Ideas for profile card taunts

I’ve decided to create this thread so that the community can offer suggestions to the developers for taunts that they would like to see be used on their profile card to further customize their in-game persona (either generic or character-specific). That way, if the devs ever decided to add more in the future, they would already have a veritable laundry list of ideas to choose from here. So, go on, show me what you got! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few rules before you post though:
1) It has to be short enough to put on the profile card.
2) It has to be family friendly (in that it can’t violate the XBL CoC or ToU or forum guidelines).
3) If it’s character specific, please name the character it is for BEFORE the taunt itself.
4) If it’s generic, please state that in place of the character name BEFORE the taunt itself.

Aganos - "Hit a wall?"
Generic - “You are nothing to me!”

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Fulgore-Beep Beep HYPE BEAM


Or better, Beep Boop Maggots.

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Okay, 1st, that sounds terrible (IMO) and makes no sense whatsoever as far as I can tell. Furthermore, you’re not following instructions, in that you forgot to state who says it (although I can still kind of glean the answer based upon your reply) - please do that. Finally, the word “maggots” may come off as a little too strong or degrading to some people, so I don’t think it’s a good idea. He’s a robot/cyborg, not military, which is about the ONLY place I hear this word actually used - he’s owned by a corporation, where they likely wouldn’t program him to say things like that.

For Riptor: Fear my talons or Feel my talons… if that one isn’t too sexual :slightly_smiling:

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[quote=“BeatYou4Ever, post:6, topic:4294”]
For Riptor: Fear my talons or Feel my talons… if that one isn’t too sexual :slightly_smiling:
[/quote]I think that will be fine, although I do think the former is probably better overall due to the reasoning you gave.

Machines also don’t make spelling mistakes, so I fixed it for you up above. :wink:

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Aria-Pinnacle Response. Prepare to get salty.

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I also like, Teabagging is for lames. or who you teabagging?


Thank you! “Machines show no mercy” is my favorite of all time! That taunt always make me say “Yeah! Machines don’t have emotions! That’s why Machines show no mercy!”

Riptor - "Time to rip you a new one"
ARIA - "Get with the program"
ARIA - "I shall reprogram you"
Thunder - “You, dead man walking” (possibly culturally offensive)
Thunder - “Me, winner” (again, possibly culturally offensive)
Orchid - "Time to strike"
Jago - "Patience is a virtue"
Shadow Jago - "You hesitate, you die"
Aganos - "You are a pebble to me"
Aganos - “Waller” (a play on the word, “baller”)
Omen - "I have seen things"
Hisako - “I’m what you are about to be” (dead)
Kim Wu - "Too fast for ya?"
Kim Wu - "Don’t blink!"
Aganos - "Slow down"
Glacius - "Too cold for you?"
Sabrewulf - "Run or die"
Kan-Ra - "I’m unbeatable!"
Maya - "I shall pierce your heart"
Gargos - "…"
Gargos - “You are worthless” (or you could use “useless” instead)
Tusk - "Just try and beat me"
TJ Combo - "I’m not done yet!"
Spinal - "Take a break"
Fulgore - “Laaaser” (with air quotes! LOL!)
Rash - "Toadtacular!"
Rash - "Get booted?"
Aganos - "Going somewhere?"
Kan-Ra - "Let’s wrap this up"
Sadira - “Are you stuck?”


Generic - "I will show you the ultimate combo"
Generic - "I will knock you back to 1994!"
Generic - "Knock off!"
Shadow Jago - "I am a secret to you!"
Tusk - "DAH!"
Maya - “Protected by the Earth Goddess”

I really, really like this 1, due to the homage it gives to the game itself. :slight_smile:

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Rash - "Do you have Battletoads?"
Dunno if you’ll get the joke here…

ARIA - "ARIA ready to evolve or die?"
Something pun-related…“ARIA ready kids?” won’t be a good idea because of obvious reasons.

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Oooook, you didn’t get the joke, did you?

Check Team Fortress 2, soldier halloween 2012 - 2013, robotic costume.

After that, you’ll understand

Ah, btw…I was replying to Sasuke99I’s first post. Don’t know why it didn’t appear

Aganos: Wall wall wall what do we have here

Aganos: Balls to the wall

Fulgore: To beam or not to beam that is the question

Orchid: Beware my combo’s are cat-astrophic

Sadira: Come into my web

Hisako: Boo hoo maggot

Sabrewulf: Your’e really barking at the wrong tree

"I walk the path"
“I must purge this evil”
“I have tamed my demon(s)”
“This is my path”

"I will end your path!"
“I cannot be tamed!”
“For Gargos!”

"Spirits guide me"
"(His chant he screams when he uses lightning ability)"
“My Land. My People. My Brother.”
“I am Thunder!” (Parody of Turok)

"Please don’t nerf me"
“Technology strengthens me” (Jab at Thunder)
"(Native law similar to Thunder)… Contained!" (Shows the influence of Eagles spirit and bounds by technology)

“Be gentle with me”
“I don’t need a fightstick!”
“Good luck!”
“Don’t hold back!”
“Let’s go!”
“Do your worse!”
“A worthy adversary”
“I’m a dev!” (only for developers)
“Here since Season 1” (In before season 2)
“Here since Season 2” (In before season 3)


Lot of wall references… in spirit of walls, I decided to take on Lil’ Agano’s variation of “Get Low” with this hit, “Get Good”

Do the ennnnnnders! To the walls!

Till the rocks bust up that jaw
Till all these fighters fall
To all weak chumps back down down down
All weak chumps back down

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Aganos - “The People’s Wall” (based off him sharing some similarities with The Rock)
Aganos - "4th Wall Breaker"
TJ Combo - “Feel the Power, Baby” (based off his KI2 theme, could be interpreted as sexual)
TJ Combo - “C to the O to the M B O!” (again, based off his KI2 theme)

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Alright, let’s see here:

Jago: Let’s see how well you trained.
Sadrewulf: Sanity eclipsed!
Glacius: Its gonna be a hail storm.
Thunder: Your getting salt on my hatchets.
Sadira: This will be your last breath!
Orchid: I’m a cat-astrophe!
Spinal: Dead men tell no tale… except this one!
Fulgore: The Hype Beam will be your end!
Shadow Jago: I’ve got plenty of shendodukins!
TJ Combo: I hope you like recaptures!
Maya: Daggers for days.
Kan-Ra: Be gone, weakings!
Riptor: Born to kill.
Aganos: Can’t we make peace?
Omen: Stay tuned, folks!
Hisako: You can’t stop the undead.
Cinder: Here comes third-degree burns!
ARIA: I am above you.
Rash: I’ve got a killer craving!

I don’t know XD

Aganos: "Breaking the 4th Wall"
Aganos: "Chunk Champ"
Aganos: “Getting boulder?”