako: Possesion
Cinder: Inferno
ARIA: Grenade Arc

I may have done a bad job explaining what I’m talking about, so if you need me to clarify jsut let me know.

What moves do you guys think is the most outside a character’s playstyle?

Neither move. because you’re affecting the balance in a number of ways. Just because not everyone uses one particular move doesn’t technically make it useless.

Jago:Can’t Decide
Sabrewulf:Ragged Edge
Glacius:Light/Medium Puddle Punch
Thunder:Old Call of the Sky
Sadira:The thingky that launches her backwards into her web
Fulgore:Can’t decide
Maya:The mantis move that is unblockable and is a command grab thing
Riptor:Don’t know much about him
Omen:Demonic Despair
Aganos:Payloud Assualt
Cinder:Explosion thing(forgot the name)
Aria:Grenade burst special
Rash:Turbo Tunnel Bike

I’m not discussing balance here at all, or even how useful a move is. I’m asking you what moves you think would change a characters play style the least if removed.

2 things in the entire game. Mayas dagger pips that punish me for blocking when she can put them in true block strings, and Cinders burnouts that tip the risk/reward scale so heavily in his favor that he doesn’t care if you use an invincible reversal to get rid of his pressure.

Other than that, everything fits imo

Interesting. You think those mechanics aren’t essential to their playstyles as they are?

Haha, if you want to ruin his frame trap game.

I’d love for Jago to lose his close HK. It’d practically be a buff, since there are situations where you want far standing HK for an anti-air but the close one comes out. Failing that I’d lose the endokuken.

How would removing Aria’s grenade arc not affect her gameplay? It’s her most damaging linker, it’s difficult to tell the difference between strengths, it can be made unbreakable, as an opener you can use it to bypass the combo system, on block it’s positive and leads to frame traps, and she gets her best set ups off the ender version. If any move could be removed from Aria without affecting her too much it’s crescendo. Aside from the heavy version as a reversal for her booster body it’s hardly ever used.

I must have misunderstood your point then. I thought it was just what would I like to see removed, lol

Te problem is removing anyone of these moves will still drastically change how they play:

If I could remove one move it would be Sadira’s down MK move she can do in the air, but that will make alot of advances even far less safe. even if I don’t like the move.

I don’t know. I feel like removing any move from any character would ruin the flow of that character. Even Inferno since it’s such a trademark move.

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If you remove Kanra’s whirl how would he stir his soup?

Without altering a characters current playstyle - it is not possible to remove without. Im listing one thing that imo should be changed or removed.

Jago: Nothing
Sabrewulf:Feral Cancel
Glacius:Bounce on the Hail / Hail should go away if Glacius get hit
Thunder: Nothing
Sadira: Cooldown on instinct web
Orchid: Grenade
Spinal: Run Cancel
Fulgore: Nothing
TJ: Powerline
Maya: Dagger Throw after blocked DP / more invul on DP should return
Kan-Ra: Scarabs should go away if Kan-Ra gets hit
Riptor: Nothing
Omen: Randomness on Fireballs
Aganos: Nothing except for setting camera distance via Option
Hisako: Nothing
Cinder: DP should be DP motion
Aria: Nothing

T.J Combos grab attack (I don’t know what its called)
Riptors running back with the flame breath
Cinders pyrobombs…dunno just think cinder don’t need em (replace with one of his classic moves like the flame fist, or going invisible or being immune to projectiles)

Jago: Laser Sword
Wulf: Ragged Edge
Glacius: Liquidize
Thunder: Call of Sky
Sadira: Web Cling
Orchid: Flik-Flak
Spinal: Soul Sword
Fulgore: Eye Laser
TJ: Vortex
Maya: Leap Kick
Kan-Ra: Clutch
Riptor: Headbutt
Omen: Furious Flurry
Aganos: Pulverize
Hisako: Possesion
Cinder: Fission
ARIA: Grenade Arc

I think that these characters would still be in the same gameplay style without these moves, but I wouldn’t call any of them out of place or useless. If anything, I think that some of the season one characters and perhaps one or two characters from season two could actually use another move or two.

What a TERRIBLE thread, removing all these moves would completely Bork the game.

How about ADDING some moves to buff characters, add variety, expand gameplay and add new TECH??!

It’s a harmless, curious question. I don’t actually want to remove moves from the game…mostly.

Orchids goggles lol

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TJ’s Powerline- not remove it, but make it like the previous one. Its like IG is imitating Balrog. THIS AINT CAPCOM!