If You Could Buff One character

sabrewolfs instinct no longer does chip damage on block and instead does a certain amount of PD damage on block.

sounds fun


Give Jago some of his plus frames back on windkick
Not all but some
Don’t hound me

Give back fulgore’s HP eye laser that goes diagonally instead of straight ahead. It would really help him against aerial characters.


I mean it’s not like has a dp or anything
. . . . . . . . .because fulgore struggles against aerial characters right??. . .:expressionless:

With me, his dp isn’t always the best option.

Give Jago fireball linkers in Instinct.




It would be pretty sick, right?


Give Jago a parry mechanic.


…that would be cool…but it’d nerf his frame advantage on some normals if that were the case :joy:

Bruh but I can Diago parry Gargos shadow portal punch… imagine the hype :scream:


That would be epic. :fireworks:

Maya’s mantis no longer cashes damage

Ok, I cheated. This is a buff to every character xD

Seriously: Gargos command grab follow ups can genere a time lockdown

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And much salty. I will crying if he get buff. Lol

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RAAM’s Kryll Rush (the bear run) will go its full duration (strength specific) unless you press a kick button again. This will remove the ability for teleports like Hisako’s Back+HK, and command normals like Glacius’s Liquidize to cancel Kryll Rush by “passing” underneath or getting close to RAAM. And will instead, allow the RAAM player to either let RAAM continue his movement forward, or Kryll Shield cancel when they wish, allowing for more counter play.

This also helps when your inputs get reversed when AA-ing with cr.HP xx QCF+MK. Sometimes your inputs will get reversed and you’ll get a Kryll Rush, which will immediately put you in recovery frames because your opponent is close, making you an easy target for a punish (because you can’t Kryll Shield cancel in Kryll Rush’s recovery) even though you AA’d correctly.

@TempusChaoti @rukizzel @TheKeits Please, please, please.

Edit: For those who don’t know, all strengths of Kryll Rush have 34 recovery frames. This change needs to happen.

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Give Spinal the ability to drain the opponent’s Shadow Meter “after” the third hit from his Searing Skull.

Shadow Searing Skull, same priority but drains the opponent’s Instinct Meter.


I like fun stuff so…

Kim Wu Dragon Cancels can travel up and backwards in addition to standard forward.

Sadira’s H. Recluse is now strike invulnerable. Should be fun with S.Web Cling giving a free mixup from a reversal.

Gargos, make Shadow Portal Punch a recapture.
…I’d like to say I’m just coming up with something OP and rediculous just to be silly but with it being how it is it seems like the only “useful” purpose it has is being a knee-jerk AA waste of a shadow bar.

Well S.Portal Punch does decent chip at full screen and beats teleports. Each individual punch tracks instead of the first hit. Very good against Glacius since it shreds armor fast and tracks his liquidize and puddle punch.

Something stupid for Gargos would be making his L.PP a low and his H.PP an overhead. (Not that Shadow Lord Gargos doesn’t have that.)

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