If our GTs are associated with are user names, how do they get changed?

I know the new forums are going off of our actual Xbox Live gamertags, but how/what happens when we change our actual gamertags themselves? Like my old GT was C88 TexAce so my user name was C88 TexAce. I just got a sponsorship so I dropped my clan tag and have my sponsored tag as my new GT which is TexAce NS. How can I have that and still keep my posts I have started as C88 TexAce without losing credit for them?

This is straight from the forums page themselves

You will now log in to the KI Forums with your Microsoft Account (Gamertag)
The same Gamertag you use to log in to Xbox Live will become your login for these forums. While this is a bit different than what you were used to with the old forums, we felt this new solution would make it easier to identify and unify experiences in game and online.

I also don’t even see an option to deactivate my account if I wanted to that way I can create a new account with my new Gamertag too.

Their SSO for discourse will need to update the forum username on logins, and the option to override the username will need to be enabled in their admin panel.

Until then, it isn’t possible to change your name.

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Yea, I wouldn’t want to start all over even though the forums are young, and for the most part everyone’s post count is relatively low. It’s just something that happened to me already and know many other payers will change their GT’s over the course of S3 and even further.

Honestly, your request seems totally fair (granted, I’m not a part of the staff, merely a user who’s quite familiar with the forum software).

Every SSO solution should really repopulate/propagate userdata when changes occure (easiest through the next login obviously :smiley:). Fortunately, it isn’t too big of a task and discourse handles it incredibly well. It may very well be that all they need to do is tweak the the permissions in their admin panel assuming that their sso solution was done properly.

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It should be pulling your gamertag with each time you login and if you change your GT it should update it. We will run a couple test.

Ok, yea I just changed my Gametag a little over 4 hours ago and tested it myself as well by logging in and out of the forums multiple times to see if it changed here as well. It still shows my profile username as “C88 TexAce” (old Gamertag) instead of my current GT of " TexAce NS ".

Thanks for trying @C88TexAce
We will look into it further.

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