If You Could Nerf One Character

This thread isn’t meant to be suggestions to the devs or a discussion thread, more like a fun curiosity poll. If you could give ONE nerf (only one) to ONE character that you think deserves it the most (not necessarily a character you hate), what would it be? It doesn’t even have to be something you think is good for the game…just something you would personally want.


Fulgore: Medium Eye Laser is now -5 (down from 0).


Mine: Gargos can’t summon minion before Round 2 anymore

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WTF? lul.

Mine: Joanna Dark can no longer reload her guns in between rounds.


Shadow Counter is your friend

Mine would be Aria, increase the recovery on assist call


(Again, not a discussion thread, so I won’t say more)

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Gargos: minions die from one hit of a shadow move. If they’re worth a bar to summon then let me spend a bar to remove them quickly.


Gargos … I dont even know where to begin. Everything LOL
Sadira, her juggles are just to hard to break and her air web has too much reach.

One nerf for one character, remember.

Sadira… = Juggles easier to break. ( Air manuals more Identifiable.)

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Aria: Cooldown timer on her assists similar to Wulf’s instinct. Would give some characters that don’t deal with her lame ez mode vortex very well a short bit of breathing room and would make them play smarter with the assists. Since even if you poke her out you still get tagged leaving her at advantage anyways. You can basically spam them right when they are ready back to back while using shotgun knee.

Add more frames to Rash’ moveset, so it can be punished.


Glacius gets put on wheelchair.


Maya loses all her limbs

For real, she can’t use mantis for cash damage

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I need to remind people that it’s one nerf and needs to be specific. So instead of nerfing an entire moveset, just one single move (if it’s for a special move, then all three variations are in one).

Glacius, and any player that plays from the other side
of the screen, this is not a gun fight, and its not zoning.
its fireball, magic show time.

Increase the blockstun/recovery on Rash’s tongue. Same advantage but make it a bit slower when blocked so I can punish it on reaction.

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I’m not one to call for nerfs (I’m just a stubborn sod) but I wouldn’t mind seeing Fulgore’s uncharged (Heavy) Blade Dash gain a couple more frames of disadvantage.

After 3.7, it seems IG is trying to rein in the full screen, advancing, meterless specials. It would be nice to see Fulgore fall more in line with Arbiter, Jago and some others.


If anyone says Jago… so help me.

Aria’s grenade linker strengths, make animations more noticeable and make her shotgun blitz more negative so it falls more in line like windkick so someone isn’t constantly throwing it out.


jago - heal fireball

@oTigerSpirit lmaoooooo


Question. I read this earlier @SonicDolphin117, why’d you go from -2 to -5?

As for my nerf?

ARIA - slightly reduce speed booster body allows whilst airborne. No change to duration.