If you could make a Cross over game

Hey If you could make a Cross over game, what game’s would you use to make it?

It can be any one to three games, what games would you use?

Are we mashing genres here or just talking fighters?

Here are five fighting games I’d like to see:

2D Fighter: Mortal Kombat / Killer Instinct / Street Fighter

3D Fighter: Tekken / Virtua Fighter / Dead or Alive

Classic Showdown 2D: Eternal Champions / Weaponlord / Samurai Shodown

3D Weapons Fighter: Soul Calibur / Mace: The Dark Age / Battle Arena Toshinden

Genre Bending Fighter: Legacy of Kain / Castlevania / Vampire Hunter D

who’s the cast for that game? and what would you name it?

it can be any Genres and IF we mash it, but it has to fit with each other (I.E it has to feel like something that could happen with out being like Sonic X bomber man, something that’s do able.)_

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Tomb Raider/ Uncharted/ Wario Inc.


May the best treasure hunter win…

MK vs KI would be my #1 choice. Maybe have 10 characters from each game, and then have 4 DLC characters, 2 of which would be MK characters, and 2 which would be KI characters.

Killer Instinct v Battletoads v Naruto v Donald Trump.


Mortal Kombat VS Killer Instinct would be my most wanted crossover game.
KI’s combo gameplay, MK’s fatalities and gore. Best of both worlds. <3

You forgot KI’s netcode.

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Well, that too.

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