Ideas for profile card taunts

Aganos: Clobber-Copter
SabreWulf: last of the clan
Jago: I will not lose my way
generic: In it for the fun
generic: In it for the glory
generic: strong to the end
Sadow Jago: catch me if you can
Aganos: feeling claustrophobic?
Cinder: heat wave, coming in
Glacius: the Ice age starts now

I think this one already exists, great line though…

Really? I’ll look into it… :expressionless:

Aganos: Let’s rock ‘n’ roll

Aganos: I’m gonna rock you

Aria: On you’re knees meatbag

Cinder: Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Riptor: Nom nom nom

Glacius: Chill out

Jago: Your dragon punch doesn’t beat a tiger punch.
Sabrewulf: Who let the dogs out? No matter WOOF.
Glacius: I am cold. Ice cold.
Thunder: My weapons will have salt by the time I am done.
Orchid: Will flush you like I will Ultratech.
Sadira: Welcome to the web of doom.
Spinal: Need help? Just laugh.
Fulgore: Beep boop HYPE BEAM!!
Shago: I did it. Now your turn to be a real boy.
Tj: You will know why I was nicknamed Mr.Fist.
Maya: I don’t think you are worthy prey.
Kan-Ra: See your controller? You will no longer need this.
Riptor: I am about as hot as a guy if he was on fire and called Cinder.
Omen: Bow before the Herald of Salt
Aganos: Rock n Roll through a wall for me?
Hisako: Death is but a break and I will break you.
Cinder: HOT FIYAH!
Aria: I took a shotgun to the knee.

These last 2 had me in stitches. :stuck_out_tongue:

A few for Tusk:
-Eons have tempered my blade.
-I used to be a novice like you.
-This is getting old.
-Only one can be victorious.

& to throw in a little Lethal Weapon:

-I’m getting too old for this…stuff.

Rash:This party just got cRASHed.
Kim Wu: Did you know that Dragon’s beat everything?
Arbiter:Do you really think you can beat me? Were it so easy.
Tusk: Can’t beat the Dah.

Future characters I would like.
Vampos(vampire): I am an avenger of all that is salt.
Mira:You are worthy prey.
Gargos:I am the lord of the salt.

-Of Wulf and Man
-Do I smell like wet dog?
-I’m a good boy!
-I do not sit, nor do I fetch
-Something something something… Doggy style.

Forum Meber/Dev Exclusives:
-Find me at forums/
-Oh yes, there will be nerfs
-Time for a Vacation
-Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting



…yet at the same time demanding tummy rubs from random players sounds a bit awkward…

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lol :grinning:


Tusk: I’m old school.
Kan-Ra: Older than dirt.
Aganos: Mountain of a man.
Riptor: All woman.
Sadira: High strung?
ARIA: All work and no play.
Fulgore: Lasers make everything better. (except for Alderaan :stuck_out_tongue: )
Spinal: I’m no toothpick.
Sabrewulf: A bit fuzzy?
Jago: We all wear masks.
Orchid: Witness!
Maya: Tempered vengeance.
Kim Wu: Winning, with style!
Omen: I see right through you.
Glacius: Under the weather?
Thunder: I honor your attempt.
Cinder: Burn out yet?
Arbiter: You are no demon.
TJ Combo: True underdog.
Rash: How many licks?


Riptor: They can open doors!
Shadow Jago/Omen: Come to the dark side
Eyedol: Two heads are better than one (Sorry, that was too easy)
Tusk: Crashing the castle
Spinal: Has a jar of dirt
Gargos: Submit your will to me

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Aganos: I’m going clubbing
Spinal: I’m gonna bone you
Aria: You will be deleted
Aria: Resistance is futile
Riptor: What are you a salt-osaurusrex
Arbiter: Target locked

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Tush: Eons of salt has tempered my blade.



-Hail to the king
-Cold as ice
-Ice Ice Baby
-Just the tip of the Iceberg
-Ready for the next ice age?
-Brace yourself, you know what’s coming (Game of Thrones meme ref. might be too long?)
-Chillout…D**kwad (Terminator 2 Ref) and yes I know that doesn’t follow the rules.
-Controlling Transmission

Spinal: The Bone Zone is open for business
Glacius: Are you cold?
Glacius: Let’s kick some ice.

Tusk: By the power of Ice Haven
Tusk: Tis but a scratch
Tusk: weapons and armour change warriors don’t


  • Dah isn’t necessary.
  • Fighting for Eons
  • Big Guy, Bigger Sword
  • [Exert Sounds] <---- PLZ THIS ONE LOL

-Play time’s over.
-My sword’s pretty great.
-Salt comes to all… Except me.
-That’s absolutely barbaric
-I will outlive you
-Conquer or Die!
-Hack and Slash
-Watchman of the Gods
-Bite the Blade
-Taste the Steel
-Like Butter

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