If Eagle was an unannounced bonus character

Gameplay wise, they can approach him the way they approached Shadow Jago - An amalgamation of two characters he’s spawned by (Jago and Omen), but with his own bit of spice. In Eagles case however, it’d be Thunder and Fulgore he’d be based off of.
And if this was done, they can finally bring back Thunder’s "Phoenix’ move, and give it to Eagle. (For those that don’t know, in KI1, Phoenix was a fire bird projectile Thunder fired from his tomahawk, that was semi-controllable). Character wise it would make sense that Fulgore got his plasma blasts from copying that move .
I won’t sit here and list all of his possible movesets, I’ll leave the thread open for that. But I think instead of another shadow character, he would be a perfect option. S1 gave us a shadow character as a bonus. S2 gave us an original character. And S3 would give us a “legendary” character of sorts - mentioned in the lore but never playable till now. (Just like Mira - making it thematically go with S3).


While I’m against the idea of a combination character (we get enough of those in other FGs) and would prefer something wholly original, I’m all for the idea of giving him Thunder’s old phoenix attack - I think that would be fitting for him, and be a spiritual throwback to the OG KI.

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This is along the lines of what I was thinking/hoping they would do with Eagle. Eyedol can be character 8, and Eagle can be the bonus character who is like a Thunder x Fulgore fusion similar to Shadow Jago. It would be perfect!

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If Eagle will be in KI, I hope IG has made him look and play unique! No more clone characters, copying moves and looks from other already established characters.

They did well with Maya/Mira - and the few shared animations seem appropriate considering the lore.

I still don’t like that they share animations. Mira is awesome, but had she been 100% unique from any other character, she would’ve been even better, imo.

Just for the sake of clarity, are we certain they are truly shared animations? I sort of felt like they were homages to Maya’s moves but I haven’t gone and studied them. I sort of thought it was cool that her forward moving torpedo is similar in form to Maya’s Rising move.

As far as Eagle I’m not sure what to root for. It doesn’t seem very intuitive to out Thunder and Fulgore’s move sets together to make anything coherent. I think we would expect lots of changes to him. As per the OP, Shago doesn’t play anything like omen or Jago just because he has a few of the same animations and variations of the same moves.

I know, but alot of his moves are very similar to them both, or def have inspiration from them both. Thats what I was getting at by saying an amalgamation with a bit of his own spice

If we don’t get a 4th season, then I personally love the idea of Eagle being the 9th, bonus character. Also REALLY love the idea of him having Thunder’s old Phoenix projectile, especially if he calls it out the way Thunder used to. :slight_smile:

As for the rest of his move set:

From Fulgore:
-A similar animation to his taunt
-Phoenix projectile that he shoots the way Fulgore shoots his normal projectile.
-Another smaller projectile that he throws at the ground like Fulgore’s ground eye laser, but give it different properties and have it be used differently.

From Thunder:
-Phoenix projectile from OG Thunder.
-Grounded Sammamish as one of his auto animations.
-Give him a move that he can power up by doing the Call of Sky animation, but have the move he can do be completely different.

Other than that though, just the spirit of combining the two of them with some familiar animations, I’d want everything else to be entirely unique.

While I normally don’t like character clones either, I think Eagle is the perfect candidate for this given his background. He should share some of what Fulgore has. It just makes sense given that Fulgore was based off of him. The fact that Thunder is his brother also makes it feel like they should share at least a small amount the way Mira and Maya do.

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Absolutely agree on all accounts

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Mira has a similar fwd HP move and she does a flip kick at the end of her heavy spiral arrow. That’s really it. They aren’t even the same. So I’m not sure why people are saying they are copied.

I think Eagle will be totally his own creation. from the wording of Adam earlier… They arent going to copy what the Comics did with Eagles look and weapons. So I dont anticipate Eagle to have the forearm blades like Fulgore nor do I think he will have the Phoenix projectile.

In Arias story he was noted as being the most agile, strong, and smartest fighter she ever seen. SO that tells me he would be like a Indian version o Jago…just good at everything and not bad at anything.

Mira also has that 4 hit claw spin move similar to Maya’s 4 hit knife combo (Forward+LB I believe)

And while Eagle doesnt necessarily need Fulgore’s arm blades, Fulgore DID learn his fighting style from Eagle. So it’s pretty safe to assume that some of Eagle’s moves will resemble Fulgore’s. And it’s a reboot, so It’s very possible Eagle can have Thunder’s Phoenix move. Especially since 1) they didn’t give it to Thunder in this game, 2) Fulgore shoots projectiles, so it’s not a far fetched notion to think that they’d give Eagle one too, 3) the move originally belonged to his brother, not some other random character. So if they wanted to bring the move back, who better to give it to?

I feel like Eyedol will not be the next character, there is already enough lumbering bulky characters this season and another would just feel wrong.

…if they wanted to bring the move back. I personally dont think they want to. But I guess we will see.

I posted a concept of Eagle some days ago, making him a totally unique character.

Feel free to add your ideas to the thread!

I hope he is the last character tbh, and have Eagle be like a bonus 9th character (Or vise versa)

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Whatever the case, he should be somewhat Fulgore-y since he is/was Fulgore their fighting styles should be similar. Minus the robot moves of course.

What if his new call of sky made the next hit he was counter hit.

I just want Eagle in the game, ever since reading interviews with Rare way back in 96 when they said he was gonna be KI3 before it was canned.