If You Could Nerf One Character


Glacius- overall damage decreased by about 10% would be fair I think

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People complain about Jago’s safe windkicks and DP, but Glacius has BOTH of those things BETTER than Jago.

Nerf the damage on Shadow cold shoulder. Glacius having access to that much damage is ridiculous. It takes a ton of effort to get close and even START to get a read, so the fact that his damage ends games quickly means you may never get a CHANCE to figure out how your opponent thinks.

Aganos no longer has chunks or armor.


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He said one nerf to a character, not one decimation to a character.


Think of it as a rework/nerf.

I probably wasn’t clear though, he still has chunks but ONLY for walls… no more armor.

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I have to confess. Riptor has a really
lame move that gets people pissed.

Throw a high firewall ball, 3 is even better,
while the fighter is blocking for it run across the
screen and bite and throw him.

I also like jumping and down up and down
spitting fire downwards, when close, then jumping
up without fire and biting and throwing 180 then
right before the person gets up jump over them

turn around again, and just bite and throw.
I do this after getting tea baged and when
playing Shin Hisako, because she is insanely

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Dash forward shadow windkick or charged endo.


I would like to get bodied by your Riptor, it is a fun matchup. Tough though, very tough.

ONE nerf for ONE character. In a set of patch notes, you’re limited to one bullet point, not a list.

Come on guys is it really that hard to understand lol

And remember, I’m trying something with this thread where is no discussion or debate: you post an idea and read the others, that’s it. Also means I gotta ignore questions like this

If this were any other setting I would totally rip into ZDHome XD

I blame you for making an interesting post that calls for discussion. :grin:

I broke the rules by discussing the discussion. GGS, insta-ban. #RememberTiger #RemeberLisht


Gargos minions nerf. 2 hits instead of 3 to take them out.

Thunder gets 0 travel distance when using a mk after samammish.


Thunder’s Sammamish follow ups can only be used on hit or on whiff. Blocked DP = guaranteed no strings attached punish.


Half done.

What rework?

You’re going to take one of the slowest, largest characters in the game… that shortens the stage and keeps the opponent right next to him… and take away the armor that lets him overcome his weaknesses at that range?

Good luck.

You’re ruining my experiment. Stop that. lol

Neither character cause it’s balanced enough already…If I could however…

Make Arbiter’s shooting attack after a throw breakable.

Nevaaaaaaaar! :laughing:

Aria and her shotgun knee. Make it so that it can only be done on the ground and not in the air.