If the usernames are tied to Gamertags, why hasn't mine updated after I changed my GT?

Recently, I changed my Gamertag on XBL from Meta Ray Mek to something different (EleganceLiberty) for various reasons. From my understanding, our forum usernames are tied to our Gamertags. Is there a reason why mine hasn’t changed at all after the switch?

The only other topic I could find was this one, and the last post -from someone from Microsoft- said they’d look into it. That was in August, and it’s now January. D:

I get that there’s probably a big infrastructure issue or whatever and it’s not as simple as hitting a ticky switch, but I figure I’d ask if anything’s come of it since that post.


Ask @rukizzel… he can answer I believe. There was someone asking this when the new forum layout firt started and I believe it has to do with it doesn’t auto update or something.

It may be in the thread for the new forum FAQ

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Hey thanks for the question. This is something we are still working on. We rolled out what we thought was a fix recently, but guess what…

So we are working on another fix. Will let you know when we have more.


Oh boy! Somehow, it changed after I logged in on mobile. Sweet. Now I feel whole again, hahaha.

Thanks a bunch!